Psychic Interview: Min Bullingham – Simply Soulful Awakenings

Psychic Interview: Min Bullingham

Meet Min Bullingham, the owner of Simply Soulful Awakenings company. Her spiritual journey started in childhood and evolved into offering psychic readings, Reiki healing, and workshops through Simply Soulful Awakenings. Min guides others to heal, grow, and embrace their true selves. Read her outstanding story here on

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Min Bullingham - Simply Soulful Awakenings

Childhood Foundations and Spiritual Conflicts

In the early days, how did a strict Christian upbringing and natural spiritual sensitivities affected your views on spirituality?

I suppose you could say, reflectively, I always felt a little ‘different’ as a child. I also seemed to always be a little bit frightened! I was the child with recurring nightly nightmares, scared of the dark and perpetually scared of going to bed.

Being raised a fairly strict Christian, my mother’s solution was to tell me to pray nightly and without fail to avoid any of these nasty dreams. Also, to remove any toys that she considered ‘of the Devil’. The way my siblings and I were raised was probably similar to other somewhat strict Christian’s families. Despite knowing we were intrinsically loved, there was a lot of talk of Satan and conforming and so I learnt to fear quite a lot of what I felt and heard and I believe much of it manifested through my dreams, including spirit energy.

I remember once asking inquisitively and with naive enthusiasm as a young child does, about tarot and psychics, and being told that the practice was sinful and again, the work of the devil! I’ve since realized that I grew up believing that what I had been feeling in my room at night-time as well as in the constant moods and emotions of other people during the day, were the work of dark forces, and not in fact, just energy! I was never afraid of ‘the bad man’ or ‘monsters’ like most children, I was afraid of Satan himself! So I grew up fearing much around me, including psychic mediums and all they represented.

Although predominantly brought up in the Church of England, my parents seemed to have a phase where they dabbled in the evangelical world as well. Where some of that could seem equally intimidating to a young child; people speaking strange languages and falling over in ‘the name of the lord’, I felt more at home there somehow even with my general feeling of unease. I FELT much more too and it began to feel sometimes positive. More than that, the singing could be almost euphoric in a way I couldn’t understand. Much later into my late thirties, I realised that at these churches, I had my first taste of high vibrational spirit energy – you could say ‘holy spirit’ energy, or rather ‘spirit energy’ that didn’t come wrapped in a blanket of fear for me.

As a youngster I was always out in the beautiful Cotswolds fields around my home, singing, marveling at this or that…that flower, that tree and talking to myself and the seemingly world around me and ‘invisible others’ for I was always talking to something! Whiling hours away, like this, I never felt alone-not ever! Outside felt very safe to me, where inside didn’t always, despite my beautiful Cotswold home. Of course, it’s not until I stepped into the role of psychic medium many years later that all the puzzle pieces slotted into place and I began to understand myself, just who and what I had been talking to, sensing and feeling all those years! And also, just how aware of spirit presence I had been as a youngster.

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Awakening and Embracing the Spiritual Path

How did important moments and meeting certain people help you accept your spiritual gifts and deal with your fears?

It wasn’t until one troubled relationship, a subsequent happy marriage, five children and a career as a holistic therapist/healer later, that I started to ask more questions for myself in my early thirties. Of course there was still fear attached to everything remotely spiritual for me, but like that anxious, yet inquisitive and slightly eager child, I was aching to get a reading for myself and to finally have some answers!

When I finally felt brave enough, after many years looking wistfully at the psychic fayre signs about my little town, one day I went in with legs quaking. Fearing for the fate of my very soul I approached a medium who sat beaming at me and I left feeling elated and with a heart full of my late grandmother’s love, for she had visited for the session! The medium had kept talking about my vibrant orange aura and I can never forget the way she looked at me-like she was burrowing deep into my being and seeing something I yet couldn’t! Yet I didn’t fear her, I felt held by her. I have since looked for her and never found her. I wish I had remembered her name.

That simple, yet profound reading began my road to losing my fear, stepping out of my comfort zone and touching base with all that I had felt as a child. This was a long road!

Being a reiki practitioner enabled me to really engage with what I was sensing and feeling from other people, in a way that gave me permission to do it, as it was fitting into a perceived realm of ‘acceptable.’ I was also seeing energy around people and things at this point, and my husband thought I had totally lost the plot! He sadly didn’t believe in anything that I was doing-and so I often felt very alone in my spiritual journey.

Yet I still didn’t realize I was a psychic medium – again I just felt ‘odd’ and almost still wished for normality.

One day I was asked by a woman I barely knew on a whim, to go to a psychic supper. A completely new experience for me! Feeling very afraid and expecting, and almost hoping in part that my oldest friend and eldest daughter would say no, they in fact said yes! So off we went together. There, I happened to find myself directly opposite a psychic medium at the table who was practicing there that night. We hit it off and became friends. He helped me to understand all I was seeing, and taught me a bit about spiritual boundaries – for I was seeing so much energy in my room now it was alarming me!

He told me outright that I was a medium and sent me off to sit in a circle with another lovely medium in Gloucester. I sat in her closed circle for years, only really touching on what I could do and still suppressing everything through fear. This wasn’t helped by my fear of judgment from my family and other people of course, but my fear of the spirit realm was softening and my intrinsic belief in it being good and not bad, as I had felt all those years ago in the evangelical church, was blossoming outwards and slowly increasing.

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Family Validation and Spiritual Discovery

How did your experiences with your children’s perception of ‘sparkles’ and spiritual phenomena contribute to the validation and confidence in your own spiritual experiences?

As my children grew, they enabled and validated me a little more. Five little girls, all reasonably close in age and a few of them sensitive souls themselves, I used to listen to their chattering in the evening before bed. One evening I overheard two of my little birds, about the ages of perhaps 5 and 7, chatting together in their bunk beds before drifting off to sleep. They were both talking animatedly about ‘sparkles’ and pointing to what they called ‘different coloured sparkles’ around their bedroom. One of my girls was saying she could get them to do what she wanted! “There’s more green ones over there!” the older of the two said, “Yeah there’s always more in that corner…” the younger replied.

These girls were having their own innocent conversation. They hadn’t learnt to question anything they were seeing and so there was absolutely no doubt in their mind, and therefore in my mind, that what they were seeing was the complete truth! Wondering if it was similar to what I saw during reiki, I peppered them with questions! They seemed a little shocked by my enthusiasm as it was simply normality to them, but reading between the lines, I deciphered this WAS what I was seeing! My girls were seeing energy too and in even brighter technicolour than me! My husband continued to dismiss it of course, but he couldn’t deny it wasn’t just me with ‘differences’ in the family now!!

Things continued with all of my girls at various times, some seeing full-form spirit or ‘shadow forms’ in my home from time to time. Of course, I never denied it to them (nor had I encouraged it), and luckily because of my development, I was able to reassure them that this was safe. The shapes and shadows were visiting family, I believed which my medium mentor agreed. But it was increasing my confidence, and allowing me to feel somewhat validated in my seeming differences.

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Health Challenges and Spiritual Awakening

How did your health challenges shape your journey into offering spiritual readings?

In 2019 I had my third whiplash injury and had 4 years of concussive symptoms. Two days prior I had sat in an open circle and an older woman there had pointed at me, gestured with her hands outstretched and said “I see you being shunted into this!”. It had no meaning to me whatsoever, until I remembered it many, many moons later.

I was so poorly during that time, that I had to live in the dark for the most part, unable to bear the light, permanently in sunglasses. My eyes wouldn’t coordinate or focus and my hearing dropped off massively resulting in hearing aids.

I remember praying to my guides and angels during that time and on multiple occasions, and promising that if they made me better, I’d work for them. I’d work for the light and I’d help people with my gift. I’d remembered what the woman had said in that circle and maybe this was what was happening to me. It was time to syphon off some of the information I was seeing and feeling. I was being pushed to see without my eyes!

It wasn’t until my reiki mastery really, and the tail end of concussive symptoms years later, that I ended up doing a full impromptu reading for my reiki master and bringing through a bus load of her family!. The crazy thing is, I actually saw them on a bus in my mind’s eye-I knew there were so many! I realised then that this was something I needed to pursue, as I had been very accurate for her. I’d also made a promise to heaven!

So I began offering readings to regular holisitic therapy clients, and friends. Each reading was more successful than the last. After a few months I took on people in a very low key way, asking for just £10, or a donation for my time. But people kept coming slowly, so I eventually and tentatively added ‘readings’ onto my list of therapy offerings and fitted readings into massage, reiki, reflexology and facials! All the while, I was doing this in a very humble and small way, and hoping to not be seen too much! I was still living with fear of course.

Transition to Spiritual Entrepreneurship

What prompted you to open a new company, and what kinds of psychic services do you offer?

Last year in 2023 I had to leave my holistic therapy business of 10 years when I was diagnosed with severe cubital tunnel syndrome. All those deep tissue massages had taken their toll on my elbows and I couldn’t go back! So I was forced to rethink.

Again, I knew I was being pushed out of my comfort zone as I had been before, and into a fully spiritual healing business! This was what the universe and my guides wanted from me- no more fear! They wanted me to ‘step up to the plate!’

I even ‘came out’ to my parents and siblings and it wasn’t the reaction I had always feared. Where they probably didn’t understand it, they luckily didn’t judge it in the way I had previously thought. I believe they had had their suspicions about me for a very long time!

My new company ‘Simply Soulful Awakenings’ was born – a name given to me by one of my guides, and I have since been building it from within, trusting the process every step of the way. Even though I couldn’t see the path ahead, I could feel it.

I now offer readings from my humble home in Gloucestershire, either in person or online. My readings last the hour and I use oracle cards and angel tarot to get a feel of the ‘theme’ of the reading, or an idea of what I need to start talking about. This normally gets my psychic juices flowing, and I can then tune in even further into a person and their energy. I seem to be able to feel the energy of people around my client, not just those in spirit, but those around them on the physical level. Parents, partners, children, colleagues, can often be ‘seen’ and ‘felt’ and understood by me.

I allow people to bring objects from those passed with them as well. This in itself, almost ‘invites’ spirit in and can be helpful with my connections, although it’s not necessary. I’d consider myself predominantly a clairvoyant and clairsentient, although I do sometimes smell, hear and know information as well. I normally work with the current situations at large, although I can dip into the past to explain the present where needed. Sometimes my clients wish to know a little of a future outcome and where this isn’t something I do all the time, I can normally ‘feel’ how things would go if things continued on the same trajectory. I want to help people move on from where they are in the present, with loving divine guidance.

How do your psychic readings offer personal and therapeutic experiences to your clients?

My readings are deeply personal, gentle and warm, because that’s genuinely what matters to me most! My clients are always greeted with the biggest smile I can manage and a boiling kettle ready for tea! I love to build rapport quickly so that my client feels safe with me. This feels very important to me, as I can remember my own nervousness before my first reading, and even subsequent ones!

Readings are never boring, as I quite literally NEVER know what to expect and the messages vary each time. Plus, I’m learning all the time!

And I love the information I receive about animals, and animals in spirit – I get plenty of animals!

Many people say that my readings also feel like getting therapy! I think there must be a degree of coaching in some of what I say. I can’t help this as that’s the information I’m receiving, however this also comes very naturally to me.

I remember telling one lady that her youngest son was being too rough with her very old and frail cat, to which she looked shocked, not only that I knew she had a rough handling youngest son, but that she had an old cat!

I remember describing the physical needs of a woman’s 3 horses and what the horses needed of her. Telling another client that her deceased dog had heard the clock chime as she passed-only to find out she had died on the hour beneath the loud clock on the mantle!

Another loved one in spirit came to say that his beloved cat who has passed several years before him, had lain on his bed daily before he passed on, himself! This had given the daughter immense comfort, knowing that the cat had come to get her father!

And then feel good stories – a lady who was reunited with family after her deceased loved one told her to ‘look again’. She’d previously given up searching, only to finally find the family member online the following day! Another lady was told by me to become the ‘yes man’ and accept more invitations and go out more! She went home to find an invitation had come through the post! And she went!

Despite only doing readings ‘officially’ a couple of years ago, the stories really are profound, surprising and wonderful!

Spiritual Services Expansion: Workshops, Circles, and Healing

What additional services do you offer besides psychic mediumship and Reiki?

Not only am I a psychic medium, but I’m a Reiki master teacher offering the 3 levels of training from my humble home in the Cotswolds and teaching these predominantly from home in small groups or even on a 121. I can also travel to teach and have taught many students since my training. I love it!!

I also write and teach workshops. The first I wrote for sensitive souls like myself. For the empaths amongst us who are predestined to struggle just a little bit more in the world of energy than others. I knew how hard it had been for me – I remember sitting in counselling and talking about it; and she replied “maybe you’ve found a niche there, Min!”

I wanted to empower others with tools, actions and mental discipline, to help themselves and to enable them to feel as whole as I now knew them to be through my own spiritual journey! These souls were my tribe, and I felt compelled to nurture and guide them.

The second workshop I wrote was ‘Connect with your Angels and Spirit Guides’. I had remembered going to a workshop similarly years back for spirit guide connections, and loved the idea of helping people to engage, and connect with their angels. Angels were something I had felt more drawn to myself, and I knew that they had an appeal all of their own for many people!

I have since run two of these workshops already, with another in the pipeline this May.

I have also written a workshop for reading oracle cards intuitively and this is likely happening in the summer, however whenever I have enough interest for any course or workshop, I run again.

I currently run one small closed circle for development in Cirencester, Gloucestershire, and would be open to run another if the need presents itself. I’m occasionally asked, but need small groups of committed students to run regularly.

Apart from Reiki, which requires in-person attunements, I like to think my workshops, and indeed, development could be run online in the future, so that’s the direction I’m heading. This would give me a bigger reach of clients and enable me to help more people across the country or globe.

Last year, knowing I could no longer continue with my holistic therapies, I embarked on another new journey. I couldn’t stop being a healer, it was in my blood!

So I worked intensely for several months to get my qualification, and am now a certified and accredited EFT practitioner. EFT stands for the emotional freedom tapping technique, and it really CAN do just that! Where Reiki can lovingly bring what is needed to the surface of our consciousness for us to process, EFT can work gently and lovingly with that, to allow things to be surfaced and released. I love watching this process. It is not only beautiful to watch but empowering for the client. Negative feelings and even physical pain can be alleviated or eliminated in this way. EFT can work with grief, depression, addiction, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, and many other issues. With the right therapist – the process is nurturing, while being proactive in its nature. It can even, in some circumstances, be a fairly quick process, depending on what’s being addressed.

I feel one of my vocations whilst here, is not only to empower people, but to heal them and connect them to their true essence-their true being. I remember how anxious I was as a child in the world of sensation, and how anxious I was later in life as I fought and suppressed my abilities and everything I was. Even my spirituality as a whole! I didn’t realize that it was the very thing I needed. I was simply afraid! I have since learnt what I had needed back then-validation, and now choose to help others with their own healing. With their anxiety. With their connections. I help to validate them.

I want to reach further now, and help more people both in person and virtually. I’m currently training to be a spiritual and mindfulness life coach, with NLP coming later in the year, and I can’t wait to bring these into my practice additionally! There are so many ways to help people and I wish to bring them beautifully together using my strong intuition and internal guidance from spirit under the umbrella of ‘Simply Soulful Awakenings.’

What does your husband think of your business now?

Ha ha! Well he’s learnt to respect it! He has read too many reviews and heard too many accounts of me from external sources to think we’re all barking mad! And I think the kids and I may have even rubbed off on him a little! 😉

Spiritual Insights

What advices and insights can you share to support individuals on their spiritual journey toward self-discovery and connection?

My advice to anyone on the spiritual journey? Two of my biggest tips would be:

1. Ground, ground and ground some more! Not only will it help you get out of your own head, back into your body and into the present moment, but it actually helps you with your own connections to the other side, your guides and angels! It feels counterintuitive, but it’s the absolute truth! It took me years to learn this! Grounding enhances connection. It does not pull you away from it!

2. Don’t fear the healing that must be done emotionally. In my experience, the spiritual journey and the healing journey go hand in hand. The deeper you go into yourself, the closer you come to your true identity, your ‘being’ identity and source itself. To all that is. So trust the process, board the train and choose someone to safely guide you through it!

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