What can a psychic tell me? 41 Things Revealed!

A psychic can tell you lots of things about yourself, your future, and many more aspects of your life. Here are the 41 insights I’ve gathered from my experience:

Table of Contents

Relationships and Social Dynamics

1. Relationships: everything related to relationships like love, marriage, divorce, single life, and dating can be illuminated through the lens of spirituality. A psychic can tell you what exactly the problem is, whether it is communication, emotional blockages, or repeated patterns, and how to solve it.

2. Love compatibility: a diviner can tell how compatible you are with a certain person. It can shed some light on shared values, characteristics, traits, and life goals. It can be achieved via many divination tools; the most common are zodiac signs match and tarot cards. I have seen many people who are too compatible with each other, and they just make it so hard on themselves because they are staying together, so sometimes a psychic can save you this trouble in a few minutes by offering the right advice.

3. Family issues: in families, there are many kinds of dynamics, and they are constantly changing. A psychic can feel the overall energies between the people and suggest how they can live in harmony. Furthermore, sometimes conflicts arise because the house is haunted or because there are some ancestral spirits who are very restless.

4. Friendship: a real spiritualist can guide you when it comes to friendship. In fact, this is very important information because we surround ourselves with people every day, and not every one of them is good for us. For example: energy vampires, people who will put you down just because they have hidden motives, and more. So you can actually be aware of these pitfalls.

Career and Finance

5. Career: wondering what is the best career for you? Consult a psychic! It might help you to view in a broader light what your best potential, passion, goals, and life’s mission are. It is better to have a career session at a younger age; it will save you so much uncomfortable work situations in the future, meaning, you will jump straight to where you feel more productive and happy.

6. Business strategies: if you own a small business or even a huge corporation, I am sure you encountered some challenges and difficulties. In the uncertain world of business, spiritual guidance might show you the right path, especially with issues concerning decisions, trends, deals, and partnerships.

7. Finances: I am sure you have heard news about how psychics predict stocks at the stock market, while some might succeed in that, usually, the more accurate predictions are about the search for good investment opportunities, how to make cautious decisions with your money, the right budgeting, and how to secure your financial world.

8. Education: psychics can analyze what you are good at; they read your energy, auras, and the passion you project to the world. So they can navigate you to the path that is good for you. For instance: what kind of major to choose in university or college and what skills you need to acquire.

Spirituality and Personal Growth

9. Life purpose: every one of us is here on earth for a reason, whether we are aware of it or not. The problem starts when we are not doing what we are supposed to do, and then everything is a big mess and chaotic. But more important we just feel unhappy and don’t know why. So trust me, it’s worth asking a psychic what your life purpose is.

10. Spiritual Development: if you decided to have your own spiritual journey, a psychic can be a great mentor or a teacher. In today’s technology world, you can participate in online courses as well. Other than knowledge, you will discover rituals and practices to use in your spiritual development. Remember that spiritual development is a long process and some even claim that it never ends.

11. Personal growth opportunities: we all face problems during our life. A psychic may help you to use this negative situation and transform it into a much more positive one. Furthermore, they will give you the tools to grow and to spot an opportunity so maybe one day the hurdle might become a good starting point for a better life.

12. Emotional management: when things don’t click it is usually because of emotional baggage. In many cases that I have seen, a psychic or spiritual worker can show you the patterns and lead you comfortably to healing and harmony. This is because of the fact that spirituality and feelings are well connected through energies.

13. Past Life Readings: your soul or spirit is hundreds or thousands of years old. It carries the information and memories from all of this period. These experiences are affecting you now and will affect you to eternity. It refers to the term “Akashic records” and a psychic should be able to access it easily. Sometimes you will also go through deep hypnosis in order to reveal these memories.

Future Predictions and Decision Making

14. Future predictions: psychics can predict the future and give you accurate insights about important events that will appear in your timeline, people, and places you should be aware of and notice about. All this is to give you a chance to maximize your potential in this lifetime and in the afterlife.

15. Decision Making: every choice, small or big, can have different outcomes and influences on you and your closest people like family and friends. Therefore, clarity from a divine worker might help you to get to the right decision for you. It is very confusing to make a certain choice without knowing the outcomes, so assistance in that issue is sometimes necessary.

16. Contacting with deceased loved ones: people often want to contact deceased loved ones, to make sure that they are ok, to have closure, to give them a chance to say goodbye or last words, to get some guidance, answers to questions, and to deliver messages about the future or other spirits from the afterlife.

Practical Guidance

17. Finding lost objects: if you lost a precious or important item, psychics can use their superpowers to try and track it. Through remote viewing or energy fields, they can sometimes locate it exactly or to suggest a general area. They can also help you to remember when you have put it or if it has been stolen.

18. Pet communication: your dog or cat might suffer, they might want to tell you something and maybe it is crucial information. Pet psychics can understand them and intermediate the communication between you and your loved animal. It can be health issues, behavioral concerns, or a simple message.

19. Legal outcomes: this topic is highly debatable. From personal knowledge, I know that most psychics will refuse to give you a reading about it, mainly because the fate is not completely in your hand; the choices will be made by other people and circumstances like the judge. But some might agree to read on it and tell you the possible outcomes.

20. Relocations and travels: You might get a job offering in a different country or city, or you just want to do a long trip around the world. This kind of topic has spiritual implications as well. It concerns changing the environment, energies, and basically your overall luck. It is also related to the right timing, potential benefits, and safety. With so many elements involved, a psychic can clear your way.

21. Real estate decisions: This is somewhat speculative, but as psychics can give advice on financial and career matters, they might also tell you if spiritually wise, it is good to buy or sell a certain real estate asset. They can also check if the house or land is haunted by ghosts.

22. Technological investments: There are many opportunities and also high risks in the market of technological investments. This is the point when a psychic might be handy.

23. Dream interpretation: Every dream has an important message. Interpreting the symbols can have a great impact on life. With this knowledge, you can have an understanding of your subconsciousness but also messages from spirits and guardian angels. Sometimes it is used as telepathy to receive signals from people around you; you can basically read their minds and thoughts through dreams.

24. Creativity enhancement: Not only artists seek inspiration and new ideas; in fact, you might search for them too. The reason is that creativity can solve bad issues in a better way, and thinking out of the box can often enhance your life as well. This can be achieved by channeling, visualization, and meditation.

25. Symbol interpretation: Symbols are all around us, not only in our dreams, for example, angel numbers. Symbols are always there trying to give us hints on what to do, what to notice, and where to go. We often ignore them because we are too busy or confused by the daily hustle. A psychic will open your eyes to a whole new world of living patterns and signs which will guide you to amazing unknown territories.

26. Aura readings: The energy surrounding your body is like a spiritual imprint of what is going on with you, in spiritual but also in physical matter. The colors and shapes near the body are indicators of your characteristics, emotions, and well-being. It is like a map that shows your strength points and weakness points.

27. Energy work: Psychics will use various modalities like Pranic Healing, Reiki, and Qi Gong to balance and fix your energy levels and open blockages. The energy is a source that comes from our soul and body but can also be impacted by outer influences like evil ghosts and bad luck.

28. Chakra readings: Real psychics can tell you a lot about the energy centers around certain spots in the body. They also have a direct or indirect influence on the well-being. Crystal therapy is also used in the session among affirmations and meditation.

29. Numerology: Another thing that a divine worker can tell you is the important numbers in your life. They can calculate numbers according to your date of birth and full name that will predict important events, personality traits, your potential, discover opportunities, and help you in self-discovery.

Guidance on Various Topics

30. Environmental changes: The world we are living in is subjected to many changes in the environment. In this category, we find predictions about climate, natural disasters like earthquakes and tsunamis, and heavy storms. This information is very handy as it can help you to avoid certain bad events that might occur near you.

31. Political predictions: Every election season for a certain country or city creates huge waves of energy in the air. So fortune-tellers can feel it and talk about their insights on who is going to win the elections.

32. Sporting outcomes: Like any other topic, predicting sporting outcomes is also possible, especially in big events like championships and Olympic Games. Common foretellings are scores, team or individual performances, victories, winners, and losers. For example, in 1996 a psychic predicted successfully that the Scottish football team would win over the English team at the European Football Championship match.

33. Ancestral insights: You will come across secrets from your heritage as the psychic summons spirits from your lineage. This will enable you to find information from your roots, personal history, where you are coming from, and learn more about yourself and the mission you need to continue as part of your legacy.

34. Luck: A psychic not only can tell you if you are going to have good luck or misfortune, but he or she will also help you to increase the chances of being lucky and finding new opportunities. They can also give you crystals and talismans to attract positive vibes from the universe.

35. Social success: Before you are going to any social interaction like an important business meeting, a date, a party, or a conference, a spiritualist can help you to prepare energetically, to attract the right people into your life, and convince them to cooperate with you.

36. Birth chart readings: Similar to astrology, looking at the stars and other celestial bodies to see what was their position at the exact second you were born. This alignment can forecast your challenges in your timeline and how you cope with them. This is your cosmic map which ultimately creates self-awareness.

37. Mystical experiences: For fun and entertainment but also when need serious guidance. You can participate in workshops and gatherings to connect better with higher levels of energies. For example, I knew a person who has seen angels all the time but didn’t realize it until he went to talk to a psychic.

38. Psychic protection: This practice is more related to Wicca. If someone has cursed you or used black magic and you are suffering from negative implications, by witchcraft assistance, you can protect yourself. There are spells and rituals that will keep you safe from evil intentions.

39. Daily guidance: Will make sure you are living up to your potential. Psychics are also coaches and they can support you on a daily basis as well. They can provide daily astrology forecasts, affirmations, mantras, and daily messages from guardian angels or oracle cards, so you can plan your day accordingly.

40. Solving conflicts: Every conflict you have with another person like in marriage, family, friends, business partners, or coworkers can be viewed from a spiritual perspective as well. A spiritualist will identify the emotions, communication, patterns, and energies. This will create a plan on how to navigate through these challenges.

41. Self-discovery: In the end, psychic reading is all about you and your self-discovery journey. It all starts within us and then being spread to the world. So the more you learn about yourself the better life you are going to have.