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I had the honor of interviewing the exceptional psychic medium, Jack Hutchinson, for, where we discussed about his unique journey and remarkable abilities. Known for his deep empathy, warmth, and profound impact on both the living and the spirit world, Jack’s story is a powerful source of true inspiration.

From navigating his gifts as a young boy to becoming a shining light of hope and healing, his dedication to spirit rescue and his ability to connect and comfort through his spirit drawings stand out. His brave ventures into paranormal investigations serve as evidence of commitment to understanding the unseen. Jack Hutchinson is not only a gifted medium but a compassionate soul, making him a cherished figure in the spiritual community.

About Jack Hutchinson

Can you tell us about your path to becoming a psychic? How did it all begin for you, and what has your journey looked like since then?

I’m Jack Hutchinson, also known as Jack Hutchinson – Medium, a Psychic, Clairvoyant & Rescue Medium.

Embarking on my spiritual journey at such a tender age, I began seeing and communicating with spirits. The early encounters were not just intriguing but also posed significant challenges, placing a strain on my mind, family, and friendships. The solitude and vulnerability that came with this ability were, at times, frightening.

After navigating these experiences for a few years, I found salvation in a wonderful, internationally recognised medium quite by chance. She became my mentor, guiding me through the development and understanding of this extraordinary gift, especially during the tough moments.

My work has been showcased in Fate & Fortune Magazine, reflecting the depth of my mediumship engaging in Spirit Rescue, also known as Rescue Mediumship. Beyond publications, I’ve played a vital role in aiding missing persons cases from overseas and delving into truly amazing and, at times, spine-chilling paranormal investigations right here in the UK and Scotland.

Through readings, I’ve helped numerous individuals connect with their departed loved ones, providing the comfort and peace they seek. Known in the UK and parts of America, my mission extends beyond recognition – it’s about offering love and healing to anyone who has experienced my presence or wishes to connect with me for any reason in relation to spiritual work.

Jack Hutchinson psychic Medium

Spirit Rescue

In your experience, what are the most common reasons spirits become earthbound and require assistance to move towards the light?

In my experience, spirits become earthbound for various reasons, often due to unresolved trauma, fear of judgement, or unfinished business.

How do you ensure that your Spirit Rescue services are a healing experience for both the spirits and the living individuals seeking resolution?

To ensure our Spirit Rescue services are healing for both spirits and the living, we focus on compassionate communication, guiding spirits towards understanding and acceptance, and facilitating closure for all involved.

How do you utilize your psychic abilities to create drawings of spirits that visit you, and what happens when someone identifies the spirit in the picture you posted on your Facebook page?

My psychic abilities enable me to connect with spirits on a deeper level, allowing me to create drawings based on their energy and presence. When someone identifies a spirit in the picture I post on Facebook, it validates the accuracy of my connection and can bring closure or comfort to those who recognise the spirit.

Jack Hutchinson Medium - House Cleansing

House Cleansing

From what you have seen, what are some common signs that a space may be in need of a cleansing or purification?

Based on my observations, common signs that a space may require cleansing or purification include feelings of heaviness or unease, unexplained cold spots, frequent disturbances, and a sense of stagnation or negativity.

Can you explain the techniques you use to clear and purify living environments during your house cleansing sessions?

During house cleansing sessions, I utilise various techniques tailored to the specific needs of the space and its occupants. This may include smudging with sage or other herbs, using sound vibrations such as bells or singing bowls, incorporating visualisation and intention-setting, and placing protective crystals or talismans. Each technique is aimed at clearing stagnant energy, removing negative influences, and restoring harmony to the environment.

Jack Hutchinson - psychic reading

Psychic Reading

How do you harness your psychic abilities to aid in the search for missing persons?

In aiding the search for missing persons, I harness my psychic abilities to tap into the energy surrounding the individual, providing insights into their whereabouts or well-being. This may involve receiving intuitive impressions, visions, or feelings that guide search efforts and provide comfort to loved ones.

What kinds of paranormal investigations have you conducted in the UK and Scotland?

Regarding paranormal investigations, I’ve conducted various inquiries throughout the UK and Scotland, exploring phenomena such as haunted locations, unexplained sightings, and paranormal disturbances. Each investigation involves thorough research, empathic sensing, and collaborative efforts to understand and potentially resolve the phenomena encountered.

My most recent investigation was held local to me; this was a house of terrifying horror with poltergeist activity, objects being thrown around and a solid wood oak table being thrown around. Objects appeared through the table, materialising before our eyes.

Jack Hutchinson - Publications


As a prominent psychic featured in magazines and participating in live shows like “Voices From Beyond: The Live Experience,” what’s it like to be recognized and renowned in your field, and what kind of message do you aim to deliver through your work?

Being recognised and renowned in my field is truly humbling and rewarding. It allows me to reach a wider audience and offer guidance, healing, and validation to those seeking spiritual connection and understanding.

Through my work, I aim to deliver a message of hope, empowerment, and spiritual growth. I strive to encourage others to trust their intuition, embrace their inner wisdom, and find peace and fulfilment on their unique spiritual journeys.

I’m feeling a mix of excitement and nerves as I prepare to take part in my first live stage show, ‘Voices from Beyond: The Live Experience,’ in June 2025. The opportunity to connect with an audience in real-time and share my psychic abilities on stage is both exhilarating and humbling. While there’s a hint of apprehension about the unknown, I’m eager to embrace the experience, channelling my energy and intuition to deliver messages of healing, comfort, and insight to those in attendance. It’s a moment I’ve been eagerly anticipating, and I’m ready to step into the spotlight and let my spiritual gifts shine.

Jack Hutchinson Medium Story

Interesting Story

One of the poignant moments from my career was when a lovely lady sought my guidance after tragically losing her baby boy who was stillborn. During our session, she tearfully asked if I could see what had been placed with her baby in the casket. Without hesitation, I confirmed that I could. When I described what I saw—a crochet blanket with his photo on it—she was overcome with emotion, going pale as if she’d seen a ghost. It was a profound moment of connection and validation for her, reaffirming the presence of her beloved son and bringing some solace amidst her grief.

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