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Ioanna Serpanos Medium & Mentor

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Ioanna Serpanos Psychic Medium

About Ioanna

Ioanna’s journey into the metaphysical realm began with a foundation rooted in logic and structure, having trained, and worked as an engineer for 18 years. Although she could see spirit walking in her room as a young child it wasn’t until she had a near death experience that her abilities came sharply into focus, and she realised her life purpose was to teach mediumship and spirituality.

As a young teen Ioanna’s insatiable thirst for knowledge had her reading and researching all things psychic and esoteric in nature. Whilst completing work experience for high school at the tender age of 15, she came across a metaphysical bookstore aptly called The Akashic Record Bookstore where she was drawn to a deck of tarot cards.  Instinctively she knew that she had to purchase them even though she didn’t know what they were. She has used that same deck in her readings for 40 years!

Her expertise is encapsulated in her book, “Giving Spirit a Voice – the mechanics of mediumship” a definitive guide to understanding and developing mediumship skills. Complementing this resource is her unique “Giving Spirit a Voice Mediumship Journal,” designed to assist emerging mediums in tracking their development journey.

In recognition of her exceptional abilities, in 2023 Ioanna was awarded the CSNU (Certificate of the Spiritualist National Union in the UK), recognising proficiency in evidential mediumship and inspired speaking internationally.

She is a renowned teacher of mediumship and regularly delivers quality teachings online or in-person in Australia and around the globe. Quality mentorship is an area of excellence that Ioanna is deeply passionate about, and she has had the honour and privilege of being mentored by the late Mavis Pittilla, acclaimed for her philosophy, mediumship, and teachings. In fact, it was through Mavis’s inspiration from the spirit world that Ioanna embarked on her CSNU award training in 2023 as Mavis was a renowned spiritualist serving spirit for over 50 years.

Ioanna Serpanos Mediumship Journal

What sets her apart?

Setting herself apart as a pioneer in the digital realm, Ioanna has developed innovative tools to support aspiring mediums worldwide. Among these is her ground-breaking training app, Spiritly, which features her signature “sitting in the power” activation meditation. Available on both the App Store and Google Play, Spiritly provides a platform for developing mediums to raise their awareness of spirit and contains numerous practical exercises for students or teachers of mediumship to use.

More recently, Ioanna has expanded her reach through the creation of Ignition Member Community, an online mediumship school catering to individuals at various stages of their journey. From the emerging medium seeking to explore their curiosity to the seasoned practitioner aspiring to work professionally, Ignition offers a comprehensive curriculum tailored to each level of experience.

Through in-person workshops, bespoke one-on-one sessions, and her online platform, Ioanna shares her wisdom with students across the globe, supporting spiritual growth and mediumship development.

At the heart of Ioanna’s teachings lies her engineering background, which provides the tools, structure, and flow necessary to navigate the subtleties of mediumship. Through her grounded approach, she empowers individuals to tap into their innate potential, guiding them towards a deeper understanding of themselves and the spirit world.

Her signature SPIRIT method is a 6- step process that allows the aspiring medium to have a framework that supports mediumship development and focusses not only on the mechanics of mediumship but the ethics and integrity of working with spirit.

Ioanna’s advice to aspiring mediums

  • Choose a knowledgeable mentor:

o   Choose a mentor that you resonate with.  A good mentor should, by their very presence, ignite your energy and abilities leaving you feeling uplifted and confident.

o   They should already have demonstrated their proficiency in the area that you too wish to work in such as demonstrating, private readings or teachings.

o   They should be able to assess your abilities and provide advice and guidance in a supportive environment.

o  Ioanna offers a spiritual assessment of your abilities and maps out an actionable plan to follow so that you can reach your full potential in your mediumship development.

  • A fearful mind creates fearful experiences:

o   Ensure that you have worked on yourself and healed any traumas that you may have so that the evidence you give in a reading is not corrupted by your own wounding.

o   If you have any fear of the spirit world then your experiences will be fear based and this will stifle your mediumship unfoldment.

o   A good mentor will be able to reassure you and educate you in a safe and secure environment.

  • Trust your spirit team:

o   Make a regular appointment to sit in the power and commune with your guides and your soul. Your spirit team are your true teachers and will help you unfold your development.

o   Understand how your guides work with you and always seek feedback from them when you sit in the power.

o   Ioanna has a “meet your guides” meditation in her online ignition mediumship teachings and considers it to be a cornerstone of mediumship and psychic development.

  • Never compare yourself:

o   When starting your development, it is easy to lose confidence when you watch other mediums work.  It is so important not to compare yourself to other mediums or become a parrot of their style and techniques.

o   Remember who you are serving? That answer must always be spirit.  They have picked you to be their representative on earth – don’t let them down by giving power to your ego.

  • You don’t have to be clairvoyant to be a medium:

o   So many of Ioanna’s students say, “I can’t see so I mustn’t be a medium”. This is a common misconception, and the truth is that clairvoyance is only one of many possible ways they spirit can connect with you.

o   Most emerging mediums will have more than one psychic sense already naturally developed. With sight you may also have the sense of feeling or knowing.  Learning to use all the senses will expand your ability to connect to spirit.

Ioanna’s Mentor – Mavis Pittilla

Although Ioanna had other mentors along the way, meeting Mavis in Sydney Australia in 2015 was a pivotal moment in her development.  She described feeling an energy like champagne bubbles fizzing inside her, a sense of excitement and trepidation all at the same time. Listening to the teachings of Mavis inspired her to excel in her mediumship and more importantly to understand that we are all as Mavis said, “a droplet of God”.

Mavis taught that mediumship proved that life, like love was eternal and mediums have a duty to ensure that they accurately represent the spirit communicator. This philosophy has given Ioanna a real resect and reverence for the spirit world. She encourages her students to understand that they are working with people who no longer have a physical body. They are someone’s loved one that have all their memories, experiences, beliefs, and thoughts intact. They are not “energies” but loved ones.

Ioanna has fond memories of travelling to the Arthur Findlay College in the UK to experience Mavis’s teachings.  It was during this trip she was inspired by Mavis’s mentor Gordon Higginson to write her book, “Giving Spirit a Voice”, explaining the mechanics of mediumship. At the time of publishing in 2019, although there were many books about the lives of mediums, there were hardly any on how to deliver mediumship.

Looking to the Future:

Ioanna believes that science will catch up with what we already know about mediumship – that we are eternal beings, and our consciousness lives on.  This belief has been written about in many ancient esoteric texts and alluded to by scientists such as Einstein whose theory states that energy can never be created nor destroyed. There are already many theories on the God particle and the biology of belief.

We are seeing medium’s being portrayed more frequently on mainstream television, where once it was never talked about let alone portrayed in the media.  Ioanna feels that the intuitive side of our nature will be explored and utilised in our schooling, employment, and daily lives and spiritual intelligence will be valued in society.

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