Egyptian Sand Reading – Abacomancy

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Egyptian sand reading is a kind of abacomancy but specifically to the sand that is located in Egypt – where it all began 2000 years ago. At its basic core, the psychic method involves the interpretation of shapes emerging by throwing sand on a horizontal area. The aim of the diviner is to connect to the spirits through the formation of patterns to receive insights about the past, present, and future.

The art of fortune-telling in ancient Egypt has been kept secret through generations. Only a few seers knew how to perform the psychic ritual accurately. Archaeologists found evidence of the sacred ceremonies in hieroglyphics and old books. They took place at holy shrines, castles, and a few houses. There was a well-known curse and bad luck spell against people who would try to do it without the permission of a professional medium. Even today, this practice remains unclear, and not many people know it even exists.

So how exactly can a psychic do Egyptian sand reading? At first sight, it looks really simple: they need to take pure sand from a sacred place like pyramids and royal tombs, spread it on a clear surface, and analyze the patterns. However, the complex part is to identify the symbols and interpret their meaning. During the session, the psychic will try to feel the energy from the universe and will also manipulate the patterns with fingers, pebbles, tree branches, and leaves. When needed, they will blow some wind to storm the sand.

Egyptian Sand Reading and Interpretations

The interpretation is very complicated and can be done solely after studying ancient Egyptian symbolism and the use of intuition. Here is an easy example: every sign represents a small aspect of the person’s journey. It might be destiny, love relationships, soul purpose, or any other issue. So, circles mean completion, waves are emotional spikes, spirals are spirituality, triangle is the direction of destiny, and square is balance.

Let’s assume that you went to a medium psychic reader, and he or she found some rotating figures or an appearance of rings on the surface. It denotes the obligation to listen to your inner voice or soul; basically, you have to connect with your desires and wishes to define what is your truth and what will be your next big move accordingly.

Imagine seeing many waves, some are quiet and small, and some are noisy and big. Hence you should prepare for turbulences that are going to cross your path to success. You have to be ready for them by identifying the situation and acting upon it. If you are lucky, the oracle will suggest a way to completely avoid this catastrophe by not being there when it arrives.

Swirls and twisted patterns advocate major spiritual enlightenment. You are going to grow in a divine way; you will change your perspective and will witness the pure truth of nature. Whatever you have thought and understood about the world will perish, and new information will open your eyes.

Sacred geometrical shapes are mirror reflections of our soul; each line symbolizes a different facet of our characteristics. It helps us to acknowledge who we are, but this is only the first phase. The second is to utilize it to our own fulfillment. Furthermore, it generates the feeling that we are never alone; the good spirits are watching us and saving us from negative situations from above.

What is so special in Egyptian sand?

Yes, of course, a psychic medium can use sand from anywhere in the world. However, Egyptian sand is much more special because it related to Ancient Egypt – the lost world with so many mystical attributions.

Timelessness: in reality, the sand from Egypt comes from the remote desert, where people barely walk around. It has been there for thousands of years, untouched and unmixed with other energy; it is a pure environment. It radiates endless nature that will live forever on earth.

Spiritual significance: the divine association came from the Egyptian god who ruled the forces of nature. In fact, there are many myths and legends that they came down from the sky and walked on the sand, leaving their angelic footprint on the endless sand. And there were many stories about the afterlife and how the soul travels between the worlds of the living and the dead.

Ancient civilizations: the sand is associated with the wonder civilization that once existed. Many Pharaohs (kings) have been buried in underground tombs and pyramids. It has a direct connection to the psychic wisdom and mysteries of the past.

Earthly elements: sand is one of the four elements: earth, water, air, and fire. It denotes the material world and fertility. Back then, it was linked to the god of earth named Geb and the rain goddess Tefnut. Together they worked to create plants: the seeds were inside the ground and the water nurtured it, making it the ultimate sign of abundance and renewal.

Symbol of strength: the sand has been there since the early days of planet earth. And it stayed there untouched in all of trillions of years that have passed since then. It is a symbol of resilience and stability, and psychics know that the mystic sand will keep on being there for generations to come and for sure until the end of our planet.

Rebirth: also, sand is perceived as ground or soil; it is formed by tiny grains. These little particles can literally move from area to area; when a desert storm comes, they can take them on a journey of miles and even create a new hill or massive dune out of nowhere. Hence it represents challenges, movements, the circle of life, seasonal change, and birth.

Egyptian sand reading and Abacomancy

Egyptian sand reading can be categorized as a form of “Abacomancy”. You would be surprised, but psychic reading is not limited to sand; experienced fortune-tellers are able to read in dust, silt, ashes, mud, salt, grains, and dirt as well.

This practice was documented in ancient Greece and was very similar to the procedure in Egypt. However, there was an additional routine. The querent was instructed by the sage to close their eyes, clear their mind, and to dip their hand in the sand for a few seconds. Later, the imprint was scrutinized for hidden holy messages and to figure out what the querent was in their last past life.

Another akin technique is called “Lithomancy”, which means divination by pebbles or small stones. The same rules apply here as well: tossing rocks in the air and once they hit the ground, a pattern is created, waiting to be interpreted and shed some knowledge about the uncertainty of the near future. If we wish that the magical routine will succeed we need to use 13 tiny rocks; they portray 6 different aspects of life: spirituality, family, destiny, love, luck, and forecast. Combined with 7 planets which astrological significance: Jupiter, moon, Venus, sun, mercury, Saturn, and mars.