20 Questions To Ask A Loved One Who Has Passed (Medium Reading)

When you go to a psychic medium and want to reach out to a loved one who has passed, you might be confused and flooded with many emotions and thoughts. Therefore, the key to making a successful conversation with the spirit is to focus on asking the right questions.

Don’t be shy; go straight to the questions that are important to you. For example, don’t waste precious time on small talk or anecdotes; from the very beginning, get into the subjects and topics that matter to you the most. Moreover, remember that you need closure too. The right questions to ask a loved one who has passed are those that will also help you in the healing process and guide you spiritually.

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Are you at peace where you are now?

This question shows that you are very concerned about the well-being of your loved one in the afterlife. You address the need to know that they are okay and wonder what their current state is. It depicts a great deal of hope that they have no worries or agony regarding what is going on on earth; they are free to move on to the next spiritual place.

Do you have any messages for anyone here?

This lets the departed have an opportunity to open up for the psychic medium session, to give him or her a comfortable place to say what is on their mind or heart. It invites them to be open and share their situation with you. They will have a sense that you are there for them, always thinking of and loving them even after they are long gone. You are their stable anchor here in the physical world.

Is there anything you wish you had said before you passed?

If the deceased did have some open issues, then this query gives a chance to resolve the matter. Whatever it might be—final thoughts, ideas, feelings, or any other kind of crucial information you need to know—this question may free you from guilty feelings or heavy doubts.

How can I best honor your memory?

You communicate that the passed loved one was and still is very special to you. You want to remember them, and in fact, you want others to remember them too. You care about the legacy they have left behind; you will do anything to perpetuate their life through meaningful actions.

Are there signs you try to send us?

The spirits can send us signs and symbols not only during a psychic medium reading but every minute during our daily lives. You invite them to contact you whenever they need or feel like it. You show your sincerity in wanting to keep on being in touch. You still want to hear from them even if they are no longer here.

Do you visit me in my dreams?

This question reveals your longing to keep in touch with the spirit, and it suggests that you want it to be during dreams. Dreams are the easiest way to communicate with souls and spirits because we can remember them or at least part of them. It is very natural and doesn’t require too much preparation, experience, and knowledge. Asking that specific question is also a form of invitation for the spirit to send you messages and symbols when you are dreaming.

Is there anything unresolved you want me to know about?

Asking this will show that you are willing to resolve unsettled issues that might be left open for the deceased. Sometimes spirits get stuck between worlds because they didn’t complete their entire mission in their living years. Just by asking, you can make the spirit free to go onward and bring some peace to them and to yourself as well.

Is there a purpose you’d like me to fulfill in my life?

Everyone has a secret mission or purpose to achieve in this lifetime, and among all other things you are doing, it is something you should pursue as well. The spirit can give you stronger direction on what you should prioritize. You will not get clear instructions or the whole plan, but you will get some hints and symbols that will give you rough clues on how to achieve it.

What can I learn from your life and passing?

Now that the loved one is no longer here with you, they should have a different perspective about their time in the physical realm. Things that are seen from the other side are quite different from here. They gain more knowledge and can see other dimensions and levels.

What was your journey like after passing?

Other than caring about the loved one’s well-being in the afterlife, it depicts curiosity to understand how the whole transformation or passing from matter to spirit works. It is also a sign that you are worried about your future and if you will ever be reunited with them.

Have you reunited with other loved ones who have passed?

You worry that the spirit is alone there, didn’t find other family members, old friends, or didn’t make connections with other beings. However, more often than not, it does happen, and spirits find not only family members but even ancestors who lived hundreds of years before them. Sometimes, they also realize that they have lived on Earth in other forms like animals or another person as well.

What do you miss the most about earthly life?

By asking questions like this, you help your loved one to remember the beautiful time they had with you. It gives a little bit of nostalgic feelings and comfort when times go bad. Spirits can come back and reincarnate again, so if they have something really strong to grasp, they will do everything needed to have a second chance as a living person.

How can I feel your presence more strongly?

This is a much more advanced question than the previous one. It emphasizes the aspiration to have a meaningful divine connection with the spirit. You wish to be aware of when and how they might communicate with you in the future. When you are sad, don’t feel well, or just lonely, you want them to come and comfort you.

Can you forgive me for any pain or mistakes made during your life?

This act lets the passed loved one forgive and give you closure for unresolved matters. And yes, they usually do forgive because otherwise, they will not be able to move on to the next chapter in their angelic voyage. It will also let you heal from the inside, knowing that there is neither bad energy nor negative feeling between you two.

Did you find what you were looking for in the afterlife?

It conveys the urge to learn more about what it is like to be in the afterlife, and of course, if the deceased doesn’t have too many difficulties there, although he or she may be in a completely different environment than the living world. Additionally, it addresses the concern about completing the soul’s purpose when transforming to a spirit.

How has your perspective on life changed since passing?

I can tell you for sure, most spirits do change their perspective after their death. It just looks different, and they learn more about how things are working here. They see who operates the dynamics of the livings, and it is a big surprise to finally reveal all the secrets. Finally, everything makes sense: nature, religion, people, and divination.

What do you see as your greatest legacy?

The questions give the deceased a chance to review their accomplishments and what kind of effect they had on other people or the surroundings. Even if we don’t always know it, we do have an impact on everything that is alive around us. But the realization might come later, and surely after we die.

Is there anything I can do to make your spirit happier or more at peace?

You want the spirit to keep on being happy and at complete peace, so the question suggests lots of kindness. Moreover, you want to take action and ultimately serve their wishes down here on earth, especially if there are some unclosed issues. The spirit will usually like to give you messages and instructions on what to do. If there is any action or work you are being asked to do, it usually has the nature of spiritual topics.

How can I support others who are grieving your loss?

It shows that you care about other family members and friends who feel grief because of the loss. You want to make them feel a tiny relief. Sometimes the deceased will ask you to deliver them a message. Please be cautious about it because not everyone fully understands the concept of psychic mediumships.

What brings you joy in the afterlife?

As a closing question to ask a loved one who has passed away, it brings hope and optimism for the rest of the deceased’s journey. Although death is a sad event, the spirit has to move on and concentrate on the good things they had in life and realize that the story hasn’t ended; there is hope in the future.

Real Life Story

Once in a medium session, there was this woman, let’s call her Victoria, who wanted to connect with her mom, who passed away. Although she was very nervous, she focused on the questions that matter to her the most. And so, through the psychic medium, she got precious information, especially when she learned more about her mother.

After a few minutes, the psychic touched her own finger and told Victoria that her mother wants her to know about the wedding ring, which she kept hidden all of her life. The surprising secret was that it belonged to Victoria’s father, whom she never met because he died before she was born. Victoria never knew about this part of her mother’s life, neither about her father until she decided to have a psychic reading. So, in the end, she got closure but also revealed hidden secrets from her family history.