Interview: Denise Wilkinson Psychic Medium

Denise Wilkinson Medium

Introducing Denise Wilkinson, a psychic medium whose journey to full-fledged mediumship reflects profound personal growth and spiritual connection. Denise’s approach to readings centers on personal healing, integrating techniques like NLP and Reiki. Active in her community, Denise mentors aspiring mediums and underscores the significance of self-care. Read all about her journey in this exclusive interview on

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A Psychic’s Path: From Intuition to Mediumship

How have your life experiences and challenges influenced your spiritual awakening and growth as a psychic?

I have always felt connected to my psychic abilities. I look back over my childhood and remember times when spirit was around me. I often felt things weren’t right at the time, especially if I was being lied to.

My gut intuition got me out of some tricky situations, even life threatening ones. I’m glad the ‘me’ back then listened to her intuition. My life could have taken a completely different path. I’ve always had an inner strength and survived. No matter how hard things got I always managed to pick up the pieces and strive forward, this unwavering strength put me in good stead for my whole life.

Over my life I’ve always had an interest in all things spiritual, but it wasn’t until 2017 till I really had the beginnings of my spiritual awakening. Later that year in November, a close family member passed away suddenly, then things began to open up even more.

It was exactly a year later in November 2018, celebrating their anniversary, out with family and friends my drink was spiked. I collapsed and fell unconscious. Fortunately I was helped out of this situation by others around me. This day was the catalyst and the big jolt to wake up spiritually!

In February 2019, I went to a spiritualist church (I had been thinking of going for months!) I was lucky enough to get a reading that day from my now friend Ann. This led me the following Friday to walk into a spiritual development class run by Trevor Evans, without a clue what was about to happen to me!

This was the beginning of my mediumship development. I have come so far in such a short time and I’m truly grateful. My work has enabled me to become more of who I truly am in this world. I now use my new-found passion to help others find the truth of who they are too.

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Beyond Mediumship: A Personalized Approach to Healing

What sets your approach of psychic mediumship readings or spiritual counselling apart from others in the field?

I work from my heart, and my journey for all these years has been about healing myself. With this knowledge I can assist and help others heal too. I don’t allow fear to hold me back anymore. I have learnt some wonderful things about myself and attracted inspiring and equally passionate people.

What kind of services do you offer, how do they empower and support your clients and what tools or techniques do you use during your readings or sessions?

I’m also an NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner which is all about changing beliefs and thought patterns to overcome fears or blocks that are holding you back in life. NLP helps you feel empowered to change your inner world; your thoughts, your feelings and your choices. This effective transformation causes a ripple effect in your internal world thus transforming your external world. I incorporate these skills in my readings when required and I tailor the reading to assist my sitter.

It’s also about combining my connection with the spirit world, my life experiences and knowledge to assist a greater understanding that there is more to life beyond our physical body here on earth. I also have my Reiki 2 practitioner and often will do some hands on healing within a session.

How do you engage with and contribute to your local and online spiritual communities through teaching, workshops, and other events?

Over the past 6 years I have trained every week in a class, workshop or retreat. I now run my own development classes teaching students every week online or in person. My spiritual work includes travelling all around Victoria, Australia to Spiritualist Churches and Centres demonstrating my mediumship to the public, one-on-one personal readings, running large events, workshops etc. Earlier this year 2024 I took 11 students on a 4 day retreat.

I invite my own students, when ready, to be alongside me at events. I encourage them to believe in themselves and what they are capable of. I love to see their growth and development over time.

Most of my students have been with me from the beginning as a teacher and mentor and continue to develop weekly.

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Psychic Mediumship and Personal Balance

What aspects of your psychic readings do you find most rewarding and surprising?

I am still amazed at some of the evidence in readings I give, such as names, quirky things only relevant to the sitter, pets coming through are my favourite. The love, laughter and the healing that transpires in a reading truly gives me goosebumps.

Often a spirit communicator will give me full body tingles to let the sitter know how much they’re loved, it’s a way I receive from the spirit world too. It’s such a gift to be on this journey of life and I cannot wait for more.

How do you ensure that your work as a psychic medium aligns with your authentic self and personal values?

I genuinely believe there’s a place for all psychic mediums, what I value most though, is integrity with this work.

If you’re seeking an experienced medium don’t just go by cost or Instagram page likes etc, have a look at their reviews, training, etc and how they have a balance of giving and receiving to the community.

Also, asking around and word of mouth is also very helpful.

Contact your local Spiritualist Centre for recommendations.

Remember we are only human and sometimes what works for one person may not fit with you. It’s important to feel comfortable and at ease with a chosen medium.

How do you manage your personal well-being and energy while working as a psychic medium?

I make sure I don’t over book with clients, I value my energy and doing energy work you can burn out very quickly. It’s important to rest.

What I do to look after myself is I walk in nature, I eat a vegetarian diet by choice. I keep my life simple, not chaotic, massages are my favourite thing to nurture myself. My pets, two cats, two dogs and a bunch of goldfish keep me busy, along with 3 grown children that keep me grounded.

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Advice for Psychic Development and Personal Growth

What advice do you have for someone looking to develop their psychic medium abilities and personal growth?

If you’re interested in developing your psychic abilities do your research. Find a mentor and learn all you can from books, documentaries, YouTube etc. Take what resonates with you. There’s a lot of information out there on being spiritual under so many topics. For me, it’s about personal growth, aligning with what I want to do, my life flows much better when I’m heading in the direction I feel good about.

As an empath, it is easy to allow the opinions of others to overpower our thoughts and feelings. Over time I have learned to change this and I now put myself first. This has given me the ability to set boundaries for myself.

The less you worry about people and what they’re doing which is outside of your control and worry about you, you will make a big shift in life. We tend to forget about our self care. That’s the biggest advice I can give. If you’re well on the inside, the outside takes care of itself too.

It all flows.

My Motto

“I now stand in the power of who I truly am.”

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