Cloud Divination: Aeromancy & Nephomancy Psychic Reading

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You can predict the future by looking at the clouds in the sky! Read real stories of how people interpret the symbols of clouds and gained insights about their new future. It has been happening for thousands of years, and now I am going to reveal the secrets, so you will be able to benefit from it. After reading this article you will never gaze at clouds the same way!

But first, what is the meaning of cloud divination? It is an ancient psychic prediction method that is based on patterns, shapes, movement, and colors of the clouds. There are two distinctive processes to perform the sacred ritual. One is called “Aeromancy,” which describes how the clouds are moving and how they formed a specific shape. The second is named “Nephomancy”; by definition, it is a set of rules on how to interpret the hidden symbols.

Psychic readers often combine the two methods and sometimes add other tools as well, like crystal balls and tarot cards, to give more accurate information to their clients.

Real-life stories of cloud divination

Here are extraordinary cases of people who changed their course of life just because they saw some symbols in the clouds. But more crucial is the fact that they were brave enough to act accordingly at the right time. Hopefully, these stories will inspire you as well:

The Wedding Cloud

Wyatt and Olivia have always had the dream to get married in nature, especially at the beach where the water meets the sand. While they were planning everything, they started to worry about the unpredictable weather, which forecasted heavy rain. Nevertheless, after a stressful night, they woke up early in the morning and noticed a heart-shaped cloud hovering exactly above the wedding venue.

Wyatt was skeptical, but his fiancée Olivia knew that it was a sign of love from the spirit world. She felt so blessed, and against all odds, they had a wonderful ceremony under clear blue skies. The magic heart brought them good luck not only on this day, but for many years to come, as they had been very happy together and expanded the family with a few children too.

The Healing Cloud

Chloe was really upset after her mom died from skin cancer. She was walking sadly in the streets of Nashville and having a really hard time processing the emotions and grief appropriately. One afternoon, she was sitting on a bench in the public park and noticed a small cloud in the shape of angel wings.

She instantly knew that the mythical cosmos was speaking to her. She explained it as a sign from heaven, indicating that her mother had moved to a good place. It gave Chloe comfort and peace of mind, knowing that her mother was okay now. She also felt her mother was watching her from above and helping her with self-healing.

The Career Cloud

Jackson couldn’t stand his corporate job anymore: long hours, too much stress, and poor payment. But he didn’t have any career alternatives, and like everyone else, he understood that the rent had to be paid and food cost a lot nowadays, not to mention healthcare insurance.

One night, when he drove back home, he observed a few clouds forming patterns of ladders reaching towards the moon. For the next week, this symbolism never left his mind, and finally, he realized – a career change must be made. He needed to move up the ladder in his working path as well. Moreover, Jackson took one step further; he resigned from the dull job and opened a new mystic shop all by himself and with the support of his lovely wife Ava.

These stories prove that clouds can definitely guide us and help us make choices. Divination is everywhere, and we have to keep our eyes wide open to read the signs just like psychics. Life-changing events and inspiration can happen at any minute.

Cloud Divination: Symbols and Interpretations

If you like to effectively use cloud gazing as psychic divination tools, you have to have keen eyes, be aware of small details, and let your imagination fly. Moreover, some clouds might have double meanings or contradictory meanings according to the context of the Nephelomancy reading. Here are some common types of clouds and their interpretations:

Cumulus Clouds: are very round and fluffy like in a perfect movie. They are good omens for fresh beginnings, creativity, and can indicate positive outcomes for your actions.

Mammatus Clouds: tiny clouds near a big cloud, unclear destiny, lots of confusing and conflicting energies. A psychic advice is to stand your ground until the storm passes.

Noctilucent Clouds: bright clouds colored blue or white, they appear near the twilight hours, far up in the sky. They want to guide you in your darkest hour, inviting you to seek internal peace and find an advanced direction.

Stratus Clouds: look like a blanket with lots of holes inside. They are very calming and relaxing. They symbolize peace and harmony, with no chaos or challenges on the horizon.

Cirrus Clouds: appear like white feathers, hovering at very high altitudes, representing clear insights, spiritual hints, and exploration of inner wisdom.

Anvil Clouds: in weather, they predict an upcoming rain or storm. In spirituality, they warn you about bad situations and negative changes. So be prepared and proceed with extreme caution.

Storm Clouds: are a bad sign; it means that challenges are coming your way, there are going to be conflicts with other individuals, and maybe misfortune. However, when the storm passes, you will get a chance for renewal of energy.

Lenticular Clouds: a very rare pattern that looks like a lens, usually observed near mountains. It urges you to be adaptable and to extend your knowledge about nature and the cosmos.

No Cloud: or very few clouds, when the sky is all clear, suggests clarity, insights, lots of new opportunities, and a bright future. Nothing is standing in your way; all possibilities are open for you, so go ahead and strike while the odds are still with you.

Straight Lines: if you discern sharp lines, it almost always indicates some kind of hurdle, needing to jump, maneuver, and eventually deal with. So don’t give up and never go back to square one, despite the current problem.

Loops and Spirals: the cycle of life and seasons; they are messengers of transformation. The symbols advise to grow, learn, and enhance spiritual matters in everyday situations.

Warm Colors: clouds with red, orange, yellow, or fire hues symbolize strong energy, strong emotions, and inspiration. It is time to go with what you believe, even if your rational mind has other calculations.

Rainbows: usually signify a calming phase after a big challenge that did not always end on a good note. It is a new chance to be stronger for the next time, it also denotes a high level of protection.

Auras: if you note auras, bright lights, or clouds very close to the moon or the sun, then something divine is going to happen to you, you will be guided and instructed what to do next. Most likely a new divine path will be opened for you.

Contrails: are created by airplanes; they denote human influence on you but also on nature and may be related to destroying natural sources. So don’t let anyone manipulate you or interfere with the innate balance.

The History of Psychic Reading with Cloud Divination

Ancient Greeks had many myths and legends about clouds. For example, in a famous poem by Homer, he describes how clouds protected Achilles in a dreadful battle. These protective clouds were sent by Goddess Athena. And so the people also started to seek meanings and signs of divine communication in the skies.

In Native American cultures, especially with the Lakota Sioux tribe, clouds have a very meaningful place in their life. In fact, according to their tradition, they are fully dependent on them. They used to predict the weather and gain crucial instructions on when and where to plant seeds.

In Medieval Europe, astrologers, sailors, and farmers used Nephomancy to predict huge events and their influences. It was a popular method to consult the universe with burning questions about the future. Monks also studied this phenomenon and learned a lot about the connections between the world and philosophy.

The Ancient Chinese included Aeromancy in the sacred text book called “I Ching”; they attached symbols and meanings generated by shapes of clouds. They thought that clouds have life force energy (they call it Qi).

The Australian Aboriginal people have many stories about how clouds symbolize the relationship between them and their lost ancestors, a message of transformation and new creation. Moreover, this culture used other types of divination techniques like Ceraunoscopy and Pyromancy.