What is a general psychic reading?

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So you’ve heard the term “general psychic reading” and want to know exactly what it means, and how it differs from a specific psychic reading. This is a great topic to discuss as it directly influences the nature of the session and its accuracy. In short:

  • General psychic reading is like a spiritual roadmap; it directs you through life’s hard challenges and twisted adventures. The predictions are related to the big picture and the main issues you need some clarity about. Usually, when you look for a free online psychic reading, you will get a general reading as a form of an introductory offer.
  • Specific psychic readings are about focused questions or concerns. They magnify a subject like love, career, growth, and give you insights only about it.

General Psychic Readings Explained

Imagine walking in a maze, not knowing where to go, every step just getting you to an unknown location and causing you to get far away from the exit. In such a tricky environment, you need a map or a look from above to guide you straight to where you want to be.

Real psychics can offer you that solution. Through contacting the energies of the cosmos and using divination techniques, they will tell you how to win in the game of life. They will not get into the little specifications of every area in your life. But they will make sure that you understand how and when to take action so the overall path will be successful.

So how exactly do they do it? For example, they can pull 3 tarot or oracle cards and view the past, present, and future trail; they can channel spirits and ask them which choices will have a positive impact; and they might equip you with a special crystal that will enlighten your thinking and decisions. Basically, the purpose is to divulge the secrets related to your existence.

From my experience, when you think that all hope is lost, it is better to have a general psychic reading, just to get you back on the right track. Not everything will be solved completely, but it is enough to bring you into a safe place, from there you can continue your journey and work on the other issues. As I see it, this is like first aid for a confusing situation.

Specific Psychic Readings Simplified

Specific psychic readings are the complete opposite of general readings. They are more personalized and work toward particular topics, questions, or worries you might currently have.

The key element is to focus only on a small issue and not the other stuff around it, even if later you will find it connected somehow. For example, career is related to relationships as you need to balance both: You cannot be all day in the office and neglect your wife or family, and you cannot be with your loved one all day long because you also need to work and make a living. But in specific reading, we usually separate those issues, at least in the beginning. You can also expect to get practical guidance and actionable steps to take; in my opinion, it serves the clients perfectly.

This kind of reading is very useful because most people find it easier to follow simple steps that are supposed to fix their issue, rather than getting vague directions. It really clears the lack of certainty in cases such as if you are in a relationship that is sinking and want to understand your partner better, or explore new job opportunities, make more money, and have a higher quality of living.

Through years of consulting, I have found that when we have infinite choices and possibilities, it is more helpful to laser focus on the tiny details that make a huge difference.

Differences between General and Specific Psychic Readings


General psychic reading: broad view, usually depicts a certain roadmap which is optimal. Sometimes the path is split and hard choices must be taken, sometimes the trail is blocked and we just need to sit and wait for a while. But all in all, the general guidance will navigate you to the destination.

Specific psychic reading: offers awareness on one issue only. And of course, you can ask questions on multiple topics but each one of them will be answered distinctively, and you will not be able to see the correlations between them.

Depth of Details

General psychic reading: here the details are not important at all, because they can change frequently. In reality, they will only distract your attention from the main goal. So in this case, you’re better off without them.

Specific psychic reading: in this situation, the smallest details are very important, as they have a direct influence on us. Furthermore, they all impact us simultaneously and we have to handle all of them at once and in a timely manner.


General psychic reading: is good practice when you don’t have any specific problems, everything is going well but you are still unhappy with how your path evolved. You want more and don’t know what exactly is holding you back, time is running out, you are frustrated and feel that this is the right time to make a huge change.

Specific psychic reading: when you are obsessed or overthinking something, it drives you insane and doesn’t let you manage your life in a good and healthy way, spiritually and mentally. You think that if you will solve only that issue, your life will be perfect. So this is when you need to have that kind of reading.

Benefits of Psychic Readings

As described, both readings have their benefits. Furthermore, you don’t have to choose one over the other. I have seen many general psychic readings that have been done in the first session turn to specific readings in the second and third sessions. I have also seen the opposite: people who came with a certain issue and then discovered that it is only a symptom of broad issues.