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Experience Ann Albers’ journey from avionics engineering to spiritual exploration in “Visions of Heaven” and learn about her unique approach to psychic readings and spiritual counseling, her diverse offerings, and her influential mentors. Discover her insights into maintaining a high vibrational state and fostering self-acceptance, as well as her vision for the future of spirituality and psychic work. Read more in this exclusive interview with

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Heavenly Horizons: from Avionics to Spiritual Exploration

How did your journey from avionics engineering to spiritual work develop?

I started adult life as an avionics engineer, working 70-80 hour weeks coordinating a team developing software for the Boeing 777. I didn’t love it, and didn’t know what I would love, so I prayed a very simple, life-altering prayer, “God, whoever or whatever you are, I want to wake up happy, go to bed grateful, and make a living helping people.”  I started having dreams, synchronicities, and coincidences that led me on a spiritual path.

Teachers appeared. I learned energy healing, shamanic journeying, and more. When, at long last, I heard the voices I’d been waiting for that told me to “turn in my resignation tomorrow,” I handed in my resignation on faith and gave six week’s notice.

I was guided to more teachers, but more importantly, I was guided inward. I learned about the internal silence that happens when you bore yourself with your own thoughts long enough to finally reach the point of shutting them off! It was in those spaces of inner silence I found bliss. The impulses from Spirit got stronger.

In time, I started doing readings, teaching classes, and even ended up speaking at conferences with famous authors.

My unfolding journey has always been guided by heart. I have an interest in something and explore it. I have a feeling to talk to someone and do it. If I don’t want to do something, I wait for better timing. The angels have taught me to live more naturally – in tune with my feelings and instincts and trust the flow.

My spiritual work has changed over the years because people are much more interested in developing their own awareness and connection than when I started. I love helping others discover how easy it can be to tune into the angels and their own inner wisdom, find a good vibe, and live in the flow of grace.

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Distinct Spiritual Offerings: Perspectives from a Psychic

What makes your approach to psychic readings or spiritual counseling unique compared to others in the field?

Honestly, I don’t know! There are as many methods of spiritual counseling and readings as there are readers. We all receive the same impulses from non-physical, but each one of us has a unique way of receiving and translating it, and therefore, we attract different people we can serve. I never think about setting myself apart from others. I just try to be the best version of myself that I can be.

What services do you offer to support and empower your clients?

I do readings, coach, and teach classes. I’ve sent a free weekly newsletter, “Messages from Ann & the Angels,” via email every Saturday morning since November 2001. It contains a channeled message and a message from me about how I apply the angels’ wisdom practically in my life. People all over the world have written saying it helps keep them in connection, and attuned to the higher vibes.

How are you involved in your spiritual community?

I teach live classes twice a year and have online programs. I also have CDs/Downloads/Books for spiritual growth and play. The newsletter goes out weekly, and I post on Instagram once a week.

Wings of Wisdom: Tales from Spiritual Influences

Who have been the most influential teachers and sources of inspiration in your spiritual journey?

My first spiritual teacher was a deep mystic who taught me to go within. I’d ask a question, and she’d tell me to call back after I got my own answers. If I got full of myself, she’d lovingly point it out. She was a huge influence when I was opening up.

I also adore the work of Summer Bacon – an incredible trance medium who brings through a dear spirit who speaks for a group of angels, and I love the gaze of Braco – a Croatian transmitter of Divine energy. I resonate strongly with the material from Abraham-Hicks who clients insisted I explore after years of teaching vibrational law.

Nature is a constant mentor. I learn so much from observing her quiet wisdom. When I have a question, I hold it in my heart, go outside and see what calls to my attention. As I sit and observe, my answers come.  However, the biggest influence in my life are the angels I live and partner with daily. I never stop learning from them.

Can you share some memorable experiences where you felt guided by angels in your decisions?

I have so many! Here is a fun angel story from my earlier days on the path. I had begged Archangel Michael to comment on a relationship I was thinking about getting into. I chattered endlessly to him about the pros and cons and heard nothing… until one day, when sitting in the restroom of all places, he appeared clear as day right before me, smiled, and said, “We don’t recommend it.” I was horrified. “Why did you appear there?!”  “When else do you sit still and quiet that mind?” he replied. He was right! Now I get quiet more often, fret not, and listen well!

I’ve had so many manifesting stories I don’t know where to start, but this one comes to mind. Years ago, I wanted to buy a home. I had lived happily in my apartment for years but felt it was time. I did nothing but daydream about what I wanted until one day, I had the impulse to drive around and look. I found a house that was nice but a little expensive and not quite perfect for me.

I started doing the human thing, trying to figure out how I could make it work. I heard the angels say, “Stop it! Don’t settle. Wait for God.” So I gave up my mental gyrations and waited. The realtor from that not-quite-right house adopted me. He sent me several listings. I loved the first one and wondered how I’d find time to see it. A client cancelled the next morning. The realtor’s client cancelled. I saw the house, knew it was mine, put in an offer and it was accepted a few hours later. Life can be so much easier if we just get in a high vibe, think about what we want, and trust.

Raising Vibrations: Pathways to Spiritual Alignment

How do you maintain a high vibrational state during your readings and sessions?

I just say a prayer, turn my mind off, and get going. The real work occurs when I’m not in readings. I take maintaining a high vibe seriously. The minute I catch myself entertaining any negative thought, I offer love and compassion to myself as I am, then switch my thoughts to something that feels better.

Finding a vibration of love can be much easier than you think. I love my soap. I love the feel of cool water running over my hands. I love the sizzle in the pan as I cook my breakfast. I love the smell of my coffee. You can find a gazillion little things to authentically love and appreciate if you’re willing. In that vibration of love, guidance to the big problems will come. This is how I stay up for myself and my clients.

How does self-acceptance and love influence your connection with Spirit?

Accept yourself as you are, where you are. Self-acceptance is a clear form of self-love and one of the quickest ways to raise your vibe. It gets you “on the wavelength” of love, which is the only wavelength that Spirit uses to transmit their messages. You will grow so much more quickly if you can develop this practice.

Also, do things you love, think about things you love, or do loving things for others. The more you get yourself attuned to the feeling of love and appreciation, the quicker you’ll experience your connection with Spirit.

What practices do you recommend for aligning with the positive energy and love coming to our planet?

Be careful what you focus on and how you feel. Do anything you can to focus on what elevates you and to feel good. As I like to say, “Surf’s up. Point your board with the stream or get plowed under while resisting it.” There is so much love coming to our planet with such intensity right now that finding ways to attune to love puts you in a fast-moving stream of goodness while resisting love feels terrible.

I’ve included some easy practices below. It is not as hard as you think to attune to love.

The world is going through growing pains but we are moving towards a much kinder reality where the diversity of ideas and beliefs will be more celebrated. There are far more good people doing good things than the disturbed ones we see on the news.

What are some simple practices you recommend for raising one’s vibrational frequency and connecting with Spirit?

The following two practices will easily and quickly help elevate your vibe and raise you into a frequency of love, which is where Spirit plays, guidance happens, loved ones communicate, and you attract what you want!

1) Do something you love, if only for a few minutes a day, and let yourself enjoy it. You’ll raise yourself into a loving vibration, become present, and therefore calibrate mind, body, and spirit to goodness, grace, and guidance.

2) “Sit. Breathe. Receive.” The angels suggest this all the time. It is so simple that most won’t do it and reap the benefits. For just a few minutes a day, sit in a chair. Breathe slowly in and out, and notice any relaxed feelings. Simply intend to receive and trust. That’s it. It works even if you don’t do formal meditation. Your angels will work with you to attune your field to a higher vibration so you can connect more easily. If you’re consistent, in time, you’ll feel them and sense their transmissions.

Psychic Insights into Spiritual Future

How do you foresee the future of spirituality and psychic work, and how will you evolve to contribute to this field in the years ahead?

Happily, more and more people are becoming aware of their own spiritual connections and abilities. When I started, people came to me more as a guide and fortune teller. Now, more come to me for understanding of their spiritual experiences, a deeper connection for themselves, and sometimes even guidance on how to recreate their lives.

Moving forward, I’ll continue to focus on my joy so I can meet Spirit on their wavelength, listen to my happy feeling impulses, and continue to trust the unfolding journey!

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