Why Would A Psychic Refuse To Read Someone?

There are various reasons why a psychic might refuse to read someone. Actually, it is quite common in the industry; sometimes, it might be because of you, or the psychic, or other reasons you will learn about here. I understand that it might be confusing and disappointing when you are excited to get some predictions and then the diviner declines you. In this situation, you might be left guessing what went wrong, but usually, it is not your fault.

Here are 16 possible reasons why a psychic might refuse to see me or read me:

  • Ethics
  • Harmful topics
  • Underage
  • Codes of conduct
  • Relative people
  • Financial concerns
  • Dependency
  • Questionable motives
  • Legal concerns
  • Skepticism and disbelief
  • Client under the influence
  • Emotional vulnerability
  • Exhaustion
  • Conflicting energies
  • Psychic’s intuition
  • Lack of skills

Table of Contents

Ethical and Professional Standards

Ethics: Psychics might refuse to give you a reading because they adhere to ethical and moral principles that prevent them from causing you harm. For example, if they feel that you are too dependent on divination, or too anxious, or sense an unhealthy behavior, they will decline you. They do not want you to take drastic actions that might not be empowering.

Harmful topics: Essentially, you can ask any question you want. However, there are topics and themes that are inappropriate or toxic, like dates for death, illegal affairs, manipulating another person through mind control, health issues, revenge, etc.

Usually, these topics are related to “black magic,” witchcraft, negative alchemy, and “voodoo.” They do exist, and I know people who use these services. But a real psychic will steer clear of these kinds of practices.

Underage: In most parts of the world, psychics are not allowed to give a reading to minors without the permission or presence of their parents. However, in Mexico, it is widely common, as tarot reading and spirituality are part of daily life. Many psychics console families, including children and teenagers. So, if a kid has a problem at school or any personal issue, they are welcomed to have a psychic session; it is part of the Latin heritage.

Codes of conduct: There are professional guidelines that real psychics must adhere to. So if they feel that they will have to break these rules when doing a reading with you, the professionals will not go along with it. For instance, they cannot disturb the dead with unhelpful questions and practices, and they can’t cut short rituals just because you don’t have time or for any other reason. I have heard terrifying stories about psychic readings that went wrong and the bad implications of it on the psychic, the client, and the spirit world.

Relative people: As a rule, it is not recommended to do a reading for family members and close friends; it can create a conflict of interest. Usually, it puts the psychic in a biased position where they might not reveal information because they think it might upset you or cause discomfort. Furthermore, they might interpret the symbols differently than they would have done if you were a complete stranger.

Financial concerns: Psychics are devoted to your well-being and empowerment. So if they feel that you might pay too much or more than you can, they will decline the reading or give you just a short and inexpensive reading. Imagine that a person is losing his job or has any other financial problem and he is running away from reality by replacing the actions he needs to take with too much guidance from a spiritual diviner. In this situation, that person is going in the wrong direction and a psychic should be aware of it.

Dependency: Similar to the previous point but much broader in perspective. Clients might develop an unhealthy dependency on their psychics. They cross boundaries and think that the spiritualist will make all their decisions for them, that they will cushion their life with endless protections, and that everything will be magically fixed. These kinds of expectations are wrong. A psychic is just a guide; the hard work of navigating life’s twists and turns will always be your responsibility.

Questionable motives: Psychics feel your energy, so if you are planning to use their gift for something evil and dangerous, most of them will pick up this negative motive. If someone is trying to get back an ex-partner to their life against their will, it is wrong and unethical, not to mention if they have already moved on and are happy with a new relationship. Another issue can arise if a client wants to get revenge on another person, for example, if an individual got promoted at work instead of you.

Legal concerns: A psychic will not help you break the law or participate in unsafe actions. A few examples are: stalking another person, intervening in violent domestic issues, and committing crimes. It is very common for psychics not to answer questions or give predictions about legal topics. Not because they don’t know or can’t help, but because they don’t have a license for it.

Client Condition and Behavior 

Skepticism and disbelief: If you clearly show that you don’t believe the clairvoyant or just came to test them, then you more likely won’t get a reading. And even if you do, it might not be accurate because you are blocking the energy and twisting it in another direction. So basically, you are getting what you are giving – confusion and uncertainty. You don’t have to agree with everything; just make the effort to listen and understand what the fortune teller has to share with you.

Client under the influence: If someone is going to a psychic reading under the influence of dangerous substances, then this is a big problem for the individual and also for the spiritual worker who should definitely not go through such a session. Firstly, it just messes with the energies, and from a spiritual perspective, it just cannot work and surely will not yield accurate predictions. Secondly, in this situation, your judgment will be foggy, and you might misinterpret the reading, causing more confusion and uncertainty, and maybe even taking the wrong steps afterward.

Emotional vulnerability: If your feelings are not stable or easily swayed, a psychic reading might not be a good idea for you at the current phase; it means that you will not be able to cope with the information presented. Strong negative feelings like despair, grief, helplessness, and nervousness will make it very difficult for you to be open to guidance. From my knowledge, it is better to wait for a while until the main shock is over.   

Psychic’s Personal State

Exhaustion: Here is a well-known secret among psychic mediums: it is very exhausting to give a reading, both physically and mentally. Why? Because it requires using lots of energy, but also sometimes we see scary images and tragic visions. So sometimes we are just tired from work and need time to recharge our energies. Therefore, if a psychic doesn’t have time for you, exhaustion may be the main reason for that.

Conflicting energies: Everything on earth has a unique energetic field around it: aura surrounds people, animals, plants, and nature. When the energy is matched, both parties can live, work, and have a wonderful match together. But when the vibes are contradictory, it always creates chaos. So if there is no harmony and balance between the psychic and the client, it is better for both of them to go to different routes. And if you insist on seeing that specific psychic you don’t have energetic balance with, the outcomes won’t benefit you.

Psychic’s intuition: This point is better explained like a movie scene: a person is going to a tarot reader, she pulled 3 cards and then shockingly decided that she doesn’t want to continue because the combination of the cards is really negative (and usually they also show the “Death” card). So yes, sometimes the information revealed is so horrible that it is better not to show it to you. But in real life, it is more about being sensitive to potential negative outcomes and being concerned about your personal well-being.

Lack of skills: Sometimes psychics don’t know how to perform certain rituals; they might not understand the symbols or have any other reason why they can’t handle the signs. So an honest psychic will not try to invent stuff or lie just to play along with the reading. They shouldn’t hide their lack of skills by giving a bad reading. So the real psychic will refuse to put themselves in unfamiliar territories, especially if the client is trusting them.

What to do if a psychic refuses to read you

As I mentioned, almost all possible reasons for why a psychic would refuse to read someone, you can see that many of the reasons are not directly related to you, so you should not feel too upset if such a thing happens out of the blue. And still, I would like to provide some good solutions that can help you in this confusing situation:

Pause for a moment and try to understand the psychic or to be in their shoes for a couple of minutes. And also respect their decision; they are not obliged to read for anyone if it makes them uncomfortable. And I am sure that you wouldn’t like to do things that you don’t want to, even if you are being offered money. In the end, they want to help and guide you and not to confuse you.

Ask for possible alternatives, as the psychic maybe he or she can provide some insights only to a specific question. Maybe they can reschedule the session for another time; maybe they can recommend you to go to another psychic they know that has special expertise in certain topics like palm reading, and maybe you just need to wait a few weeks before having the reading.

Another practical solution is not to go to psychics at all; find some other ways to fix the problems like meditation, writing the thoughts, discuss them with family members, close friends, and maybe other professionals like dating coaches, career consultants, etc.