Psychic Interview: Medium Melissa L Watkins

Medium Melissa L Watkins

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I am excited to introduce you to Medium Melissa L. Watkins, a gifted individual whose early realization of her psychic abilities has led her on an amazing path of spiritual guidance and healing. From her initial moments of insight in grade school to her adult life’s profound commitment to nurturing and sharing her gifts, Melissa’s story is a symbol for those seeking to understand and embrace their own psychic potential.

With a deep focus on Evidential Mediumship and Integrated Energy Therapy®, Melissa is not just about predicting the future; she’s about facilitating meaningful, transformative connections and helping others find healing, purpose, and a deeper connection to the spiritual world around them. Join as we go into her journey, insights, and the impact of her work on those she guides.

Psychic Melissa L Watkins

About Yourself

What were the early days like when you first discovered your psychic abilities, and how have things changed for you since?

My journey began when I was in grade school. I knew things; I could feel answers and easily tell if someone was genuine or not. My first two highly developed ‘clair’ senses were clairsentience and claircognizance. I navigated my childhood by avoiding people and situations that did not feel right and hiding my truth from those who would discount or mock me.

I did not embrace my intuition and share it until I was an adult, only confiding in those I could trust. My early childhood taught me that you could not trust many people. So, it took me well into adulthood to be able to embrace my gifts, even though I had been relying on my empath abilities to keep me ‘safe,’ which kept me isolated from most people and relationships.

Once I embarked on developing, learning, and understanding this “gift,” I began to develop the rest of the ‘clairs.’ I stepped into my Evidential Mediumship at this point. In embracing my ability to hear, see, know, and feel crossed-over loved ones, I needed to understand how.

Subsequently, I used my background in education to deconstruct the information and began teaching others how to connect with and give Evidential Medium sessions. It was important for sessions to include the evidence that makes these sessions trustworthy and impactful for the person receiving the message, the sitter.

For me, living with these gifts/psychic senses, everything changed. I left formal teaching and now help others learn, grow, and evolve their gifts. And, I stepped into energy healing with Integrated Energy Therapy® to help others heal their “issues in their tissues” and live happier, healthier lives as I was able to do.

I left mainstream education and started Guidance 311 to help others live heart-centered, realizing the divinity within.

Empath Ability

Can you explain how being an empath enriches your spiritual practice and your ability to facilitate healing and relief for others?

My empathic ability, clairsentience, is valuable in all session types, Evidential Medium, and Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®). It allows spirit to bring my emotional and physical sensations that help bring through evidence in readings that help the sitter believe/know their crossed-over loved one is present or where they are being helped in the energy healing.

Evidential Medium Services

Can you describe what a typical lesson in the Evidential Medium Course looks like and what kind of experiences participants can expect?

In my Evidential Medium Course, I provide foundational information and practices that will help each participant elevate their own gifts from the step they come into the experience with, moving their connection and practice one or more steps depending on commitment, participation, and outside class work.

My course is designed with the objective of giving you support to be able to deliver a high-quality session where a message is delivered only after enough evidence is given to establish the spirit present giving the message believability and actionability for the sitter.

Energy Therapy

Can you explain a bit more about how Integrated Energy Therapy® works and how it aids in healing past traumas?

Integrated Energy Therapy® (IET®) is an energy healing modality that works with your meridians, similar to acupuncture. This makes it a wonderful complement to all other energy healing modalities. Nine healing angels come into the session to remove trauma and integrate back in the support that was missing or not strong in your energy field.

They root out the traumas from this life, past lives, and/or generational patterns that no longer serve you. Each session begins with us setting an intention for what you feel you are ready to release. Each session releases permanently a layer of the intention, negative attachments, cords, and balances energy to help you come into balance and wholeness, experiencing more empowerment and worthiness that allows you to step into your own spark of divinity. One benefit experienced, whether an intention or not, is the connection to your higher self, helping you come into living your life purpose and develop your psychic abilities.

For those interested in becoming certified in IET®, what can they expect from the Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Level Certification classes, and how do these certifications differ from one another?

IET® certification levels I offer are Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels. Master-Instructor level must be completed with a Master-Instructor Trainer.

Basic Attunement: In the beginning phase, you will get a special Basic Level “energy attunement”, this will unlock your energy field inalterably and will enable you to be open to the potential of Integrated Energy Therapy® Basic level ray. The Basic Level of attunement is centered around opening up, fine-tuning and adjusting the first two layers (physical and emotional) of your 12 Strand DNA. When you are completely tuned to the Basic Level IET® Ray, it allows you to remove deep-seated physical and emotional blockages from your body’s cellular memory.

Intermediate Attunement: You’ll go through a more advanced “energy attunement” designed to broaden your connection to Integrated Energy Therapy® Intermediate Level ray. This phase works on adjusting and enhancing the next two layers of your DNA, dealing with your mental state and karma. With this alignment, you gain the power to extract various types of energy imprints that affect you physically, emotionally, mentally, and karmically, from your energy field.

Advanced Attunement: The last phase introduces you to an “energy alignment” that connects you even more deeply with the most advanced energies of Integrated Energy Therapy®. This process further adjusts and enhances your 12 Strand DNA, specifically targeting your soul’s destiny and the connections within your soul cluster. By achieving this level of alignment, it will be much easier for you to fulfil your destiny and make your dreams come true.


What motivated you to write “A Practical Guide to Spirit Connection,” and how do the practices outlined in the book help individuals strengthen their communication with spirit guides and ascended masters?

I wrote “A Practical Guide to Spirit Connection” for those who are ready for the practices to take them from where they are with their spirit connection and move it forward. This is a guide for those who are serious about their intuitive/psychic gifts and want a better, stronger, and deeper connection to their spirit team now.

Interesting Story

All my sessions are special, whether it is a medium reading or energy healing. My intention when I began Guidance 311 was that those who need me find me. In each session, there is a connection to spirit and a healing taking place: a spirit message or angel healing. I often say that I should come with a disclaimer because you will be profoundly impacted by spirit. I am only the facilitator of the experience that you need at the time we will work together.

One such experience was in a gallery reading style. I was receiving the image of a small child in a white gown. This is my sign from spirit that this was a child that did not make it to a live birth. Being in a group setting, I was unsure this would resonate with anyone.

As my eyes were closed, I just kept describing what I was seeing and feeling… I heard a gasp from a woman to my right who acknowledged that she had come in hopes of learning if her baby was okay. I was able to assure her through spirit that she was. I was told after the event that this was a gift for her as she was not even supposed to be in attendance that night. Each reading/healing is profound when letting spirit work through you.

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