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Rosa Macri tarot reading

Meet Rosa Macri, a Tarot Advisor and Life Coach, and the founder of Universal Wisdom Tarot. Rosa’s journey into spirituality began at 14 when she received her first Tarot deck. Rediscovering her cards later in life, she now empowers clients through Tarot readings and coaching, helping them overcome challenges. Rosa’s experiences with psychic phenomena and her exploration of Buddhism influence her approach. She believes in intuition, gratitude, and living in the present moment for spiritual growth. Explore Rosa’s insights further in her interview on

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From Tarot Enthusiast to Universal Wisdom Tarot Founder

Can you tell us about your spiritual journey and how Tarot played a role in it?

Hello. My name is Rosa and I am a Certified Tarot Advisor and Life Coach. I am also the founder and owner of Universal Wisdom Tarot.

My spiritual journey began around the age of 14 when one of my sisters gave me a Rider-Waite Tarot deck for Christmas.  Upon inspecting the cards, I was really intrigued.  Coming from an Italian heritage, I had seen family and friends play an Italian card game called Scopa.  The Italian deck of cards does not have a suit of hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds, but rather a suit of cups, swords, wands and coins, (or pentacles, if you prefer), just as the Tarot does. 

My gift included three guide books, and suffice it to say, that at 14, I wasn’t overly interested in reading them, especially the book related to the sexual key of the Tarot.  I was more intrigued by what I saw. The images were so rich with colour and had an interesting mix of elements like a body lying on the ground appearing to be lifeless with ten swords in its back, and yet the sun was rising in the background.

I felt deeply drawn to them. I did manage to glance at one book, which described the Tarot cards and their meanings as I was eager to read the cards for myself, but not having the knowledge, understanding and training I have today, I quickly became bored. I put the books in the garbage but kept the cards in the bottom of an old trunk. That trunk stayed with me through eight relocations, including one that was a change of city.

Fast forward many years later and I was at a point in my life where I was really questioning a lot.  I had suffered a lot of loss.  The death of several loved ones, the death of intimate relationships, the death of a 25-year career where I had risen to a very senior rank in one of the largest tech companies in the world.  I truly didn’t know where my place in the universe was or where I was heading.  I was experiencing an emotional crisis which I was not equipped to deal with.

Many people, when they are feeling overwhelmed, take up yoga or go for a massage.  Me, I clean.  The decluttering makes me feel good.  It helps to clear my mind.  On one particular day I decided to find out what was in that trunk and give it a good cleaning.  And there they were.  I had forgotten they were even there.  I picked up that old Tarot deck and the Wheel of Fortune fell out.  And, I took it as a sign that my destiny was calling. 

Since that day I have spent a lot of time honing and maturing my abilities.  And I have sought out professional certification.  I started my own Tarot business which is just taking off.  I couldn’t be happier.  I feel more in tune with my soul than I ever have. 

Can you explain the meaning behind the name of your company, Universal Wisdom Tarot, and how it reflects your unique approach to your work?

I called my company Universal Wisdom Tarot for a reason. For me, universal wisdom is like a universal truth. It means that ideas and concepts are widely accepted knowledge.  For example, it is a universal truth or wisdom that love cannot be defined. Another example is that no matter how much money you make, if you spend more than you earn, you will eventually go into debt.

But also, universal wisdom is the understanding that everything is put together perfectly, just as it is. The universe holds the answers to that which we seek, the Akashic records of everything past, present and future. Every universal event, thought, word and emotion. 

This “double entendre”, if you will, is what sets my business apart from the pack. Much of the youth out there are lacking substantial knowledge. They are lacking an understanding of many of the basic truths. 

And as a Life Coach and Tarot Advisor, with the help of my angels, spirits, guides and the universe, I pass on that universal wisdom which I was taught, while also channeling messages and knowledge which the universe is attempting to reveal. The universe has guided me to deliver a service that radiates a beacon of light and positivity in challenging times.

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Guiding Light: Tarot and Life Coaching Services

How do your Tarot and Life Coaching services help clients overcome challenges and achieve their goals?

I provide Tarot Advisory and Life Coaching Services which are dedicated to empowering others.

Through intuitive Tarot readings, I provide my clients with illumination and insights into daily life issues and circumstances, as well as, holistic guidance concerning choices and outcomes that help them navigate life’s transitional situations. My services provide sound counsel and leadership on a client’s life journey by exploring their “roadmap” and the future they want to create.

My counseling services are a two-way conversation which help clients understand what obstacles they are coming up against, what they want in life and how to set and achieve goals. My services also help clients focus on how to take action to overcome obstacles and they help clients see what possibilities are within their grasp.

Through the Tarot my clients gain the ability to connect with their highest-selves. It guides them to access their subconscious, and to clear energies that no longer serve them.  It uncovers opportunities that await them, and ultimately, unlock their potential. 

Through my Tarot services clients are supported by bolstering their resilience in the face of adversity, and by revealing the necessity for finding inner strength in times of despair.

How do your pre-reading rituals enhance your ability to connect with your clients’ energy and provide insightful readings?

It is important for me to connect with the energy of a client in order to gain the best possible insight during the reading. So, before I begin one, I perform a short meditation.  I also cleanse my sacred space of any negative energy, before and after a reading through the burning of a Palo Santo stick over the cards and by purifying the environment with sound, using Tibetan cymbals.

I also employ the use of crystals to enhance my Tarot readings. They bring with them cleansing, healing, clarity and overall positive energies to the space.

How do your various online platforms and community events contribute to your mission of providing Tarot readings and universal wisdom?

For about a year, I provided free Tarot reading services to a large online Tarot community. I still do it from time to time as I like to “give back” to a circle of people I consider “my tribe”.  I have my own YouTube channel of the same name (Universal Wisdom Tarot) where I do monthly general Tarot readings for sun, moon and ascendant astrological signs. I am hoping to expand that channel in 2025. 

I have recently also created an Instagram account where I will be providing daily universal wisdom. I also participate in weekend wellness and spirituality events that are held a few times a year in my city. The organizers of these events will be expanding them to two other cities in my vicinity so I am hoping to be able to join those as well.

Rosa Macri tarot reading

Psychic Experiences and Buddhist Wisdom

Can you share how your early experiences with psychic phenomena influenced your path to becoming a psychic and Tarot reader?

Oh, my, where do I begin?  I have had lots of interesting things happen to me.  I have lights that turn on and off in my house and other strange things that happen related to technology and devices on a regular basis.  I know these are sign from those on the other side that I am not paying attention to, or not paying attention to an important message they are trying to deliver.  

Unfortunately, since they have no sense of time over there, I have had to set them straight every now and again, because they tend to do this in the early morning hours of 3am or so.

But I also want to share with you one of the earliest memories I have of signs of things to come.  This took place three or so years prior to my receiving that Tarot deck, and, at the time, I didn’t know what to think about it.  With hindsight I can say, I wish I knew then what I know now.

I was in grade 5 and in those days, it was a novelty to have a different teacher for one of your subjects in grade school.  We were lucky enough to have a different teacher for Italian class (I went to school with a lot of Italian kids, hence the Italian language lessons!). 

One night near the end of the school year I had a dream that the teacher was in a terrible car accident.  I woke up thinking it was weird but thought nothing of it more than that.  When I arrived in class and it was time for Italian, we were presented with a substitute teacher.  Upon inquiring where our regular teacher was, we were advised that he was not coming back to school for the remaining weeks.  Upon further inquiry it was discovered that he had been injured and was in the hospital.  I spent the summer as most kids did, forgetting about anything to do with school. 

However, the weekend before I was supposed to start again, now in Grade 6, I had another dream about this same teacher.  In it he was laughing and joking and was dancing around. Again, upon waking I thought, “Man, I need to stop eating sugar so late at night.  It gives me weird dreams.” And that very first Monday I went back to school, low and behold, that teacher walked into the room, fit as a fiddle. He told us he was happy to be with us after having spent so much of the summer in a hospital due to a terrible car accident.

How have Buddhism and your travels in Asia influenced your spiritual practices and beliefs?

My interest in Buddhism and my extensive travels in Asia have been a great source of teaching and have had a significant impact on my spiritual journey. I believe that the goal of our spiritual evolution is awakening and eventual enlightenment. Awakening is a shift in perspective, a shift of consciousness, where one can seek their true nature.  Enlightenment is the soul’s journey on the other side. The pathway to these, as Buddha teaches, involves development which includes elements such as meditation as well as ethical precepts.

I once fell upon a quote which came, funny enough, from one of my favourite tv shows.  In the episode, the main characters came upon a Buddhist temple and met a monk who was speaking in Zen koans. “When the mind is enlightened, the spirit is freed, the body matters not.” This quote has never left me.

Steps for Spiritual Advancement

What advices would you offer to someone seeking to enhance their intuition and engage in spiritual growth?

There are different definitions attached to the term psychic and there are many who believe only those with psychic abilities can be on a spiritual journey.  And while I don’t consider myself particularly psychic, since I don’t get crystal clear visions about the future, I don’t know specific dates of when things are going to happen, and I can’t read people’s minds, I do consider myself highly intuitive. 

What I believe is that intuition is something that is within everyone of us and, ultimately, we can choose whether we want to be intuitive or not. What has made me a successful Tarot reader who “gets things spot on”, as many of my clients have told me in their feedback, is my ability to open up and recognize when my intuition is speaking to me. 

And so, my first piece of advice is, you can too. Regardless if you want to be a reader and start your own business, or whether you even want to explore having a reading. A key step in any spiritual journey is learning to listen. Listening to your inner voice creates space for your intuition to flow.

Another piece of advice I would give is to tell them to forget the past and the future and live in the here and now. They call it the present because it is a gift.  So, try to enjoy it.  It isn’t always easy but when you do it on a regular basis, you will find it is a far less stressful way to live. 

I would tell them that the future is NOT written in stone. We all have freewill. So, if you feel that life has happened “to you” rather than “for you”. You can change it. It is never too late!

And my final piece of advice is concerning the Tarot.  Many are afraid of it, usually because of some religious beliefs from our upbringing, or because they associate it with occultism. Tarot is simply a spiritual and psychological tool. Think of it as messages from the divine that jogs the conscious mind to pull an experience or lesson from the subconscious mind. 

It is an amazing way to discover a source of inner abundance and self worth and to see what is possible when individuals believe in themselves. With guidance, the cards have the power to inspire courageous, life-affirming action.  It is a tool that helps us remain present and empowered.

How does practicing gratitude contribute to spiritual growth and overall well-being in your experience?

There are many rituals or practices that individuals can incorporate into their daily lives to enhance their spiritual growth and connection, such as meditation, practicing mindfulness, daily journalling, and performing affirmations. 

But I would say, the one practice that is particularly important to me is the practice of gratitude. Whether you perform it out loud or write it down, the act of recognizing the good things in our life is strongly related to overall wellbeing. You can practice this at a time of day that suits your life style. Some times I do it verbally in the morning the minute I get out of bed. 

But I prefer to perform it in written format at the end of the day just before going to bed, as I can have a longer list of things to be grateful for. There is no set number of things you require on your list. You can determine what suits you best. I usually try to give thanks for ten things a day. But if I am late going to bed, I might shorten the list to five. 

Astrological Shifts and Spiritual Progress

How do you believe astrological alignments, such as those in 2026, will impact humanity’s collective consciousness and spiritual evolution?

I feel my clients should be aware that humanity will experience a major energetic shift as we move into the new age. As technologies mold our collective consciousness and cast spells upon our souls, we are on the cusp of profound change.

There are a few astrological alignments of note in 2026 that I feel will be instrumental to this. First in February, there is a conjunction of Saturn and Neptune at 0 degrees of Aries.  This is the first degree of the entire tropical zodiac. Also, there is a stunning geometric alignment of Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (a minor grand trine) in which all three planets are in flowing aspect to each another and are all at 4 degrees of their various signs. This occurs in July.

With Jupiter also at 4 degrees, this will form what is known as a “basket”. The French Astrologer Andre Barbault asserted that this basket is hugely significant because it is indicative of a shift in the global consciousness of nations for the greater good of all.

How do you envision science and spirituality intersecting in the future, and how will this impact individual spiritual practices?

I feel that science will play a role in the future development of spirituality. In fact, I feel there will be an interesting intersection. Especially science that delves into the study of the brain. I also believe that spirituality will also intersect with mental and physical health and well being. I feel everyday that more and more people are experiencing a curiosity about spirituality. This curiosity, which truly is on the rise, will continue to do so well into the age of Aquarius. 

As for me, I know that my spiritual practices will also continue to grow as I grow my business, because it nourishes my soul. When we are made new by spirit, we are brought to a new life. Now is the time to awaken, to heal and to transform. So, I will sign off by saying, let the infinite wisdom of the universe be your guide. Cosmic counsel awaits!

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