How Often Should You Get a Psychic Reading?

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As often as you want, but don’t overdo it.

I have done research and collected data from my own experiences, colleagues, clients, and friends. Here are the exact numbers on how often you should get a psychic reading:

FrequencyPercentage Preference
Every Day           0.1%
Once a Week         5%
Once a Month        49%
Every 3-6 Months    28%
Once a Year         16%
Other Frequencies   1.9%

1. Every day: With only 0.1% of participants claiming to visit or talk to a psychic every day, this is very rare. Furthermore, it usually suits people who are in the middle of spiritual development and have some kind of mentor, teacher, or are attending long seminars. It is also characterized by those who are learning tarot card reading.

2. Once a week: Again, a low result with only 5%. The majority of clients don’t have the time and financial resources to visit psychics that often. It is also typical for people who are currently experiencing a crisis and need more sessions. It is more likely that once they overcome their difficulties, they will need psychic readings less frequently.

3. Once a month: With 49%, this is the most prominent frequency of how often people get a psychic reading. So, it is very likely to suit you as well.

4. Every 3-6 months: 28% are visiting or having an online psychic reading (by phone, chat, or email) every couple of months. The number signifies long-term spiritual growth or occasional situations when people need clarity and guidance.

5. Once a year: Only 16% of individuals are seeing psychics once a year. It often depicts those who want to do it just for fun, to try a new experience, or to get some predictions like astrology for the upcoming year.

6. Other frequencies: 1.9% declared other frequencies like every two weeks or every few months.

It is worth noting that you should listen to yourself. Your instincts and intuitions will tell you when to have a psychic reading; you will just know and feel when you are at a crossroad or just curious. Furthermore, people are different, and each of us has different needs. Hence, if some friends consult spiritual workers occasionally, it doesn’t mean you have to follow their pace.

How to determine psychic reading frequency

There are various factors that influence how often you should get a psychic reading. It might change throughout your life according to the situations you are struggling with.

Time of crisis: From my experience, people who are in turmoil and need fast guidance will participate more in psychic readings. Particularly if they have dilemmas and hard life choices like: should I get married to a certain person, uncertainty in career path, and moving to a different city or state. Furthermore, if the diviner has given them great help, they might return to him or her in the future for more readings.

Life changes: Our road to destiny is not linear; it is twisted, foggy, and has a great deal of challenges and adventures. So when we are inside the chaos, we sometimes feel the need to stop, to reflect, and get advice from a psychic who can provide a different point of view, which also correlates with the spiritual cosmos.

Internal changes: The most valuable changes you will make on earth will be the changes within. To help you understand how to do it, how to listen to your gut, you might need a psychic who will show you the right way to explore deep issues and suppressed feelings of the soul.

Reading cost: Some clients can afford $500 per reading, and others have only a $25 budget. So, financial matters can impact how often you can afford to have the reading. Normally, detailed insight costs more, so a good piece of advice is to start with a small amount of money, and as you progress, you can spend more.

Risks of too frequent psychic readings

Be mindful that there are few risks associated with having psychic readings too often, so aim to find the healthy balance.

You don’t want to be dependent on a psychic for every little problem you have. Keep the final judgment for yourself; it is okay to seek clarity, but ultimately, you should make your own decisions. Psychic reading is not a replacement; it is just an addition or a different point of view on a current situation. In fact, failing is part of life, and making wrong choices can have its benefits – to teach us how to address a specific subject better next time.

Sometimes the sessions are very intense and emotional; it is not a good practice to stir your inner soul too often, for example, once a week. You should also dedicate time to reflect, relax, and meditate between the readings, so don’t rush it.

Another risk is financial burden. Even if you are getting short and cheap readings around $30 quickly, it can add up to a higher amount. Now if you invest in spirituality, it is perfectly fine, but be aware of how much money you are willing to spend before seeking help from a diviner.

Is it okay to visit a medium?

In the past, I met a woman who lived in a small city, let’s call her Evelyn. After her husband died, she became addicted to the predictions of the local psychic. She was seeing her twice or three times per week, which is too much, and then it became a daily routine.

The psychic also told her that she needed to take time for herself, that the visits were too frequent, but Evelyn didn’t want to stop the daily sessions, and the psychic understood that Evelyn needed help, so she couldn’t refuse either.

Devoted completely to the advice, she spent a lot of money on psychic readings but also on buying talismans, crystals, candles, sage, and many more other spiritual products. But the unhealthy obsession didn’t stop there; she was distancing from her friends, her performance at work in the library went down because she was falling asleep all the time, she had poor health and couldn’t focus on anything.

Make the Most Out of Your Psychic Readings

If you make the most out of a psychic reading, then you will get all the information you need at once, and hence you would visit the psychic less often. So in order to get the full benefits from each reading, here are some quick tips:

Prepare your questions: Save time and also focus the reading on the things that matter the most by knowing what the topics you need guidance on are. It might be love, relationships, career, money spirituality, or any other topic. General readings are fine, but when you have specific questions, it makes the whole interaction more accurate and beneficial.

Open minds: A psychic might tell you things you didn’t expect to hear, so don’t resist. Also, a lightworker should tell you the truth and not what you want to hear or what pleases you. Therefore, don’t judge the messages from the spiritual realm; try to understand and work together in harmony with the new information that is being presented.

Reflect: You might hear a lot of things, and it is very easy to ignore or forget the details because we all have busy lives. However, it is better if you can dedicate some time after the reading and reflect, maybe write some notes, and make sure you are still on it.

Trusted psychics: This is a cardinal step because not all psychics are the same. So find someone who you feel can be trusted but also connect with you. Look at reviews on the internet and maybe ask for recommendations from family or online communities. A psychic with the right approach that is tailored to you will magnify the positive results of the reading.