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Discover the fascinating journey of Syrita, an International Professional Psychic Medium, as she shares insights into her spiritual path and unique approach to readings. Syrita’s extensive experience in TV & Radio broadcasting, alongside her live psychic platform events, has enriched her ability to connect with diverse audiences.

Through her empathetic and intuitive guidance, she assists clients in overcoming obstacles and finding inner clarity. Syrita’s advice for those seeking psychic readings emphasizes the importance of open-mindedness and following one’s intuition in choosing the right reader. Explore more about Syrita’s inspiring journey in this exclusive interview on

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Syritas Glow Medium

About Syrita

How does your spiritual journey and the tools you use shape the guidance you offer?

I use Tarot cards, Angel cards, Crystals, Numerology and Astrology as my tools to give you an in-depth reading into your current situation. I specialise in love and relationships, work and career and shed light on any life obstacles in your path. To conduct your reading I will tune into your voice vibrations, aura and your energies. This enables me to work well by looking at the root of various situations and gives me an insight into all different perspectives that could guide you to your own best solution.

My peers had always known me as wise as I had always given practical sound advice with the mix of spiritual guidance and the unawareness of future predictions too. As a young adult I was fully spiritually awaken in a pivotal and transitioning time of life. I was spiritually guided to my personal calling.

I embarked on a new career journey to work professionally within my gift to help and guide others. My incredible spiritual journey has given me over 30 years experience which unfolded beautiful blessings, heightened my spiritual ability and senses, evolve and graduated me to an International professional psychic along side with my self built professional psychic practice, ‘Syrita’s Glow’.

I am thankful that this spiritual on going journey, continues to bring in new endeavours to help more clients. I am a clairvoyant, empathetic reader who works with my spirit guides. In delivering your personal message I am friendly, compassionate, down-to-earth and sympathetic which is expressed throughout your reading.

What I like most about giving readings to clients

How does your approach to readings empower clients to discover their self-worth and overcome obstacles?

What I like most is helping individuals discover within themselves their self worth within their situation and overcome obstacles, with practical guidance and solutions when giving readings. I feel this enables clients to feel empowered by gaining a different perspective, insight and calmness applied to themselves to deal with any further matters that may arise in their lives.

I remember being first aware my gift

How has your childhood awareness of your psychic abilities influenced your work with clients facing difficulties?

I am a natural born psychic and been aware of my senses since I was a child. Being partially aware I had a natural gift growing as a child to a young adult, I was always drawn to people who were in a crucial period of their lives which were emotional and was dealing with a difficult situation.

My typical of my star sign

How do your Pisces and Scorpio signs shape your empathetic and intuitive approach?

I feel I am typical of my sun star sign Pisces and moon sign in Scorpio as I am always mindful, thoughtful and caring to others naturally. I always consider other people feelings and I am very compassionate in my delivery when speaking. Being a double water sign Pisces and having Scorpio as my moon, I am strongly empathetic and I am very highly intuitive to people/clients feelings and their situations.

I am also known for being very creative which seamlessly embraces and heightens the platform of being a clairvoyant. I feel my signs play a factor of me being a determined, ambitious person and like to see good in all things and people.

My most memorable experience with a client

What stands out as your most memorable client experience?

My memorable experience with a client was when the parent client was missing her teenager child. She was distressed as you could imagine but found inner strength to contact myself. During her reading I gave her reassuring guidance where her child was, what had happened along with the journey route the child had taken. I discovered while under high pressure I could still deliver a reading with insightful vital information, calm the client’s energy and resolve the unpleasant situation. This type of reading began to open me to other work avenues in solving investigations.

My experiences or qualifications I have that I feel compliment my work as a reader

How has your diverse broadcasting and live event experience enhanced your ability to showcase your spiritual gift?

I have been blessed and honoured to have an incredible experiences in working in TV & Radio broadcasting to showcase my spiritual gift. My gift has enabled me to give readings to individuals in all walks of life and high profile celebrities in all around the UK and Internationally.

Producing my own live psychic platform event shows has really showcased my psychic ability to a whole new level in which it was great for the paying public to watch and enjoy up, close and personal. I have organically grown my own spiritual online social platform channel and been published in numerous publications to embed my gift with testimonials.

The most important thing for a person to consider when they decide to have a psychic reading

What’s your advice for those considering a psychic reading?

It is important when you decide to have a reading is that you are open minded and is willing to hear what unfolds within your reading, so you could explore the possible avenues of outcomes you are gently guided to take. It is your free will to make the decision to accept the guidance that is given and help you gain more clarity that you may be unable to see.

I believe your intuition will ultimately guide you, what is right for you including choosing the right reader that you can resonate with to hear your personal message. Clients chose me for I am authentic and dedicated to my life’s work.

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