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Kae Hinwood psychic

Meet Kae Hinwood, a psychic whose journey is shaped by early sensitivities and a profound accident-induced spiritual awakening. Kae’s psychic gifts emerged from a car accident, leading her to work as a professional psychic reader and soul regression therapist. Her workshops explore various aspects of psychic development, from tarot card reading to understanding the journey of the soul. Through her work, Kae emphasizes the importance of educating others about metaphysical concepts while enabling them to make informed life decisions. Explore Kae’s insights and teachings in this interview on

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Early Life and Psychic Abilities

How did your early life experiences influence your development as a psychic and your interest in metaphysical phenomena?

I was born nearly 14 weeks premature weighing 1 pound 3 ounces back in 1967. I spent a year in a humidity crib which makes me feel that I am truly meant to be here.

Ever since I can remember I have always felt that I was very different to the people around me. I have always been very sensitive, & picked things up about strangers very easily. I’ve always been interested in all things metaphysical. I have been doing readings for friends & family members since I was a teenager.

I always have vivid dreams that end up happening in real life, I see things like someone showing me flash cards or a movie & half an hour later for instance what I have seen will happen in real life. When I see something on the news for example, I just know the outcome positive or negative.

I’ve always lived in houses where there are spirits making themselves known to me by throwing things around, making a lot of noise, making it really cold & showing themselves. When I sense spirits I always demand they go to where they are meant to be. Sometimes I have to smudge the house inside and out.

When I had just finished year 10 I was involved in a very serious car accident where a car I was a front seat passenger in slammed into a telegraph pole.

My grandmother had passed two months earlier & I herd her Say to me loud & clear “Kae! curl up into a ball & jump onto the drivers lap NOW!”. I did so, there was nothing left of my side of the car. The large cement telegraph pole had been snapped in two.

My left foot was badly injured & required a couple of operations. My grandmother had saved my life from the other side.

Life-Changing Experiences and Spiritual Growth

How did your experiences and studies lead you to become a professional psychic, and how do you use your abilities to help others?

I started reading books about Wicca, past lives, spirituality, being Psychic & how to use my abilities as a teenager. When I was in my early thirties, I had a work place accident where a big sliding wooden door came off its runner & fell onto my head, neck & shoulders. As a result I ended up with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome throughout my entire body & all of my senses became exadurated ten fold.

It was then that I began doing Psychic Readings on a professional basis on Psychic phone lines both international & Australian & face to face. As I have a background in child care, community services & counselling, I combined my skills & knowledge to help my clients help themselves by giving them all the knowledge they need to make the best decisions in all areas of their lives for their highest good.

Psychic Gifts and Metaphysical Teachings

How do you incorporate your psychic gifts and metaphysical teachings into your mission of educating people about spiritual concepts and their life decisions?

When I was 50 I became an accredited soul regression therapist with Lorna & John Jackson & the Jackson institute in Queensland. I feel it’s really important to educate people about all things metaphysical & spiritual as well as giving them the tools to make the best decisions in every area of their lives as well as educating people about the fact that when we pass over our spirit leaves our body or vessel, goes to an inbetween lives to be reunited with our soul family members & our guides.

We then go through a life review, we heal then we sign an agreement to say what we will do in our next life. I think it’s important that people know that we have free will & that our life paths & lessons etc are all agreed upon by us before we are born into every life although we can change how we are to learn those lessons & reach our goals.

When I’m not doing readings or teaching people through my workshops, I spend as much time in nature as I can & spend time alone with my cats.

Psychic Development and Spiritual Workshops

What types of workshops do you provide?

I offer workshops such as teaching people how to develop their Psychic skills, the difference between religion & spirituality, how to take notice of their gut instinct or intuition, how to use tarot cards, how to do white Wiccan spells, how to put up protection, all about our chakras, what happens when our soul leaves our bodies, past lives & our future lives as well as the inbetween lives.

Can you recommend any specific books for individuals interested in exploring psychic abilities and spiritual practices?

Some great books to read are:

Healing The Eternal Soul – Andy Tomlinson

Soul Regression Therapy – Lorna & John Jackson

Wicca A guide for the solitary practitioner – Scott Cunningham

The Three waves of volunteers & new earth – Dolores Cannon

Edgar Case on the Akashi Records – Kevin J Todeschi

Discover your sixth sense – Julie Soskin

Bucklands Complete book of witchcraft – Raymond Buckland

Simply Tarot – Amanda Hall

What are your thoughts on the necessary experience and dedication required to develop proficiency as a psychic or whitelighter?

I feel it takes years of experience to become a good whitelighter or Psychic. You need to gain experience, read books & practice your gifts on a daily basis. I don’t feel you can become a good Psychic after just doing a few courses & calling yourself a Psychic. You have to live it for many years.

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