Psychic Interview: Spiritual Medium Louisa Sullivan

Spiritual Medium Louisa Sullivan

Table of Contents magazine is excited to interview Louisa Sullivan, an experienced Spiritual Medium and Psychic with over 28 years of experience.

Louisa’s journey began when she was a child and had strong feelings about things that would happen in the future. As she grew up, she went through many different experiences. She started by helping people with healing, using things like aromatherapy and spirit healing. Later on, she shared her abilities in Spiritual Churches in the UK and Germany.

Louisa also demonstrated her mediumship at Olympia to a large audience and worked on Sky TV. During her time working with Paranormal Teams investigating paranormal phenomena, Louisa gained much experience in house clearing, cleansing and helping spirits to move on to the Spirit World.

Now, she lives in Glastonbury and runs The Spiritualist Centre of Avalon. She teaches and guides others in their spiritual journey and helps them get involved in the community. Come along with us as we discover the amazing story of Louisa, a devoted spiritual expert.

About Yourself

How did your journey into spirituality unfold, starting from your childhood experiences with premonitions to eventually becoming a spiritual medium and psychic with over twenty-eight years of experience?

My spiritual journey began as a child when I would receive strong premonitions about significant events in my life and the lives of others. I had many experiences as a child which I never understood then, but now they make perfect sense to me.

I began my spiritual work as a healer, and I worked alongside a very well-known ‘Psychic Surgeon’ where I gained much insight into the healing modality. While I was delivering healing to my patients, I began to sense the spirit world, and loved ones would come close to me and ask me to pass on messages. With the patients’ permission, I would give the communication. That is how it all began for me.

For many years, I demonstrated in the Spiritual Churches, which was a wonderful experience.

I worked on Sky TV as a presenter on a psychic show, which enabled me to really develop the psychic aspect of my work.

As my experience and development grew, I began to teach and share what I had learned with others who were wishing to develop their psychic and spiritual abilities.

I found that I naturally gravitated to the teaching aspect of my work; it came very naturally to me. This work led me to travel to many countries and finally to settle for three years in Germany, where I had a spiritual school.

Founding Psychic Organizations

What led you to settle in Glastonbury and establish The Spiritualist Centre of Avalon, and what is your vision for this community-based spiritual space?

After living in Germany, I felt the ‘calling’ to move to Glastonbury. I had been holding seminars there for a few years prior. After moving to Glastonbury, I had the feeling to open a ‘Spiritualist Centre’. There are many diverse belief systems in Glastonbury, but none to do with Spiritualism.

I opened the center in January 2024, and each service has been full to capacity. The vision was to create a ‘non-religious’ center that would aid the community through the donations received. It is all about keeping it local and helping charities and food distribution for the homeless.

Can you tell us more about The Starlight Spiritualist School that you founded and its mission in spreading the word of the spirit and helping others develop their spiritual abilities?

The Starlight Spiritualist School has been founded to keep the essence of Mediumship alive and very much in tune with traditional methods of teaching and spiritual development. I feel very passionate about mediums receiving the correct training, just like the pioneers of spiritualism would have done.

Can you provide more details about what makes “Evenings with Spirit” unique and what distinguishes it from other spiritual events or gatherings?

It is the format and audience participation that makes the event different. I really want to show people that they do have psychic abilities. I do this by beginning with a short meditation to prepare the space, followed by a talk on a psychic subject, for example, Psychometry (where an object is held and information about the person it belongs to is given).

I invite the audience to work in pairs, and each person exchanges an item of jewelry or keys, etc., and the other person gives what they receive from the energy of the item. I then perform a demonstration of mediumship, that is where I bring through messages from loved ones in the Spirit World.

From Personal Experience to a Range of Psychic Services

How did your healing experiences contribute to the development of your remarkable services, such as emotional and physical healing sessions, and Chakra & Energy Clearing sessions aimed at mental and emotional clarity?

Through my own spiritual journey, which spanned over 30 years, I have developed in many different subjects and worked in many different arenas of spirituality. This has brought me to where I am now with life experience and years of connecting with the Spirit World.

I understand how many aspects of psychic and spiritual gifts work and manifest within the individual. I know the importance of doing the inner work and allowing spiritual development to unfold gently and slowly, which I have done.

Can you explain how your Spiritual Assessment sessions work and what benefits they offer in terms of gaining insight into individuals’ unique spiritual abilities and providing guidance for the future?

During a Spiritual Assessment, I will tune in with my Spirit Guides and deliver information to the sitter about their own unique path, where they are heading, their abilities, and spiritual gifts. I also look into where they are now on a conscious level and look at ways in which they can improve and enhance their own spiritual development.

How has your collaboration with paranormal teams enhanced your comprehension of the spirit world and spiritual methodologies, particularly in relation to conducting house energy cleanses and conducting paranormal investigations in homes or workplaces?

The Paranormal was always something that intrigued me, and I have worked alongside three ‘Paranormal Teams’ both in the UK and in Germany. I currently work with a paranormal team in Glastonbury.

During this time, I gained an incredible insight into the paranormal world. During an investigation, we would at times encounter a spirit person who had not moved on, and I would help them to gently access the spirit world. House cleansing was also an important part of my work, which has brought many people much peace and harmony in their homes.

It helped me to become more aware and sensitive to the different types of energy one may encounter and to understand the effects of negative energies upon the physical and spiritual body. I understand how and why entities are drawn to certain people and places and how to deal with them in a correct and loving manner.

Mediumship Development

In your experience, do you believe that mediumship abilities are innate, or can they be developed by anyone with the right training and mindset?

I believe that we are all born with psychic and mediumship gifts. However, each individual will possess them in lesser or greater degrees. I have met mediums who have a very natural gift, but I do believe that all mediums benefit from training and development.

How do you teach people who are new to mediumship in your course? What do you start with, and how do you help them learn and develop their abilities?

I always begin with the development of the inner self. Learning to know oneself and how to become master of one’s mind. This is essential to all spiritual development; a focused mind can be more receptive to the finer subtle vibrations of the Spirit World. Once we have obtained self-mastery and developed the inner self, we move onto development of the psychic abilities and finally to spirit communication.

Interesting Story

I was invited to work at Olympia to offer psychic readings for a couple of days. It was a very intense and busy event. While I was working, the director asked me if I would like to do a demonstration of Mediumship there. Something inside me just said “Yes”.

At that time in my development, I had not developed the platform demonstration, and I had undergone no training as such. As soon as I said yes, I was terrified; what had I agreed to? There was a very large audience; it must have been over a hundred and fifty people. I went onto the platform and delivered the demonstration.

All went well, and when I returned to my reading station, I had flowers, chocolate, and gifts from the people to whom I had given messages to. That was a memorable event for me as it was the beginning of my platform demonstrations.

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