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Jodee Durrance and Jennifer Cotie are the esteemed founders of Spill The Tea Parties, based in Jacksonville, Florida. This venture represents a consortium of seasoned advisors who provide a range of services including readings, consultations, and mystical experiences tailored for retreats, events and fundraisers. Read more about their unique insights and spiritual journeys here in the interview on

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Spill The Tea Parties

What makes Spill The Tea Parties stand out in psychic readings and events, and what is its main goal in offering these services?

Spill The Tea Parties offers an array of reading services, encompassing general insights into present or future circumstances, love and relationship guidance, career progression readings, as well as personalized sessions addressing specific inquiries or themes as per the guests’ preferences.

The essence of these tarot parties is to furnish an engaging, convivial atmosphere where attendees can enjoy social interaction, while potentially deriving meaningful perspectives or motivation from their tarot consultations. These gatherings serve as an idea introduction to the tarot, and Rune realm, presented in a welcome and accessible setting.

Our commitment is to transcend the ordinary, ensuring that each private reading, or event, is a distinctive celebration. We pride ourselves on fostering a sense of fellowship at our functions where the exchange of humor and revelations amongst friends culminates in the creation of lasting memories.

Jodee Durrance - Psychic Reading

About Jodee Durrance

Jodee Durrance acquired her life coaching certification from Universal Class Online Courses and Continuing Education. With over nine years of experience on psychic hotlines, she sought professional advancement. Influenced profoundly by Lyanda Vanzant, Jodee pursued life coaching education after immersing herself in Vanzants book. This discipline has equipped her with the acumen to attentively listen to clients, identify core issues, and equip them with strategies for personal growth. While she cherishes providing clients with foresight and tarot interpretations, it is the empowerment through growth tools that she finds transformative.

Jodee engages in coaching upon request during readings, believing that effective life coaching is underpinned by strong intuitive abilities. She started her professional journey as a tarot reader at age 25 and has since been recognized as one of the youngest online practitioners in 2002.

Presently Jodee is conducting an, “Introduction to Manifestation” course at the Cosmic Church Of Truth in Jacksonville Florida. Her path, which began with Tarot readings and evolved into life coaching, has now embraced the study of manifestation. This field encompasses the science, history, and enigmatic principles of the Law Of Attraction, which she regards as a form of cognitive conditioning.

Since 2014 Jodee has dedicated herself to the mastery of this Universal Law, a commitment she intends to uphold indefinitely! Her students, well- versed in the concept of Manifestation, are poised to delve into energy alignment and co-creation, recognizing that a harmonious synergy of the Universe’s twelve laws is imperative for effective manifestation. Jodee is grateful for the opportunity to lead this class, which has not only enhanced her understanding of manifestation but also enabled her to guide others on their journey.

Jennifer Cotie - Psychic Reading

About Jennifer Cotie

Jennifer Cotie’s foray into the spiritual domain commenced in her childhood, having been raised in a historically rich, yet supernaturally active town. Her formative years were spent amidst a community where spectral encounters were commonplace, shaping her perception of the spirit world as a normal aspect of life.

It was only later that she became aware of the skeptics surrounding the ethereal, often attributed to a lack of personal experience. Jennifers pursuit of spiritual knowledge led her to explore various disciplines, including mediumship, crystal work, palmistry, and diverse healing practices. An avid reader of metaphysical literature, she expanded her expertise to include Tarot and drawing from her Nordic heritage, the ancient art of Rune reading, further enhancing her ability to assist others through these esoteric tools.

In her quest to extend her service to others, she initially joined a Metaphysical Church in Swampscott MA. Subsequently, after relocating to Jacksonville FL, she became an active member of the Cosmic Church of Truth, a metaphysical and Spiritual church. Her dedication and passion for helping others were recognized, and she was invited to participate in their ministry program to become a Metaphysical and Spiritual minister.

In this role she contributes significantly to the congregation, not only in a spiritual capacity but also through her leadership as Vice President of the Church and a member of its governing board. Her efforts are instrumental in guiding the church’s direction and expanding it’s community outreach.

Currently she is pursuing further education in Hellenistic Astrology, with the aspiration of obtaining her certification shortly. Her visionary goal is to provide new parents with a comprehensive “Instruction Manual” for their newborns, offering invaluable guidance on nurturing their children’s development, understanding their emerging personalities, and fostering harmonious relationships within the family.

Empowerment Through Psychic Readings

How does Spill The Tea Parties’ philosophy of empowerment through psychic readings contribute to the mission of making a constructive and enduring impact on the clients’ lives?

Spill The Tea Parties espouses the philosophy that gratitude is the cornerstone of cultivating happiness and prosperity in one’s life. By transforming everyday perspectives such as appreciating the simple act of doing laundry as a blessing, we encourage the infusion of positive energy and thankfulness into the Universe. We believe that acknowledging the small joys in life paves the way for greater abundance. Our principals are grounded in the belief that perception shapes reality; thus we advocate for viewing life’s experiences in the most favorable light possible.

During our readings, we delve into the challenges faced by our clients, offering insights that often reveal how such struggles can catalyze positive change and personal growth. Our mission is to make a constructive and enduring impact on everyone we serve, empowering them with the necessary tools to navigate life’s obstacles and to celebrate their achievements.

The profound connection established through our card and Rune readings has consistently amazed our clientele, forming a deep sense of trust. We foresee a paradigm shift towards alternative healing modalities, as individuals increasingly seek holistic approaches over conventional methods that merely offer temporary relief from life’s discomforts.

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