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Isabella T is a psychic medium known for her ability to communicate with the spiritual realm.  From a young age, she exhibited an intuition and sensitivity to energies around her, which only grew stronger in time. Her gift allows her to connect with loved ones who have passed, offering comfort and closure to those seeking answers and peace, but also for the clients that are seeking answers to the next stage of their life.

Isabella T has helped countless clients over the years to navigate their course of life by providing insight and messages that resonate deeply with her clients. Her readings are compassionate and sometimes humourous which creates a safe space for clients to explore their emotional experiences.

Isabella T’s reputation as a psychic medium is built on trust, accuracy and a genuine desire to help others. You can read all about her in this interview.

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Psychic Abilities Unleashed

How did you discover and develop your psychic abilities, leading to your current role as a trusted reader for clients?

I discovered I had a gift for psychic connection at a really young age as I often felt the energies of people around me and trusted my intuition which never lied to me. It began with vivid dreams and an ability to predict and see future events. I also started seeing spirits like I was looking at a friend, I started to speak with them telepathically and could relay their messages. 

As I progressed on my psychic journey I realized that tarot cards were not for me, I could just read people by tuning into their energy with ease, and as my psychic accuracy became more fine tuned I started reading for clients, and have never looked back. I am also a tea leaf reader and have embraced the old way of tea leaf readings to keep it as authentic as possible for my clients.

I am very grateful for the loyal following of clients who return to me to find out the next chapter of their life and feel blessed that they entrust me to read for them.

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Guiding Clients with Psychic Readings

What services do you provide, and how do they guide and support your clients on their journey?

I offer Tea Leaf Readings, One 2 One Soul Readings, Psychometry and Scrying.

Tea Leaf Readings: This ancient practice involves interpreting the patterns left by tea leaves in a cup. During a tea leaf reading, I provide intuitive insights into current circumstances and future possibilities as well. This is such a fun way to read for people and I enjoy my experiences with clients whilst doing these readings as it resonates with my clients and gives them an enlightened experience.

One 2 One Soul Readings: These readings are where a client sits in front of me and I just read their energy.  I connect with loved ones, their guides, past lives and can see so much while tuning into their energy field. I can see their aura and also fine tune into their body to confirm any issues that they may be experiencing.

Psychometry: I can read the energy of objects that clients bring with them, such as jewellery or personal items. I tune into the vibrational energy of these objects and can uncover hidden information about their past, present and potential future. These items can also belong to someone else. Psychometry can be helpful for gaining closure and help reveal the deeper connections that they had with someone or for themselves. It is wonderful when clients bring in antique jewellery that they have bought and they are curious as to who owned it previously, it leads me down the life path of the person it belonged to and I see their story like watching an old film.

Scrying: This is when I gaze into a crystal ball. This helps me see visions and receive messages. It helps me to provide messages to help navigate my clients through their life.

Sky & Clouds: These are not readings, I see visions of events that are to take place by looking into the sky and clouds so they are more like premonitions, I was taught this by my guides at a very early age. 

An example of these visions:  It was September 2004, I had just finished visiting some friends with another friend and her daughter. It was about 3.00pm and my friend was driving me home in her car, her daughter was sitting in the back seat behind the driver’s side and I was sitting in the front passenger seat. 

All of a sudden I leant forward towards the windscreen and looked up into the sky, we were travelling north from the city and I said with such sadness “Oh my God, there are thousands upon thousands of Angels flying in the sky”, they were all flying in the one direction, I had this absolute dread in my heart and soul and then I said “A lot of people are going to die, a lot!”, I felt so sick in my stomach, it was churning and churning. My friend and her daughter were taken aback at the time, but as time passed life was normal.

On the 26 December 2004, the Indian ocean tsunami hit and stole the lives of thousands of people, my friend rang me in shock as she remembered what I had said in her car that day. 

Exploring Psychic Encounters

Can you tell us about any interesting experiences you’ve had as a psychic medium?

I do have three stories which I would like to share.

Wings Of An Angel: It was a winters day and the air felt cold, I was in a hurry to cross the road before the traffic started moving on the green light, but by the time I had reached the middle of the road, the traffic started to move, I was stranded on the double white lines, I thought to myself, if I could only just make it to the traffic island I would be safe.

I started walking on the double white lines, the traffic was whizzing past me on either side, I was in fear of getting hit, but at that vulnerable moment, I felt and could hear and see two large wings fold around my whole body, the tips of the wings joining together at the front of my body, it was like I was in a cocoon.

I felt so warm, loved and protected and the loud noise of the traffic streaming past was muted, there was just silence, as I was guided towards the traffic island, once I was safe, the silence broke as the wings unfolded around me and I could feel the cold winter air against my skin again. I was left standing unscathed and totally amazed as to what had just happened. My foolish decision could have cost me my life.

A Visitor: I was living in a little flat, and my landlady lived next door with her husband.  I had only been living there for a couple of months, when one night I woke up and saw a man floating above my bed, he did not have a shirt on, but had blue satin boxer shorts with gold stars and moons on it, he was looking straight at me, and he had the biggest smile on his face, then he disappeared as quick as I saw him.  

I wasn’t scared at all, but felt reassured and happy, and then I fell back to sleep. A couple of nights later, my landlady invited me to her flat to have a meal with her and her husband. I had never been into her flat before, and after working all day, the thought of having a home cooked meal was pretty enticing. 

As I was walking up the hallway of their home, I happened to glance at a photo that was hanging on the wall, I took a double look in surprise, and said “Who is this a photo of?” and she replied “Oh, that is my son, he used to live in your flat”, I then asked her “Did he move out because he bought a house?” and she replied with sadness in her voice “No, he died a year ago”. 

I was taken aback, you see, the man that I saw floating above my bed, in the blue boxer shorts with gold stars and moons on it, and who had the biggest smile on his face……was her son!

The Vortex Children: I was asleep when I woke up suddenly. I looked over to the left hand side of my bedroom wall and I saw this circle of white iridescent light swirling as it got bigger and bigger into a vortex, I saw a young girl about 10 years of age, with blonde hair, and a blue ribbon in her hair, she had a light blue pinafore dress, with a white frill blouse underneath, white lace trimmed socks and black shoes, she held the hand of a small boy about 6 years of age, he had short brown hair with a really sweet face, a little white collared shirt and grey shorts on with socks and shoes.

He was happily talking as they were slowly walking through the vortex into my room, when I saw the young girl turn toward him, while placing her finger to her mouth and said “Sssshhhh or you will wake her!”, but to their surprise I had already seen them, I heard the young girl take a big sigh, and with that they disappeared in a flash, and the vortex closed instantly, and all I could see was a speck of white light on the bedroom wall it was the size of a pin head, then that too disappeared.

Protection is the key when doing psychic readings and delving into the spirit world.

Peace and happiness.

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