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Kate Gantt Evidential Medium

Meet Kate Gantt, an unexpected evidential medium whose journey began at 44. Introduced to mediumship through a tarot reader, Kate navigated challenges with limited local resources in South Carolina, finding her path through online groups. An experience at the Arthur Findlay College confirmed her abilities, and now, Kate offers psychic readings and spiritual healing, with an open heart and mind. Learn more in her interview with

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Evidential Psychic Medium

Discovering Mediumship

What events or changes in your life led you to pursue a career as an evidential medium?

Evidential Medium. I would have never thought I had the potential to have such credentials in the spiritual realm prior to 2021. My journey and development began at the age of 44, wow I thought to myself is this real? I always had an interest in mediumship and the paranormal but my life was consumed with trying to work, pay bills, be a mother etc. It wasn’t until things started to slow down and become a bit less stressful this opportunity arose.

Entering a New World

How did your initial encounter with a tarot reader lead to the discovery of your own mediumistic abilities?

My husband and I decided we wanted to take more time to be social, he mentioned a woman he knew from a previous job that was a tarot reader and about our age. We soon after reached out and became friends, she opened our minds to a whole new world. The world of tarot was the introduction for me to possibilities.

I was amazed at how she could channel information and she had given me a few very detailed readings… then she said I was a Medium. I was blown away, and excited to say the least. I struggled for a few months trying to understand why this was happening to me this late in life, I now realize it was divine timing.

The Journey Begins

How did you navigate the initial challenges of starting your mediumship practice with limited local resources?

I decided to begin my journey and I had no idea how. Living in South Carolina, the resources are limited for spirituality. I was provided with advice to find Facebook groups for mediumship development and practice. Having no idea what I was doing or even how mediumship worked, I reached out and found a group.

I found a partner to do an exchange with, the mediator of the group reached out to me knowing how nervous I was and this was about to be my first attempt. She called me 10 minutes before my practice reading and without giving me time to get nervous or doubt, she abruptly told me to read her.

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Development and Future Aspirations

What experiences contributed most significantly to your profound connection and subsequent development as a medium?

What happened was miraculous, somehow I was able to connect like I had done it before. This is where my development took off. I found as many groups as I could and practiced, during these exchanges I heard about the Arthur Findlay College in the UK.

I mentioned this to my husband, that one day in my life I would love to go there. He then surprised me with a plane ticket and a week long mediumship course there. It could not have been more perfect. During an exercise, I was on the platform in the sanctuary at the college, making a connection, I felt stuck, my tutor was able to connect and “see” and experience everything I was seeing as well. That moment will forever be in my mind. Confirmation I was on the right path. Mediumship development is lifelong and I am looking forward to helping others realize the potentials. How differently would you live your life if you knew there is more?

Embracing the Spiritual Practice

What services do you provide in your practice?

I now have an office and provide readings to clients in person and virtually. Spiritual Healing and Reiki have been additions to my practice as well. It is with an open heart and open mind that we are able to see the possibilities.

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