Psychic Reading with Rubik’s Cube (The Complete Guide)

You might be familiar with traditional divination techniques and methods like crystal balls, pendulums, and tarot cards. But did you know that you can have a psychic reading using a Rubik’s Cube? This unconventional tool can provide interesting insights, spiritual guidance, and predict the future!

The Rubik’s Cube is not just a colorful puzzle waiting for you to solve; it is a spiritual tool full of symbolism and wisdom. Each twist and movement represents a different aspect of your life, another path you can take, a direction that you haven’t even dreamed of. If you listen to the guidance of the cube, you will find yourself heading in an exciting new direction.

The cube can advise on career, love, relationships, spirituality, and many more topics you are curious about how they will evolve in the next few years. It is always changing and is considered to be an unpredictable tool, so if you like surprises and challenges, read this magnificent guide!

Table of Contents

Color Symbolism of the Rubik’s Cube in Psychic Readings

The main feature of the cube is obviously the colors. When examining them carefully, we see how they mirror our choices, different roads we might take, our emotions, energies, and experiences. The patterns are also very important to notice; the designs that unfold tell the story of our lives: whether we live in harmony or chaos, balance or confusion, whether we have blocks or if the energy flows freely, are we happy or sad?

Here are some common interpretations of Rubik’s Cube color symbolisms:

White: If many parts of the cube are colored white, it means that you are seeking the truth, you are close to finding clarity, and that your motives are right and pure. It is a great indicator for a fresh start. It is time to leave behind everything that doesn’t serve you well: bad relationships, toxic friends, a boring workplace, and search for a much more friendly and enriching environment.

Symbolism of Rubik’s Cube Patterns in Psychic Readings

Colors are great symbols to be interpreted with the Rubik’s Cube. However, the information provided by only six colors is very limited. This is why in a psychic reading, we should also take into consideration the patterns. Here are some easy patterns you can spot and interpret:

Solid colors on each face: When you solve the Rubik’s Cube and all sides have one distinctive color, this is a sure indication of harmony and balance. It comes after hard work and an unusual challenge; it is the end of the adventure and an omen to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You are going to be more stable as conflicts you might have had in the past are coming to a resolution.

Cross: If you see a cross on one side of the cube, it suggests that you are at a critical moment at this period. You potentially need to have more faith in yourself and the spirit world. A cross is also guidance and protection against evil spirits and negative energies. You might consider consulting someone you trust who can show you the bright pathway to success.

Checkerboard: There are opposite forces that take you in different directions; there are two distinct choices, and you must pick one over the other. You have a conflict inside your soul; other than choosing one direction, you can try to live in harmony and balance, combining both directions into a middle way that you can peacefully live with. A little chaos is coming, and you must be strong, try to build some stability and order to structure your solid path.

‘L’ and ‘T’ Patterns: You must choose a direction as soon as possible. While the T pattern indicates two choices, the L pattern is probably about one inevitable choice. Don’t be scared if everything seems lost right now; once you make the choice, you will be able to reveal more information which will take you to the desired place. Not everything is in sight right now; stay alert for more signs and symbols in the near future.

Vertical or horizontal lines: The lines are showing you the direction and movement you should take. Vertical lines are pointers up to the sky, meaning that success might be yours; you should be inspired to get more out of your current life. Horizontal lines are omens of important transitions, a few days, months, or even years that will bring you to another place. So, no matter which direction you are heading, just remember to keep moving because it is not the end yet.

Diagonal lines: It’s conceivable that you should take drastic action or at least think outside the box in order to solve the issues you might be facing now. You might be thinking of doing things that most people won’t do, like starting your own business or solo traveling.

One dot: Focus all your attention on one aspect of your life, or you have one trouble you need to address seriously. Pay attention to the colors around the dot to see what kind of perspective you need to apply in order to excel. For example: intellectual, emotional, actions, or spirituality.

No pattern: If you see just a mess of colors without a distinctive pattern, it seems like you have lots of confusions or complicated aspects in your life. You are flooded with foggy thoughts, obscure feelings, too many choices, and just standing at square one without the ability to understand your situation, not to mention to take positive action. Therefore, you should strive to organize your thoughts, define new goals, and mainly seek psychic clarity.

Plus sign (+) pattern: A pretty rare pattern that urges you to add more elements into your life. According to my experience, it is usually a sign to do more in life; for example, don’t just work or study, have social interactions, travel, try new hobbies, and open yourself to new possibilities. It might also be an omen of good luck.

Swirls and spirals: Usually appear near the center of the cube, starting from the middle square. They are symbols of dynamics; a certain psychic prediction has initiated, and you need to go with it, play along and see where it takes you. It is very similar to a situation like floating in the sea or river and seeing where the high stream is taking you.

Distinctive corners: If you notice that you have a square in each corner, and it doesn’t matter if they are in the same color or not, it means you have solid foundations. It shows your strength, but it is not enough as you should elevate it to new directions. You have what it takes to succeed big time.

X pattern: This has two meanings, and you really have to see the bigger context of the psychic prediction. The first interpretation is that you are at a crossroad; you have many choices to choose from and you just don’t know which of them is the best for you. The alternative meaning is that you are going to discover some kind of inner secret that will change everything you knew until now.

Border pattern: When you see one line color near another dominant color, it means that there are boundary and limitation issues. It could be that you are too afraid to cross to the other side, or maybe you are blocking new and wonderful opportunities, or maybe things or people can easily influence you, and you need to stand your ground.

These are just the basic symbolism of Rubik’s cube patterns in psychic readings. Of course, there are many more, and you don’t have to memorize them. Instead, use your intuition.

How to Do a Psychic Reading with a Rubik’s Cube

Learning the symbols and patterns is not enough. In order to do a psychic reading with a Rubik’s Cube, you need to learn the full process as well.

Step 1: Preparation

It doesn’t matter what kind of method of divination a psychic reader is using; they always have to make some preparations. Usually, you need to focus on your inner self, open your intuition, and maybe meditate for a few minutes. In addition, you need to connect with the cosmos, the energies, and also with the person you are doing the reading for.

Step 2: Setting the Intention

Now the energy needs to focus on the question or subject you are interested in. You can also use some rituals and ceremonies like lighting candles, burning sage, and using crystals. They all have to be around the cube in a way that the cube itself is the center of the intention. In this step, it is also common to touch the cube with your hands and transfer your energy.

Step 3: Shuffling the Cube

This is a pretty simple step; however, you have to do it right if you want to get accurate results. Under no circumstances should you try to solve the puzzle or move it with the intention of creating certain patterns or color spots. It has to be random, and in fact, it would be better if you can do it with closed eyes and not be aware of how the patterns are being formed.

Step 4: Casting the Cube

Cast the cube gently on a flat surface, and make sure that it doesn’t break during the process. If you cast it on a table, it has to stay there and not fall on the floor. After the casting, you should look at the section on the top of the cube.

Step 5: Interpreting the Patterns

As you already read in this guide, you can interpret the colors, symbols, and patterns that appear at the top of the cube. It takes some time to learn how to interpret them, so don’t rush it. Some psychics also look at the four sides of the cube to gain more information about the past, present, future, and possible outcomes, so look for supporting signs on the sides too.

Pros and Cons of Using a Rubik’s Cube in Psychic Readings

Using a Rubik’s Cube as a method of divination is very unique and it really can provide accurate predictions and clarity about your current spiritual situation. However, it is not perfect. Here are the pros and cons of using it in a psychic reading:


Visual method: The biggest advantage of the Rubik’s Cube is its visual appeal. The colors, the patterns, and the overall look can grab attention and make the reading more joyful and impactful. It creates a more dynamic session and brings more connection between the person and the divine world.

Symbols: It is full of symbolism and very intriguing to discover more. It has so many combinations of colors, placements, shapes, and patterns that basically the options are theoretically endless. You can get answers in many different areas of life like career, money, relationships, love, soul healing, and self-growth. Moreover, it gives you the feeling that there are many options to choose from, lots of different paths to take, and that the world is in your hands.

Interactivity: Divination with a Rubik’s Cube is one of the most interactive tools you or a psychic can use. You can, and in fact even should, be an active participant in the whole process. You are welcome to touch, twist, shuffle, mix, and move it in any direction you like. The interactive element makes you more focused and connected to the energy and the source of the hidden universe.


Complexity: It is very hard to analyze and learn how to interpret the Rubik’s Cube psychic messages. Beginners find it too difficult and it usually makes them confused or interpret the symbols in a limited way. I have seen this happen a lot, so I recommend practicing a lot before you decide to give a reading for someone else with this tool.

Restricted symbolism: Although colors and patterns can describe the whole world, they are usually done well with abstract ideas only. When you want to understand a specific issue with the Rubik’s Cube, it might be very challenging to do so. Hence, I suggest using at least one more complementary divination tool with the reading, for example, rune stones, astrology charts, and tarot cards.

Casting: Because you need to cast the cube, there is a need for bigger space which is not always available. Sometimes the cube can break if you cast it on a table and it falls on the floor.