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Tricia Hastings, a Psychic Medium, shares insights on finding fulfillment and purpose in life’s journey. Through her work, she emphasizes the importance of soul fulfillment and connection, highlighting that there’s no singular path but countless possibilities.

Tricia infuses love and healing energy into her readings, aiming to leave individuals in a better state than she found them. She reflects on her journey to becoming a psychic medium, attributing her growth to dedication, practice, and supportive mentors.

Tricia offers three practical steps to navigate one’s soul journey, encouraging individuals to ground themselves, embrace growth, and recognize that fulfillment is a journey, not a destination. Read more about Tricia’s insights and journey in this interview.

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Insights on Fulfillment and Purpose

What insights can you offer on finding fulfillment and purpose in life’s journey, particularly when individuals feel lost or uncertain about their path?

Hello, I want to share something with you that I have come to understand during the countless tarot and mediumship readings I have done so far. I hope it brings you comfort and peace.

So many times, people feeling lost and uncertain have asked me in readings, “Am I on the right path?”

From working with the spirit world and gaining insights into the threads of fate that weave together to create our existence, I can tell you there is no ‘right’ path. In fact, there is no ‘one’ path. There are countless possibilities and life experiences that I believe we can partly create for ourselves, while other parts are placed on our journey for us.

The question goes deeper than being on the right path. It’s: “Is my soul feeling fulfilled in this life’s journey? And if not, how can I start?”

I can’t tell you what your soul was destined for, as I believe that’s why you’re here experiencing the physical world. But I can tell you that we are all connected, soul to soul, and we are meant to help, teach, and learn from each other in this life. Your life is about finding a way that feels fulfilling to your soul to do that. Some people may label it their soul’s purpose.

Life is meant to be uncertain, confusing, and beautiful. I can guarantee that going through these experiences only helps you get to where you are meant to be, fulfilling YOUR life’s purpose and feeling like you’re on the ‘right path.’ Sometimes, the serendipity of life’s events brings us right where we need to be with whom we are meant to be with. Other times, life drags us through good, bad, and ugly experiences that shape us into a person with compassion and knowledge of how to help and care for others.

Psychic Abilities: Comfort and Guidance

How do you use your psychic abilities to provide comfort and guidance to individuals seeking fulfillment and connection in their lives?

I’m so passionate about offering readings to people who allow their open hearts and minds to receive love, support, and comfort from either their loved ones who have passed on, communicated through a mediumship reading, or from my psychic abilities using tarot to pick up on what possibilities and options lie ahead so they can best decide what feels right for them and make choices that will bring them closer to a life that is fulfilling on a soul level.

I’m proud and humbled that I can always leave someone in a better state than I found them in, whether it’s helping them get closure, find peace, feel positive and optimistic, even to feel connected either to their loved ones again or to their own soul and spiritual journey.

Tricia Hastings: A Psychic Medium’s Path of Love and Healing

Can you tell us who you are and how your journey led you to become a psychic medium infused with love and healing energy?

So… who am I?

Well, my name is Tricia Hastings, and I’m a 33-year-old Psychic Medium from Perth, Western Australia. I am an emotional Cancerian by nature, a mum to two little old souls and a rescue Great Dane, all who give me purpose and joy, including my partner. They fill me up with so much love that enables me to work as a psychic medium offering online Tarot and Mediumship readings.

You may even find me reading at a local market or at an Evening with Spirit Event with two of my beautiful medium friends in the northern suburbs of Perth.

You see, everything I offer as a psychic medium comes from love. It is the force that makes my readings raw, emotional, and always healing in some way. I’ve lost count of the times people sit with me during their reading and say they don’t know why they are crying or that they didn’t think they would cry so much.

I take it as the biggest compliment! Tears and healing go hand in hand, and I believe it’s the feelings and emotions I bring into each reading that sets me apart from other Psychics and Mediums.

I wasn’t born a natural psychic or medium, not like most mediums I know. However, it was something I was extremely drawn to and fascinated by. It wasn’t until I had my first child that I started a weekly night class, just to be around spiritual people and see how others could tap into this invisible but fascinating energy that I couldn’t.

I would go week after week, and one night became two. Then, if I was offered to be a medium at an event, I would say yes (secretly freaking out!), all the while unknowingly building my foundations to become the best version of myself and the Psychic Medium I wanted to be.

I was so blessed to have such grounded, supportive, and nurturing teachers. I wouldn’t be the psychic medium I am today without them. They instilled high ethics and work standards, ensuring that our work is only used in ways that offers love, healing and a sense of connectedness, to our loved ones in spirit and to our intuition and souls journey.

So if I can become a psychic medium, with dedication, practice and commitment I believe anyone can. We are all connected spiritually, it’s whether you naturally are more tuned in or you work on dialing in and fine-tuning it.

Finding Soul Fulfillment: 3 Steps to Navigate Your Journey

What steps can an individual take to ensure they’re finding fulfillment on their soul’s journey?

So we talked a little before about being on the ‘right path’… so how can you be sure your feeling fulfilled on your soul’s journey? Let me give you 3 ways you can try today.

Number #1 Ground yourself.

In today’s extremely fast-paced and busy world, we forget the importance of being a grounded person and very often get caught up in our heads, either having anxiety worrying about the future or feeling stuck in the past about what we could have or should have done.

So I invite you to take a minute or two just for yourself to either stand barefoot outside, take in the sun on your face, breathe in the earthly smells that surround you, and just be in the present moment.

Trust me, you’ll forget what you were overthinking about 2 minutes ago! In this state of being grounded and present ask yourself, am I feeling fulfilled and let your intuition give you insight into how your feeling on a soul level.

Number #2 Learn to be okay with getting it wrong.

Honestly, it doesn’t mean you’ve gone down the wrong track of your soul’s journey. In fact, it’s right where you’re meant to be, living this life, experiencing, and learning. If life doesn’t feel like you’re on top or winning at the moment, it doesn’t mean your soul left you behind and you have to find it again. So many of us feel that way, and you are not alone.

You are a soul and you are always connected to your loved ones in spirit, your guides, and your intuition. We are guided and supported more than we could ever know. We are constantly transforming and morphing into new versions of ourselves all the time, through different seasons and phases of our lives, so it’s okay and totally normal to feel lost and uncomfortable.

If you didn’t feel lost at times, I would definitely say you’re not on the right path! (Lol kidding!) Feeling lost is usually a sign of growth and expansion. It means you’re exploring and searching for what truly fulfills you and what new experiences that can bring you closer to that.

Number #3 Remember, it’s not one destination where you get it all and feel on top of the world.

It’s a journey, and you’ll go through seasons of feeling in tune and connected, and then through life’s ups and downs, questioning everything! It’s all a part of your life story, which in time becomes beautiful memories.

When people’s loved ones come through to connect with their loved ones to share special memories, that means the most. It’s not when they had it all and things were going well, it’s having the love for each other that was the most fulfilling thing in their life, their family and friends and pets.

Remember to feel into the now and soak in every minute, even if you feel lost or uncertain. Chances are the person standing next to you is feeling just as lost as you.

I wish you many happy synchronicities on your soul’s journey to let you know how loved, needed, and appreciated you are, and that the best is yet to come.

Tricia Hastings,
Psychic Medium xx

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