What to Expect from a Psychic Reading (29 Things!)

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A psychic reading is a unique and exciting experience that everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. The aim of this guide is to prepare you for this thrilling event. I will reveal 29 useful key points that you must know for your own benefit. They are divided into three main sections: before, during, and after the psychic reading. So, here it is, everything about what to expect from a psychic reading:

Before the Psychic Reading

1. Psychic introduction: Almost every psychic medium will start the session with short introductions about themselves and their specialty. Then, they will move on to describe how exactly they work. Finally, they might say what you should expect from the reading, and if not, then it is great you are visiting this site because I am going to uncover everything for you.

2. Different types of psychic readings: There are many ways in which a spiritual person can perform a reading, for example, astrology, tarot cards, clairvoyance, and mediumship. Your experience and expectations might be different, depending on the divination method you or the diviner have chosen. All the best psychics know a few techniques and rituals, so the professionals will direct you to the best practice.

3. First interaction: In the first minutes of the session, the spiritual worker will try to establish a connection with you, so be willing to do so. You might be asked some brief questions to gauge your current situation. You should also talk about any troubles or worries you might have about the reading or from the issues you are dealing with. By collaborating, the diviner can feel your energy much better and give you more accurate results.

4. Divination tools: Although mediums can conduct a spiritual reading without any tools, it is much more beneficial to use divination tools as well, because it makes the whole process more accurate, especially when they have to interpret the meanings of different symbols and cross-validate the information which they receive from spirits.

I personally prefer tarot cards, and I find that the querents also like them very much because they have vivid imagery on them. Other divination items might include astrology natal charts, crystals, crystal balls, pendulums, and even simple pens and paper to write or draw the divine symbols.

5. Personal commitment: This is a simple and yet salient issue that you should expect from the diviner, and I wish you will also get it. The best psychics understand why they need to keep whatever is going on inside a session private, and don’t discuss it with other people. But that is only one thing; the bigger picture is that they must have an ethical approach to the reading. In that sense, they are not supposed to overcharge, to withhold information about you to themselves, and not to sugarcoat the messages because they might be disappointing.

6. Good reviews and feedback: Today, every purchase or service is usually done after consumers search for information on the internet. So, it is highly recommended to do so in the world of spiritual services. Doing your homework will save you money but also will help you to get accurate results. Moreover, you will be introduced to the methods of the light workers, and you can decide if their approach suits you well.

7. Set your goals: Before even going or talking to a psychic on the phone, define what exactly you want him or her to do. For example, do you have a specific question? Or is it a general question? Do you need negative energy cleaning? Would you like to learn more about spiritual transformation? Or maybe you are doing it just because you are curious and want to have fun? Not setting prior goals will only get you confused.

8. Be receptive: It is okay to be a little bit skeptical, and no one expects you to believe or apply any advice, however, you need to be more open to hear new things and different concepts. So don’t block the energy, don’t bring a negative attitude, and just play along with the session. You might be very surprised how such a small shift in your opinion can make wonders in real life.

During the Psychic Reading

9. Broad or specific advice: Ultimately, it depends on you; if you are going to ask general questions, then you are going to get broad answers. In this case, you might think that the psychic medium doesn’t help you much. However, if you ask very specific questions and also provide some background details, you might get a specific answer. I also suggest that you understand that sometimes the universe does not give exact answers, and it is because things haven’t progressed yet, but they will someday in the future.

10. Questions from the psychic: Every psychic has their own format of the reading. Some don’t need any details from you, others will ask for a basic overview like name and birth date, and others will ask you lots of background questions. So, prepare for a dialogue and even to talk about issues you are not so comfortable talking about, such as childhood trauma, recent breakups from a spouse, or career failures. Being honest is important.

11. Emotional mix: When we talk or receive messages about sensitive topics that are crucial to us, we might feel very confused. I have seen people who cry during sessions, experience physical relaxation, changes in breathing, happiness, goosebumps, and chills. These are all natural and healthy reactions. Some individuals prefer to be accompanied by a friend or family member.

12. Not what you want to hear: You are not going to a psychic to get validation on what you want or think you want to hear; this is a big mistake which will only hurt you in the long run. I have seen countless people who got answers they didn’t want to hear, and they were very upset because they thought they could keep on neglecting issues and everything would sort itself out. So no, there is usually a lot of self-work to do after the psychic reading is over.

13. Different outcomes: The universe is changing every day. The intuitive guidance you got 3 months ago might not be relevant to the situation you are handling right now. This is why sometimes, when a person goes to different psychics, he or she might get varied predictions. The factors and circumstances are always changing; it is part of how it works.

14. There are no guarantees: No one can offer you results or accuracy. Psychics receive messages, and their interpretations might be subjective or incomplete, even if they are highly professional and experts in their field. Furthermore, life’s situations depend on multiple factors and people who are involved; every little twist or action can change the course of destiny.

15. Guidance, not instructions: Psychics declare that their work is to guide people, letting them reflect on crucial topics in a different way. Therefore, they can only advise or recommend, but they can never give you specific instructions and steps to follow. They encourage you to be active in decision-making and to navigate successfully through the changing dynamics. In the end, you are your own boss; the responsibility is only on you because this is your life.

16. Free will: Future predictions can be changed; your fate and destiny can be altered at any moment. Life is dynamic, and nothing is set in stone. So, if you hear good or bad news, this is not the end. Psychic predictions are just warning signs you need to take into consideration or sets of spiritual goals you should strive to achieve.

17. Skepticism is OK: Don’t take everything you are told for granted. In fact, a good portion of skepticism is good. Evaluate the information you get and see how it should or shouldn’t apply to your specific situation. A good psychic will welcome this point of view and will clarify the insights for you. So, you are not expected to agree or apply any advice.

18. Spirituality or healing: It is important to understand what you are going to have in the session; a spiritual reading is different from spiritual healing. In healing, you are supposed to discover yourself, release fear, negative energy, and clean all kinds of energetic and emotional blockages. This is usually done if you have past traumas, grief, or constant misfortune.

19. Dynamic interaction: A real psychic reading is not an entertainment show on TV. You are also expected to be active, not just listening to possible outcomes in the near future. You have a key role because the reading is about you. The more you collaborate and be open-minded, the more personalized results you will get. It will help the medium to attune to your energy and offer more accurate insights.

20. Trust: Trust is a significant issue; it’s gained over time and can easily be broken in a second. I know people who switched their spiritual guide because they felt they couldn’t trust them anymore. Therefore, trust your instincts and gut feelings. Be aware of red flags and don’t agree to anything that makes you uncomfortable. On the flip side, I know many individuals who have been going to the same psychic for more than 10 years because they trust them blindly.

21. Recording: Clients find it useful to record sessions and review them later. It helps them remember the information and apply the suggested spiritual advice on a daily basis. Furthermore, many psychics offer their services on the internet, allowing you to record their videos, voice, emails, and even pictures of results, for example, tarot cards pulled. But please be fair and ask for permission before you start to record another person.

After the Psychic Reading

22. More sessions: A professional psychic will offer you a follow-up session only if they think it’s needed for your own benefit. As your situation evolves, this is something you should consider positively. But before you do, think about how the first reading went: Did you get accurate answers? Do you think you need more advice, sessions, or healing? If the answer is yes, then go for it.

23. Reflect: Take the time to reflect, absorb, and act upon the information you received in the reading. Guidance is serious, and you cannot just be lazy or brush it off, expecting that the stars will align automatically for you. There is a lot to be done, so write your thoughts, start to be active in a spiritual aspect, for example, do meditation, and basically decide how you proceed from now on.

24. Not professional advice: Please note that psychics are not licensed to give you professional advice like medical doctors and financial advisors. While psychics can provide great insights and guidance, there are some topics that it is not recommended to consult with them, and if yes, then know their limitations. It is much more useful to consult them on spiritual topics.

25. Openness: The nature of a reading is that you might get vague predictions and multiple interpretations for a single symbol. This is not an indication of bad intuitive skills nor inaccuracy. Hence, a broad answer might apply to a few aspects you are struggling with. For example, if you have been told that you need to maintain stability, see how you can use it in career, relationships, decision-making, and personal development.

26. Enlightenment: The goal of a psychic reading is to help you realize new concepts and ultimately to let you navigate through the trials and tribulations on your own. When you are empowered, you will easily see the right path in your own eyes. You will not need more advice on that particular topic because you will feel what the right course of action is needed.

27. Taking action: Now that you know what to do, it is time to take some action. Make sure that the deeds you are going to do are appropriate for your own benefit. Don’t aim for extreme measures or sharp changes; be balanced and think it through. Also, make sure you understand exactly what you need to do because the wrong actions will surely manifest in wrong results.

28. Belief: It is up to you whether to believe in the psychic who gave you a reading. Furthermore, clients might come from different backgrounds and various religious beliefs. It is healthy to apply critical thinking and reflect a lot before you are going to take action. Be sure that you are acting in a way that is fruitful for you.

29. Further guidance: And finally, the last thing on the list of what to expect from a psychic reading is the continuity of more spiritual guidance. In fact, a single reading is a door or a gateway to a whole new journey!