Interview With Psychic Christine Wallace

I had the privilege of interviewing Christine Wallace for Her spiritual journey commenced with invaluable guidance from her grandmother, Rose, whose psychic abilities paved the way for Christine’s own. Today, Christine offers a wide array of psychic services, including tarot readings, aura cleansing, and guided meditation, all aimed at providing clarity and empowerment to her clients. Learn more about Christine’s inspiring story and transformative offerings in this exclusive interview on

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Spiritual Journey

How did your grandmother’s guidance and support shape your understanding and acceptance of your psychic and healing abilities throughout your spiritual journey?

Luckily I have had great help during my spiritual journey. My Grandmother Rose who was a working psychic from her home would do readings for her friends and eventually through word of mouth many would come to her for guidance and advice, spiritual cleansings, and help with many troubles people were facing, so when I was about 12 or thirteen years old and began to see dreams of events that would occur for family members my grandmother knew I was gifted and helped me understand my gifts and how to use these in service to others.

If not for her I think it would have been very hard to embrace my abilities or learn how to use them for others. My psychic and healing powers are both a blessing and a curse for lack of a better word. Sometimes my gift could affect my personal life as some friends or potential love interests would cause others to pause before getting into a relationship with me once seeing I am just a normal person at the end of the day would ease the tensions but of course, I would get asked a million questions about my psychic and healing powers.

Embracing Growth, Guidance, and Destiny

How did you navigate the challenges of embracing your psychic abilities while balancing the fear of intruding into others’ lives, and how did your grandmother’s guidance contribute to your growth and understanding of destiny and the limitations of intervention?

It was hard as a teen to tell adults about their lives. I feared telling adults about adult issues is saw them going through and was not sure how a middle-aged woman might react to me prying into her personal life but when I saw people responding to me positively it was a confidence boost I guess. Of course over the years and through my own life experience my gift got fine-tuned.

My grandma encouraged me to start doing readings ASAP to make my gift sharp and detailed, she would bring her friends over so that I could practice my gift because doing readings for family on a deeper level was not allowed because of bias and mixed information because of the emotional attachment. She told me it’s the same as a doctor who would not do surgery on their own family because it could affect their better judgment.

But those words of wisdom would not stop my visions during my psychic sleep when family members who passed on would come to me and tell me that someone I loved dearly would pass away soon never sharing who but I knew what the message was and I knew they would not tell me who because I would intervene. Births and Deaths are pre-determined and in some cases could be briefly extended there’s no fighting destiny when it comes to the birth and death of an individual. These two are pretty much written in stone while many other life topics are not and it’s within our power to change some things.

This is where I come in to help people know which is which. What we can and cannot do something about. Yes, it’s just like the serenity prayer in the bible. A real psychic can help with this.

Unique Approach and Offerings

How does your unique approach to spiritual guidance and offerings differentiate you from other practitioners, and how do you aim to empower your clients to achieve personal growth?

What I have found separates me from other spiritualists and psychics is my goal. this gift is to provide my clients not just a reading but to tell them what the source of their problems are, why they are there and most importantly to tell people what they can do to clear themselves away from any obstacles or self-sabotaging they may not be consciously aware of and much more.

It’s been my goal to create a place where I offer everything in one location. All types of readings, psychic, palm, tarot, and tea leaf readings, Chakra balancing and healing as well as candles, oils, and many homemade cleansing materials such as crystals, house blessing kits, and more. I also have a podcast tea, talk, and Tarot where I offer life advice and guidance as well as relationship tips and some DIY people can do for themselves for healing, affirmations, and guided meditations. My podcast is no substitute for a one-on-one session but many say people have gained a lot from listening

I would also like to mention I believe in all things, everything and anything is possible. I have to accept this way of thinking and believing because of my experiences with those in the afterlife and dealing with other spiritual beings which are not all very nice to have an experience with.

Providing Clarity and Comfort

What aspects of your work do you find most fulfilling, and how does the satisfaction of bringing clarity and comfort to your clients contribute to your passion for spiritual practice?

The best part of my work is seeing people gaining peace and understanding through a session with me and once I provide an energy/aura cleansing how they feel so much lighter and believe fully as a result of what they feel.

So the saying goes seeing is believing, well seeing and feeling in combination is what my clients get at the end of a session or when they participate in guided meditation, healing, and block-removing services.

I have done readings for people from all walks of life and most recently Olivia Rodrigo I had never listened to her music until after doing a reading for her she is a great musician, just a generation gap lol. I am in my mid-50s and have been doing this work for over thirty years.

I have also traveled to distant locations to meet with my clients from Europe to as far as Japan and many other cities in the USA.

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