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Marilyn: Empath, Intuitive Counsellor & Healer

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Meet Marilyn Young, a remarkable psychic who left nursing for the world of spiritual healing, all because she believes in the power of real change and understanding. Marilyn’s tale isn’t just about switching jobs. It’s about her deep dive into using her natural talent and sensitivity to help people in more meaningful ways. She uses her psychic ability for intuitive advice, talking with angels, and energy healing to help others find their way, make big things happen, and grow.

Marilyn’s way of doing things is warm and real, with lots of personal healing stories and clear signs of spiritual backing. In her line of work, she brings hope, sharing her insights and offering healing for those trying to deal with life’s ups and downs smoothly. Come check out the exclusive interview with her on, where Marilyn opens up about her life, her work, and all she’s picked up on her journey to becoming a guiding light and healer.

Marilyn Young Soul Messages

About Yourself

Can you share with us how you discovered your intuitive abilities and how they have influenced your life’s journey? 

From my earliest memories I have always wanted to help others and even as a child I often could “sense” when others were upset or hurting. I had many times when I would just start crying “for no reason” and I am sure my parents wondered what was wrong with me, but thankfully, they never voiced that! I was especially drawn to helping children.

From often looking after my four younger siblings, to helping classmates, to gravitating to the maternal child area of practice in my nursing career, I was able to “just know” what was needed to comfort a child. In fact, because of my ability to instantly calm a crying infant, my colleagues at work often called me the “baby whisperer.”

Throughout my life there have been countless times when my “intuition” provided the answers for some of life’s troubling situations – family illnesses, parenting challenges, and changing personal belief systems, to name a few. Since childhood I have had a keen interest in learning about spirituality.

One of my earliest memories of religion was envisioning a mountain with many paths leading to the top. To me, those paths were the world’s religions and belief systems all leading to the same place – home, Source, heaven, universal consciousness or whatever a person might call that eternal state of being one with God. In my mind, they were all equal and a person simply chooses the path they are most comfortable with.

Over the years, while going to university, then marrying and raising four children, and working in my nursing career, exploring my spirituality was put on the “back burner” but my intuition continued to serve me well. My father’s death when I was a young mother, was the trigger to the resurgence of my interest in the metaphysical.

My library of books, seminars and online courses from Spiritual teachers started to grow. I completed courses in consciousness, Reiki and other modalities of energy healing, angel and oracle card reading, numerology, and just learning to tune into Spirit. Meeting my closest friend, who is a Master Empath, in 2011, accelerated my journey as I learned how to work with the incredible gift of being an Empath and connecting with Spirit on a deeper level.

My exploration has awakened more of my spiritual gifts. I have learned to listen and hear the voices of my higher self, my Guides and Angels more clearly. I came to realize that the tools I could access were guidance coming from Spirit or my higher self and the emotions I picked up on were part of my gift as an Empath. So, I now embrace the reality of being an Empath, intuitive counsellor, and healer. Today, I integrate my gifts into everything I do because they are part of who I am and align with my soul’s purpose.

What inspired you to transition from a career in nursing to becoming an intuitive counsellor and energetic healer? 

In my professional career as a Registered Nurse and as an Empath, I often could feel the emotions that my patients were experiencing. I often “just knew” the right thing to do or suggest for a client to improve their health or circumstances. In mentoring my staff in their work with clients, or in navigating their own life challenges, my gifts of clairsentience and claircognizance gave me the tools to assist them.

As I learned to connect with Spirit more, my life purpose as a healer and teacher became clearer. Retirement from nursing in early 2021 did not mean it was time to stop helping, to stop serving others. Rather, it presented an opportunity for change, to build on life experiences and lessons learned, and to choose an exciting new path that aligns even more with my soul’s purpose – intuitive counselling.

With the encouragement of family, friends, and Spirit, I decided to “put myself out there.” Each time I provide a session or card reading for someone, I am amazed and excited at how meaningful the messages are. That feedback encourages me to continue doing what I do now.

Spirit has also nudged me to do some writing to get messages out there. In Aug 2022, I woke up on a Friday morning and Spirit told me to start a newsletter and have the first one out by midnight that night. I had no clue what I was supposed to write about but when I sat down at my laptop, the words just started to come.

After pushing “send” that night on the finished product going out by email to my family, friends, and few clients, I heard I was to continue to write and send one out every two weeks which I did until a few months later. In November that year, Spirit told me that I was to pull an angel card and write about its messages and send that out on the weeks between.

Hence my weekly newsletter was born, which I continue to provide today. Most of what I write I believe is channelled as I don’t recall much of it once I send it out. I always check with Spirit though, whether the information is meant to be distributed before I click “send!”

Shortly after my retirement, having left the challenges of the health care system behind me but watching friends and past colleagues still struggling, Spirit suggested that I write a handbook for health care providers on “Bringing Spirit into Health Care.” That book is still in its infancy (first draft started).

More recently Spirit prompted me to start a Bringing Spirit into Health Care membership where health care providers could meet to discuss challenges at work from a spiritual perspective, learn more about their spiritual gifts and how to integrate them into their work, and support each other on their journey. The group discussions are now informing more content for the book which I hope to have out in the next year.

Working With Angels

How do Angel Card Readings help individuals gain insight into their questions or situations? 

Angel card readings help us access information from Spirit to help guide individuals in response to their questions. “Spirit” to me means that higher state of being or universal energy that includes our departed loved ones, Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, beings from other realms, and our soul which is our inner or higher self. All exist to support and guide us through our journey in life.

The cards I use are a tool to illustrate the messages we receive. I say “we” because I believe we can all “talk to Spirit.” We just need to remember how. The card (s) that are pulled in a reading always provide a direct message about the client’s query or act as a prompt for more information to “come in” from Spirit.

The images, colours, numbers on the card may help describe those messages. The words on the card and information in the deck’s guidebook about the card, also provide relevant information, if it resonates, that the creator of the deck has channelled for that specific card.

Could you explain the significance of Angel Numerology and how it differs from traditional numerology practices? 

Traditional numerology provides an in-depth picture about a person’s life purpose and who they are. The vibration of the numbers associated with a person’s birth name and birthdate provides a lot of information on what the person chose as their path in this lifetime.

This number frequency information is constant across the lifespan. Just like your astrological sign, your numerology numbers are fixed, they don’t change. Numerology includes the Life Path number (a broad description of how life will play out including life lessons to be learned), Heart’s Desire or Soul Urge number (the true inner self, what drives a person forward), Expression or Destiny number (how a person works towards their goals in life, their talents and characteristics), and the Personality number (a person’s public presentation, how other people see that person).

It also provides information about karmic lessons, challenges, etc. In addition to addressing cycles in one’s life, traditional numerology and can also provide information about the vibrational frequency of personal days, months, and year.

Angel numbers, on the other hand, provide messages from Spirit that are relevant more in the moment or for a short period of time. They are bringing in a message when the same number is seen or noticed by a person several times over a period of time – hours, days, or weeks. They can also be obtained from using an angel card oracle or angel card tarot deck.

The more often they present themselves, the more Spirit is trying to get their message to us. The messages are relevant to what the person was doing, thinking, feeling, or experiencing at the time they noticed the numerous appearances of the number. Angel numbers include the numbers 1 to 0 and may appear as single numbers or in various combinations.

Each number brings a certain message. When they appear in combination the single messages may deliver a story or a more emphasized message if the individual digits in the number are added up (example 63 would add up to 6+3=9). If the numbers are repeating, for example, 111, 2222, or 33, the vibration of the single digit is multiplied by the number of times it appears in the number.

Angel numerology is a combination of working with angel numbers and some components of traditional numerology. It provides a brief overview of the person’s numerology regarding their Life Path, Heart’s Desire, Expression, and Personality numbers. (If a client would like a more in-depth numerology reading, I refer them to the skilled numerologists that I know.) The angel numbers that are presenting themselves to the person are discussed as a commentary on the bigger picture that numerology presents.

Intuitive Counselling

Could you elaborate on how intuitive counselling sessions work, and what individuals can expect from them in terms of accessing soul messages and guidance from Spirit? 

Intuitive counselling sessions generally begin with a specific question or issue that the client would like some assistance with or sometimes they would just like to know what messages Spirit has for them at that time. As we are talking, I will “tune into” what I hear, feel, or see from Spirit regarding the questions or situations.

Most times I will “just know” the information that comes in. The information will come in different forms – words, colours, pictures, numbers, crystals, Spirit animals or feelings. Sometimes specific Angels come through or information about a past life. Often, I will also use angel oracle or tarot cards or other card decks to assist in illustrating the messages.

Spirit guides me to offer the client a choice of several decks and we draw cards from the deck of the client’s choice. Spirit guides me as to the number of cards to draw and what order they should be read in. Sometimes I will draw cards in response to specific series of questions about the client’s situation. I always ask the client what messages they may be getting as well from the cards and help them decipher that information.

Once I am not receiving anything more intuitively, I will provide the messages about the card from the card deck’s guidebook. Most often that is a confirmation about what we had just discussed but sometimes there is additional information that might resonate with the client.

The information that comes through may provide a deeper or different understanding of a situation – often related to a life lesson the person is working through. It may provide a perspective on the current situation that arises from a past life. It may provide guidance regarding opportunities to watch for or approaches to concerns.  It may also provide a peek into a future outlook based on the client’s present reality, but it is not “predicting the future.”

With any of the information, it is always for the client’s consideration as they have freedom of choice as to what to accept and/or act on. We discuss that the information that comes is for the client’s highest good and some of it has specific timelines attached to it. For example, if the client wants to move forward in one area of their life but the information that comes in is regarding a different area of their life, it is because focusing on that area is in the client’s best interest and the area they initially presented may have a timeline that requires them to wait a bit longer to address.

In most cases, the session wraps up in the time frame that was booked. Sometimes Spirit has more to say so we may extend the booking or book an additional session. With the client’s permission the sessions are recorded and the recording provided to them so that they can refer back to it.

What inspired you to offer 2 for 1 sessions, and how do these sessions enhance the intuitive counselling experience for clients by involving two counsellors/healers? 

About a year ago I received a message from Spirit to offer 2 for 1 sessions. The reason was twofold. First, the client would benefit from the gifts and perspective that both myself and the guest counsellor can offer. Second, my hope was that it would provide a broader access to my guest counsellors.

Without fail the feedback that I have received from clients is that the 2 for 1 sessions have been very beneficial for them. Each of us communicate in a slightly different way with Spirit and our gifts, experience, and backgrounds are also different. Often when one of us is providing the client with information, it will trigger an additional insight for the other counsellor that they then provide. If one or both of us are using oracle or tarot cards, the other counsellor may receive additional information about the card. Lastly, the client is receiving love and light from two individuals at the same time.


What is your approach to helping individuals manifest their desires and intentions, and how do you involve angels in this process? 

When a client has a particular desire they would like to manifest, I will conduct and intuitive session similar to that described above accessing information from the session often begins with getting clarity about what they want to manifest and the timelines. We will also discuss some principles of manifestation that might be helpful for them to focus on based on the messages I am hearing from Spirit and the client’s current and past experiences.

All of us have our Guardian Angels and many more “waiting in the wings” to assist us with our life’s challenges and goals. In all sessions we discuss how to communicate with their angels and Spiritual team about what they would like to manifest or any other question the client might have. Often a particular Archangel will step forward with a message or one will come to mind to recommend the client work with them based on what they are wanting to manifest.

Being an Empath

How do you define the role of an Empath in the realm of spiritual guidance and healing, and how do you utilize your empathic abilities to support your clients? 

As an Empath, I may feel a client’s emotions or physical concerns during a session. We have this gift so that we may offer healing to the person or situation that we are picking up on. So, I will verify what I am picking up with the client and then, if they choose, we will discuss any information from Spirit about a potential source of these concerns and strategies to work with towards healing. (This information is not presented as a replacement for medical care.)

If I am guided to, and with permission from the client, I will also provide energetic healing. Most often though, when the client works through the source of the issue, they are able to work on healing themselves by working through the strategies discussed.

Interesting Stories

To be honest, it never ceases to amaze me how with every session I do, the information that comes through and the cards that Spirit guides me to pull are so relevant and helpful for the client. Many times, what I hear or see does not make sense to me, but I have learned I am just the messenger and to not judge what is coming through. Sure enough, when I provide the information, the client reveals a situation that the information relates to or even describes exactly.

Two very personal situations from the past have made me deeply grateful for my gifts. The first involved my grandson when he was an infant. When he arrived one morning for me to babysit him for the day, he had some redness developing around his eye. My daughter had arranged for me to meet her at the physician’s in the early afternoon to have it looked at.

As the morning progressed, the redness worsened and the nurse in me began to worry about a cellulitis developing. After rocking him to sleep for his morning nap, I had the push from Spirit to try to energetically heal his eye. So, I worked on it for several minutes and said a prayer. When he woke up it looked a little better and an hour later when we met my daughter at the physician office the redness had disappeared, and he got a clean bill of health from his physician. No one was more surprised and grateful than I was.

The second situation involved a loved one who was undergoing a medical procedure for a serious health concern. While the procedure was occurring, I decided to meditate and try to send healing. During the meditation, I met one of his Guides. Instantly I was energetically in the procedure room introducing him to his Guide and “handing his care over” to that Guide. Since that procedure he has been able to sense and communicate with that Guide. This was all a new experience and ability for him.

Open Discussion

If you have any other topics you’d like to discuss, please feel free to bring them up. 

Lastly, I would just like to say that I believe that we are Divine beings having a human experience. Part of our unique path in this experience is to face challenges and learn the lessons we set out in our soul’s contract for this lifetime. Some of those challenges are darker than others.

However, I know that everything happens for a reason in promoting our soul’s growth. I also know that no matter how much we struggle or stray from our intended path, we are loved as a child of the Divine. I believe in the strength of the human spirit and know that we can succeed in overcoming those challenges because we are never given more than we can handle.

We need to remember that we are not alone in this journey. Spirit, including our higher self, is always listening and ready to provide guidance when we ask. Those messages are either from Spirit to your soul or from your soul itself to enhance your spiritual growth. So, as I continue along my path in life, my goal is to help others along theirs – to work through life’s lessons, to connect to their soul/their true selves, to find their gifts, and to discover the joy in life that we are all meant to have.

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