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Introducing Maree Lutzoff – Psychic, Medium, Mentor, Rife & Scalar Wave Energy Therapy, and Shamanic Energy Practitioner. Maree’s spiritual journey led her to offer heart-centered guidance and healing. With diverse services, from frequency therapy to mediumship readings, Maree guides clients to connect with their intuition and navigate personal growth. Explore Maree’s unique spiritual approach in this exclusive interview.

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Discovering the Psychic Path Within

What led you to develop your psychic abilities and assist others spiritually?

This amazing spiritual journey started for me when I was a girl. My father passed when I was 5, and I recall receiving a message from him one night from the spirit realm. I am super sensitive to energy and vibrations and as a child, I saw energy, and images, and knew things that could not be explained.

My gut instinct was very strong and I know that following my intuition has protected me in many situations. Feeling very different about the world around me and living within a dysfunctional family unit, I kept a lot of my thoughts and experiences to myself. I was always fascinated with the unusual, and curious about all life, viewing things from a very different perspective.

In 1986, I sat in my first spiritual development circle with a well known Melbourne medium. Perhaps this was the start of my journey, but I feel I was always destined to work with Spirit to assist other in this lifetime. Back then, I was grateful to have my Aunt, who was super psychic and supportive and my first mentor. We read tea cups, cards, drawings and talked about the spirit world and she validated to me that it was good to be psychic. 

From there, my world began to open up in a big way. People had always come to me for advice and I had the gift of listening and understanding their story from a different perspective. I felt drawn to doing intuitive work and healing and started learning tarot, reflexology, mediumship, reiki, pranic healing, massage and practicing healings and readings. I went on to do public demonstrations to various size audiences, both in spiritual churches and to the general public.

I was working in the Insurance world, in a corporate job to earn to survive, pay for all my Spiritual pursuits, studies and doing readings and healings when I could in shops, expos and at my home.

Although I longed for my own business, I realised that I needed to keep building my skills and doing the work on myself to grow as a person. As you learn and grow within yourself, the clearer and better a conduit for all intuitive and healing work you will be. 

As my readings evolved, I found that my clients really needed deeper guidance in a reading session. So I took time to learn basic counselling, meditation skills, hypnotherapy and shamanic energy work.

I discovered after this learning, and work on myself to clear blockages with shamanic work, I had deeper insight and flow to my intuitive sessions. My connection to Spirit, my guides and angels was stronger and my healings and readings advanced and changed dramatically.

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Empowering Psychic Growth and Spiritual Wholeness

How can people effectively develop and foster their psychic abilities while also focusing on personal growth and well-being?

Learning to follow your own inner guidance, and to not compare yourself to others or believe what others tell you is true. Question everything.

Read books, podcasts, live your life in a positive way, meditate, look after your health, work on your personal growth and be in nature often. 

Make time for sessions with the healers that know how to benefit your health on all levels.

It’s important to have practice and knowledge from recognised teachers in your field of interest, who inspire and nurture your growth at the level you are at.

Mediumship takes many years to develop properly, and your own personal growth and commitment is part of the process.

How can individuals effectively utilize journaling and meditation to nurture their spiritual growth and connection with the spirit world?

If you keep 2 journals this will assist you with your spiritual growth. It’s a really healing practice, like having a friend around. Write daily.

First journal is a personal one, to write your thoughts and feelings in, your dreams, desires and all the nonsense that you need to get out of your head.

Second journal is for the spirit connections, readings you give and what comes through that’s a breakthrough, your spiritual journey wins, nighttime dreams you have and messages you receive from the spirit world. This journal will inspire and motivate you forward as you see your gifts unfold.

Meditate each day even if it’s only for 10 minutes a day. Ground your energy with Mother Earth, sit in the quiet, take time to sit in the power and connect to your spirit team.

Look after your energy and health, as you are the vessel for the spirit world and the conduit for all the work you do.

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Adapting to Earth’s Evolution: Finding Equilibrium

How do you envision individuals adapting to the spiritual and societal shifts occurring on our planet?

My feel is that this planet is going through a huge transition right now. There are many structures and systems in place that are changing, and many people are confused and feeling lost. It will be important to know yourself and on a deeper level to keep the balance.

Children are being born super evolved and sensitive and ready to assist the planet with healing, they just need support and understanding. The innate sensitivities and deep intuition of all people is coming forward and people are recognising their gifts. Energy based healers and frequency modalities will step up to meet the need as people are looking for alternatives for health and wellbeing.

Doing your own inner deep work will make a difference to how you can live better in the future. I’m hoping to see communities of people sharing and cultivating their own food.  Energetically, we are on the higher vibration and Mother Earth will push us to rise and evolve. People are looking for this change. Those that don’t work on their vibration will find things will be difficult for them down the track. Exciting and beautiful times indeed.

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Personalized Spiritual Guidance

What distinguishes your approach in psychic readings or spiritual counseling from others?

My approach to all the work I do is from a heart centred perspective. I look to cultivate a deep understanding and respect for my client’s journey and provide healing and readings according to the intuitive and energetic level they need at the time.

With insight, I feel into the energy of my client and spirit do show me the qualities and perspectives for my client that are important for them to acknowledge. I always leave my client empowered, with a feeling of being recognised and understood and with tools to practice for their personal and Intuitive journey ahead.

What were your major influences and what teachings have profoundly influenced your spiritual path?

Last year 2023 I was blessed to spend a week at Arthur Findlay College in the UK, studying there with Paul Jacobs. It has been my dream to experience AFC for around 20 years. I did learn and experience a lot at the college. In the past I have been blessed to have studies with the late Mavis Pittilla, and from there Tony Stockwell, Lynn Probert and Rhys Wynn Davies. I have had many teachers in all the modalities I have studied.  

Books and teachings by Caroline Myss, Gordon Smith, Dolores Cannon and Michael Newton are worth a read.

Others: Women who run with the Wolfes by Clarissa Pinkola Estes and Astrology for the Soul by Jan Spiller.

Healing Through Intuition: A Holistic Approach

How do your various services contribute to helping others connect with their intuition and heal?

I offer Rife and Scalar Wave Frequency Therapy. Frequency waves that are used to measure at a cellular level the pathogens and toxins which may be causing the body illness.

Once identified, frequency is used to neutralize toxins and rebalance. Rife Scalar Wave is a gentle relaxing modality that has the potential to clear pathogens, detox, boost and provide rehabilitation and remedy for deeper body illness.

Mediumship readings allow me to connect you to your loved one in the spirit realm, to receive messages, love and proof of survival, supporting you with your grief and emotional closure.

Psychic readings shed light on your past, present and future possibilities and situations and provide a deeper understanding of your pathways forward. In psychic readings, I am able to feel, and see the blockages, trauma, innate gifts, past life that are present and can be discussed in a reading session.

As a teacher and mentor for many years offering meditation, intuitive development and spiritual learnings I will be continuing these classes face to face and online.

I offer Meditation and Psychic development classes and public demonstrations.

Shamanic work is energetic sensing and in an energetic clearing session we can bring physical and emotional breakthroughs forward with energy release work. In a session we work together to assist you to see the masks you wear, programmes of belief, behaviours, and traumas that are hidden. These energies can be present from past lives, ancestral lines and past and present lifetimes. Using sound tools and clearing practices, we work together to acknowledge and enable you to release what’s needed.  

Doing this work, assisting others to open up to their intuition and offer connection and guidance from the spirit world, is such a rewarding experience. We are all intuitive, it is our natural gift, and developing your intuition is like having a friend around, its your inner compass to navigating this life.

If I can assist people in any way to let go of what’s holding them back, connect to their intuition, developing their gifts, inspiring and introducing others to their unique wisdom then I know I have honoured my creator and lived my true purpose.  

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