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Christine Gold Psychic

Christine Gold has transformed her challenging journey into a source of strength as a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Energy Coach, and Reiki Master. Overcoming corporate burnout, homelessness, and mental health struggles, she now guides others to discover their spiritual gifts and find their soul’s purpose. Offering a range of services from mediumship to mentorships, Christine is dedicated to holistic healing and community building. Learn more about her path in this interview at

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Christine Gold Medium

Christine Gold: A Journey of Spiritual Awakening and Healing

Who is Christine Gold? Christine is a Psychic Medium, Intuitive Energy Coach, Old Soul Healer, Reiki Master & Soul Purpose Mentor, author, and Pet Nomad! Her first book “Intuition Saved My Life” is a spiritual awakening memoir. Christine is a Keynote speaker, Creator of Soul Healers Community, and Annual Dream Vision Map & Christ Consciousness Summit. Podcast host of Heart Led-Soul Fed, course and mentorship creator. She holds a degree in Business Admin and 20 years in sales and marketing.

Christine guides empaths, old souls and sensitives to overcome anxiety, unworthiness and overwhelm. “Time to Unleash Inherent Gifts” Corporate burnout, bullied, homelessness, hopelessness, narcissistic relationships, depression, anxiety, and 2 attempts to die by suicide. I received divine intervention by the spiritual 2 x 4 to the head. Nearly dead to living my soul’s purpose as a medium, healer, and chaplain.

Guest on these shows – Earth Day Virtual summit, The Way of Consciousness, The Freedom Network, Finding Rhythm, Follow The Woo, Alchemy, The Tabytha Polaris show, Spirit Sessions, Spiritual Awakening Group, Set Yourself Free, Your OWN University, The Life Adventurist Podcast, Purposeful Day, Spirit Cafe and You are the love story.

How have your personal challenges influenced your path as a psychic and medium?

By the divine spiritual 2 x 4 to the head! I had multiple DNOTS (Dark Night of the Soul) Anxiety, depression, panic attacks, addictions, toxic relationships, hormonal hell and 2 attempts to die by suicide.

After years of talk therapy that got nowhere (Like the dog chasing its tail, only the dog enjoys it) I asked god for help, I received a video via YouTube from a mentor “International Medium Carmel Joy Baird” Who said your anxiety and depression are linked to me not living intuitively…I was like what?!? What did she say? She went further to say I’m intuitive, psychic and a medium. No one has ever said that to me, it was always, here’s some medication, and it will get better.

Then Carmel invited me to work with her for 6 months, for FREE! Again, I was gobsmacked and of course my Ego was like, this is too easy or there’s a catch. Well there was, I needed to record a 2 minute video explaining WHY I wanted to work with her. Yes my Ego was right about the catch, I had to come out of the shadows, stop hiding and claim this GOLDEN ticket!

Guess what? I did, it was scary at first, but nothing worth having isn’t! One step at a time, one faith at a time and one courage at a time. That’s how spiritual growth, healing and acceleration happen.

In order to graduate I had to show my work, evidential mediumship, evidence etc. Plus read 2 of her clients (they provided feedback), spirit games and lastly investigate a missing persons case. I learned so much about myself through these 6 months.

The biggest lesson was trust, trusting the process, trusting the messages, trusting myself and trusting spirit. After dozens of free readings, I decided to start working part time as a medium. After a few months, it developed into full time and 7 years later, here we are!

Certified Medium June 1, 2018

Usui Reiki Master / Teacher Oct 15, 2018 (highly recommend, you will have your Khundalini awakening and learn more about chakras, energy, yourself and healing).

I have added Animal Communication / Animal Reiki Mar 10, 2020 (big connection for empaths/old souls) Chaplain (aligning with God is key, and hey God has no religion, if this triggers you, then you have a religious wound to tend to).

Chaplain July 7, 2022

Expert Coach April 1, 2024 International Authority for Professional Coaching & Mentoring.

Christine Gold Healer

A Holistic Approach to Psychic Mediumship Services

How has your diverse life journey and spiritual insights influenced your holistic approach to psychic mediumship?

I have been through so much from working in the corporate world for 20 years, being homeless, a people pleaser, perfectionist, narcissistic relationships, being in an abusive relationship, and losing my parents in 2021 & 2022.

Grief is a big component of my work, I noticed in mediumship readings, many of us are looking for validation, and confirmation of things we already know. What stands in our way is fear and grief. So when I share those messages, there is hope, relief, healing, and a new beginning.

I look at the individual at a wholistic level, mentally / emotionally / physically / spiritually / financially and relationships. I do not see them as broken, because that implies that God is broken. God is whole and so are we! We are more than the material, as a medical intuitive I pick up on what’s happening on the soul level.

My readings have evolved into the soul, inner child, energy, akashic, past lives, whatever spirit is bringing to my attention, is the intention. I also bring in the elemental energy, dragons, dolphins and the animal kingdom.

What services do you provide, and how do they assist clients in their personal growth and healing journey?

Mediumship, Soul healings, Trauma Informed Therapy, Coaching, Reiki, Light Language/DNA activations, Animal communication and training, speaking, retreats, workshops, group / 1 to 1 mentorships (12 week, 6 month and 1 Year) I self-published my first book (3 in this series) called “Intuition Saved my Life” and I have my first Oracle Deck, 44 cards “The Empaths Journey”.

How do you enhance your connection with clients during sessions, utilizing various techniques and tools?

I have quite a few steps; you need to invite spirit to the party. Clearing energies, grounding, white light prayers, smudging, crystals, aura spray, my dream journal (many times I dream about the client and get messages for future readings) candles (my sign to invite spirit in) and channeling are some of the steps.

How do you engage with your community both locally and globally, and what drives your passion for empowering others?

I hold monthly workshops within my local area and online (worldwide) My mentorships are mainly online, as I have a global community called The Soul Healers. I love to give back by speaking for free with certain organizations/charities. I have been a speaker at retreats, most notably in Canmore Alberta May & November “Rockies Restorative Retreat” As well as facilitating “White Light Talks” sort of like Ted Talks but spiritually based. I love empowering women to speak, write and co-create.

Significant Moments and Mentors in My Psychic Journey

What’s one memorable experience you’ve had during your time as a psychic?

My first Psychic Fair on a beautiful acerage in NW Alberta alongside gorgeous Gypsy Vanner Horses. I was sold out the whole weekend and the horses kept hanging around my booth at the back, facilitating healing alongside my readings. At one point we had 4 horses come by, 1 client asked me to help her be with the horse as she was scared, the horse felt it, so I guided her to close her eyes, reach out and the horse nuzzled into her hands, and we were both touching our heads on the horse, listening to the breath, the snorts and the wisdom and healing of the horse.

Who are the key figures or teachings that have profoundly influenced your spiritual path?

A few of my mentors, God, Carmel Joy Baird, Michael Mirdad , Caroline Myss and Alan Cohen. Wayne Dyer & Edgar Cayce are my spirit guides (among others) we have had past lives together and I truly resonate with their books, teachings and inspiration.

Understanding the Shift from 3D to 5D Consciousness

What insights can you share about the current changes in consciousness and energy flow, such as the transition from 3D to 5D, and their impact on our lives?

The shift from 3D to 5D, big jumps in timelines and energy! We are here for the holy trinity (love, forgiveness and healing) The 3D world tried to tell us that the unholy trinity is the truth (Religion, science and politics) and Ego is not the enemy, it’s our protection system, get stuff done and the backseat driver.

One of my most popular videos on YouTube is “The Schumann’s Resonance” We are experiencing the Schumann’s resonance (the global tone of the earth 4.82 Hz) with ascension symptoms. So many Solar Flares in 2024, in fact 19 X class flares with 13 of them happening the last week of April.

What does this mean, new earth shifting into the Age of Aquarius, the golden age. Pluto was stationed in Capricorn (my sign) for 20 years!! Pluto is all about revolution and Aquarius is highly tied to that, that shift eventually happens in Nov 2024. We have been in a 7 year cycle of upgrades, ascensions, many “waking up” rapidly.

The crystalline/crystal/indigo children coming into this world are preloaded with the wisdom and codes that we are at (I’m 50) So nurture these kids, speak about the universe, ask what they receive in dreams and such, nurture and encourage them to speak and share. Basically, you’re not crazy, you’re just waking up and you are now attuned to the energies, take care of yourself, practice self-care and go with the flow.

What role do you see intuition playing in shaping the future, particularly in fostering unity and collective growth?

The future is so amazing for us all because we all are intuitive and coming on board to activate our inner wisdoms and unlearn our intergenerational traumas, practices and customs. This will lay ground for the new generations to usher in acceleration of new earth, love, peace, joy, abundance that we all have and co-create together in community. Without unity there is no community and we are all walking each other home, together.

Tips and Practices for a Higher Spiritual Vibration

What daily practices do you recommend for enhancing spiritual growth and connection, such as grounding, meditation, and journaling?

Daily grounding, prayer, meditation, Journaling, Yoga (some type of exercise to move your body/mind – I love Hybrid things) I went Whole Foods Plant Based Nov 2021, lost 50 pounds, saved my liver. I also quit drinking Jan 2023. Anything that pulls your energy down, makes it difficult for you to access spirit and stay high vibrational.

What practical tips do you have for individuals on their spiritual journey or awakening?

To trust the process, surrender your ego, lean into the innate wisdom, keep a dream journal, gratitude journal, utilize divination tools (they assist in opening up your clairs) be in nature, meditation, watch for signs/symbols (keep a book and record the signs you see, that way you KNOW 100% it’s yours) No second guessing! Hydrotherapy, practice grounding, breathe work, meditation, read, eat clean, remove alcohol, smoking or anything else toxic out of your life (including family – biggest offenders)  Learn about the chakras, healing frequencies, crystals, plants, art – create a sanctuary at home, a space to connect and reconnect. Create a team of practitioners and healers to guide / heal you along the way. Find a mentor; attract a like-minded community and people.

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