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Psychic Silvia - Spiritual Counsellor

It was my pleasure to engage in an interview with Silvia about her spiritual journey that started in 2020 when she discovered her passion for tarot and divination. Now, she offers tarot readings and spiritual advices to help people understand themselves and connect with the world around them. Learn more about Silvia’s daily practices and her guidance. Check out her full story in the interview on

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About Silvia

How did you first got into psychic reading or spiritual work, and how it changed or grown since you started?

I have started my spiritual journey when I had what l call my “aha” moment, it was 2020 and I was finally more at easy with the idea of approaching divination and tarot; this is because for many years I was rejecting the idea to get closer to this practice, but at the same time I was very curious and trying to find actual answers, so I was watching tarot readers, reading articles and watching videos on the topic.

I consider myself a very spiritual person and for the past 30 years I have been experiencing many paranormal / spiritual phenomenas that were making me feel very uncomfortable and also scared sometimes. The idea to get closer to divination was not an option for a long time, until one day I started to receive signals to encouraging me to do so.

I remember starting to see number 11:11 very often, which is like a spiritual awakening type of angelic number, particularly one day I was talking casually with a coworker about house decor and renovations, and he was really focus on showing me something, when suddenly he said to me: look Silvia, it is 11:11, are you paying attention? You need to pay attention to this number ok? Then I proceeded to come back to talk about decor, it really felt as if it was someone else talking and time had stopped for a second, it was one of the strangest experiences I received in my spiritual journey.

On January 1st 2020 I bought my first tarot deck and when holding it in my hands it felt empowering and so natural, most of my worries disappeared and I was ready, my purpose in life was clear. Ever since, I felt really like a new person, I see things now from a different perspective, I became more open to signs, possibilities, more compassionate and more in tune with the universe.

From this moment, “spill the tarot “ was created and I started to share my passion on social media and joining groups and communities with like minded people; tarot is a practice that evolves continuously over time, even my reading style change from time to time.

Key Influences and Mentors

Who are your biggest mentors or teachers, and how have they shaped your spiritual journey?

One of my favourite mentor in Tarot community has been Brigit Esselmont, founder of the Biddy tarot courses and community; initially I have used Brigit books among other prominent ones as self-learning tarot for a while, then I decided to join the community and to take my tarot passion on a more professional path. I decided to become a certified “biddy tarot adviser” so you can also find me in their directory of professional readers. I really like her style of teaching and community and I am happy to be part of it.

The platform offer so much for both people new to Tarot and experienced readers. I also really like Jasmine Borland, which is a writer, astrologer and mentor with the Moon cycles and she has published few decks including “Moonology oracle deck” which I keep using in my readings regularly.

Daily Rituals for Spiritual Growth

Can you share any rituals or practices that individuals can incorporate into their daily lives to enhance their spiritual growth and connection?

I personally like to do daily short meditations that enable me to relax, focus and realign my energy, especially as we live busy lives, it help me to feel regenerated and balanced. I also like to do monthly readings on myself during every new moon and full moon, to see what I need to know and focus on. I keep a journal of my personal readings so that I can go back to it and for my clients too. I also like to cleanse my decks and crystals regularly and l don’t let other people handle them as I feel they are infused with my energy.

Connecting with Clients: Tools and Techniques

What tools and techniques do you use to connect with client on a deeper spiritual level during readings on sessions?

At the moment I offer only mail readings; when I perform mail personal readings to clients I usually confirm with them the type of reading / question they are inquiring about, I ask them to remain open, to allow me as a reader to connect with them better. I like to explain to them what tarot is about and what to expect from it.

I have a specific sacred space that I use for my practice and readings, before any reading I prepare my space with Crystals, play meditation music, I smudge some palo santo and decided which decks I will use. I make sure I am not disturbed during my readings from anything that can be distracting and affecting my intuition.

I consider myself a “spiritual counsellor” as I like to incorporate counselling skills together with intuition to deliver messages, I like to encourage clients to understand that readings are meant to offer guidance and they should always remain in control of their decisions, readings should always empower them, not make them feel they are bound to divine intervention only.

Guidance for Spiritual Awakening

What advice would you give to individuals who are navigating their own spiritual awakening or journey?

I think the first advice I would give to anyone experiencing a spiritual awakening and approaching spirituality and divination is to be their authentic self and own it; this is very important because I believe there is still a stigma for people in this community and many prefer to keep this passion and interest a secret from family and friends.

I also would recommend taking their time learning and navigating their spirituality, there are many ways to be part of the community, what you desire will depend on your personal preference and beliefs. I suggest joining groups and communities with people who share similar journey to yours, which can help you contribute with your experiences in a safe space and allow you to learn from others.

Nowadays it has become so much easier to connect with like-minded people because of social media, like FB, Instagram, YouTube while when I started my interest in divination I did not have the right support or resources to explore it well.

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