Interview: Casca Graham International Spiritual Teacher & Healer

Casca Graham Spiritual Teacher & Healer

I had the honor to interview international spiritual teacher and healer, Casca Graham, whose spiritual journey began in childhood with encounters with angels and fairies. Today, she offers services like Angelic and Dragon Reiki, sound vibration, and shamanic drumming, empowering people to discover their true purpose and heal from past traumas. Join Casca Graham on her transformative journey at

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Spiritual Journey

How did your journey into spirituality and healing began?

I have always been spiritually connected. At the age of 4, I remember being visited by angels ancestors and fairies. As a child, I worked mainly with animals although my psychic intuition was incredibly strong and I was always able to give guidance. I remember being at school conducting readings for my teachers. It was in my 20s, when I started to really step into working and healing with adults and I became qualified in various modalities including Reiki. That opened me up even more deeply to my spiritual gifts.

What inspired you to establish the Casca Graham Academy, and how do you help people to discover their true purpose?

In 2014 I decided to do a teaching degree. I have always been drawn to education and felt very comfortable in an educational environment. In a bit of a contradiction, I never felt that the school system served me. I really struggled at school. But the idea of knowledge and being able to fully utilize who I am at soul level and share that with the world, became a passion. That is what led me to build my own Academy where, I could support people to grow expand and evolve.

Healing and Psychic Readings Services

Can you elaborate on the techniques used in the sessions, such as Angelic and Dragon Reiki, sound vibration, shamanic drumming, and how they facilitate healing and spiritual growth?

I work very deeply with the Angelic and Dragon Realm. As well as include the Ancestors Gaia, Unicorns and the most powerful healing energies available to us from within this universe. I channel various Universal Rays. I also incorporate sound and shamanic drumming as the frequency supports the healing.

All the energies involved with every session, have blended with me over the years of my own healing. This creates an incredibly powerful forceful amount of energy that guides me as a pure channel to work with my clients. The Dragon Realm started to work with me in 2019. This has been a powerful catalyst for my work as it has enabled me to connect others to the truth behind Dragon Energy and who these powerful beings are.

In what ways do past life events impact our current life, and how does clearing them contribute to our well-being?

All Souls are ancient and over our various incarnations we have had to move through the human experience. The third dimensional reality could be considered a challenging one. For all the beauty the earth brings there is also a lot of suffering, pain, discomfort, loss, and grief the list goes on. This however is part of the human experience. As our soul evolves some of those painful experiences remain within.

These experiences can be called programmes. We can also experience soul loss, due to trauma. These programmes then run through our soul and manifest recurring experiences which result in repeating patterns. Until these patterns are cleared these experiences will keep reappearing and manifesting in our existence.

By accessing the Akashic Records and clearing these programmes we are able to remove these blocks and restrictions from our soul, which prevents the reoccurrence of these scenarios and patterns. This enables our vibration to increase creating a happier more abundant existence. This is the foundation of my work.

Courses and Workshops

What foundational principles of Light Language are covered in the workshop, and how do they contribute to personal and spiritual growth?

I started to channel Light Language in 2020. My Dragon Guides encouraged me to do some inner work after the loss of my father. During this experience, I worked deeply with my Dragon Guides. I was shown, that there were some very deep issues within my Heart Chakra that needed to be embraced and cleared.

Through this process I worked very closely with one guide who encouraged me to chant. Through this experience Light Language emerged within my existence. Light language is not something we need to understand on a mental level. It is a vibrational tool that works with the soul. This tool can activate and heal when working with beings and the planet. It is also an incredibly powerful tool for self-healing.

I incorporate light language into many of my one-to-one sessions as well as my workshops. It always channelled and is never planned. I believe by encouraging souls to work with their inner chant, they can expand their consciousness as well as support their individual growth tremendously. This is an incredibly powerful tool.

How does the Chi Balls workshop introduce participants to the concept and practice of creating Chi Balls or Energy Balls, especially for those with no prior experience?

Chi means energy and chi balls are energy balls. These incredible balls are wonderfully powerful. You do not need to be trained in any healing modality to create a Chi Ball. They are a great activity for children and they are a good way to teach people about the power of energy.

The reason for this is because you can physically feel them in your hands as you create them. They can be used for various forms of healing. An example of this would be to create a list of areas you need healing with and then with pure intention place that into the Chi Ball.

You then place the Chi Ball into your heart chakra. You can also send these balls to people around the Earth, (with their consent.) Energy has no time in space and Chi Balls are eternal, so they can last forever. These are wonderful healing tools.

What distinguishes Dragon Reiki from traditional Reiki practices, and how does it incorporate Dragon energy into the healing process?

As mentioned, before I started to work with Dragon Energy in 2019 whilst I was teaching a workshop in Iceland. The Dragons had revealed themselves to me in 2018 whilst I was travelling around Europe, however I was unsure of this energy and had never worked with it before. After merging with these incredible beings in Iceland more and more Dragons started to reveal themselves to me.

On New Years day 2020, I woke up to my bedroom being full of various Dragons encouraging me to create a modality. I then created the modality Dragon Reiki. I am not the founder of Dragon Reiki, but I created a modality which is a practitioners certificate. This now enables practitioners from all over the world to work and heal with this powerful energy. This is also an accredited healing modality.

Over the last four years I have built a powerful community of Dragon Reiki practitioners and masters. Dragon Reiki differs from traditional Usui Reiki because it brings in the Dragon Energy. It starts with the 4th dimensional Dragons, Earth Dragons, Air Dragons, Fire Dragons, Water Dragons and The Golden Akashic Dragons.

This energy is incredibly shamanic. Dragons work deeply with the heart. During this modality you are connected to your Healing Dragon or Dragons as well as the 4th dimensional Dragons. This supports your own healing as well as the healing of others and our planet. Dragon Reiki is incredibly powerful and hugely transformative and has various additional symbols to Usui Reiki to support that transformation.

In the Akashic Record Training course, how does maintaining a high soul vibration affect participants’ ability to manifest their desired life?

A high soul vibration is incredibly important. Firstly, it promotes our overall well-being our mental attitude and our ability to connect to spirit. When we have a low vibration generally, we do not feel very good mentally and physically. A low vibration is also an indication that we are out of alignment. What this means is that we are not in alignment with our soul and our souls’ purpose. What this looks like is normally a lack of abundance and happiness.

When we decide to heal and when we decide to work through our blocks and restrictions, our soul vibration increases. We work with our Manifesting Lights, which support our ability to bring in our desired life. Manifestation cannot exist with a low vibration. Many people do not know this and just feel like they cannot manifest. But there is a process. And that process involves increasing the vibration and setting intentions.

Interesting Stories

Can you please share with us any interesting stories from your career as a healer?

This is such a big question, as there are so many interesting stories to tell. I feel that if I were to narrow it down it would be when the Dragons started to work with me. This opened me up to such a new, level of energy and intuition. I am a medical intuitive and when I connect to people or animals, I am always shown which Chakras are out of alignment. These Chakras become highlighted.

I then travel into the Chakra to see the story. I am also shown all Meridians as well as areas. The areas that are not functioning correctly appear as black or grey energy and then when it is time to clear, I work with my own healing team as well as any other beings that need to be there. Each healing is very different and apart from my team, which consist of my healing angel, healing Dragons, Mary Magdalene, Elemental Dragons, Galactic Soul Family, High Level Dragon Guide, Galactic Soul Family, Ancestors, Gaia, Gods Presence, and my Unicorn guide Ephius.

With all these guides, I connect to the Highest healing energies available to me, from this Universe and then I begin to channel various Rays. Usually before a healing or reading, ancestors and guides start to give me messages and often animal guides start to reveal themselves….. this is an incredibly powerful process and I often get asked if it tires me out… the answer is no… I normally feel energised. The times I get tired is after delivering workshops and teaching, as this is where I am holding space for many people.

Open Discussion

An interesting topic for discussion is mental health. This is a very hot topic currently and a very big part of my work. Did you know that the level of mental health that we suffer with is due to soul loss and trauma? When we experience a significant life event that resulted in trauma, we lose a part of ourselves. This is why often; we will hear people that are suffering report that they feel like they have lost themselves.

When I work with clients, I will measure how much soul loss there is, in a percentage measurement. Based on the outcome, I can then gain a clearer understanding of their mental health. Clients with a loss of 0-15% normally have a history of anxiety and depression and more than often would have medicated at some point. There would have been times in their lives where they would have dipped and could have even had suicidal thoughts. These clients normally do have their mental health under control, but it can dip in and out.

Anything more than 15%, is a sign of significant trauma and this is where more severe mental health conditions are present. This moves all the way up to psychosis and schizophrenia. It is very interesting because through my work with various exercises, affirmations and healing we are able to retrieve the soul, this is an incredibly life changing process and I have been witness to huge transformations.

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