Interview: Florence King – International Platform Psychic Medium

Florence King Psychic

Florence King is a renowned psychic medium with over seventeen years of experience. Passionate about her work, she views psychic abilities as a skill set that requires constant improvement and dedication. Florence is known for her commitment to helping others through her readings, books, and live shows. She believes in the power of prayer and kindness, integrating these values into her practice.

Balancing her spiritual work with personal interests like swimming and family time, she ensures she stays energized and ready to assist those in need. Florence has achieved significant milestones, including performing at the Sydney Opera House and being featured in documentaries. Her mission is to provide comfort and understanding about the spirit world. Read all about her in this interview.

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Passionate Pursuit: Exploring the Journey of a Psychic Medium

What drives your passion for psychic mediumship, and how do you view the ongoing process of learning and growth within the field?

As a psychic medium I am very passionate about my craft which fills me with joy as I try to make a difference in people’s lives. Not being a fan of saying what we do is a gift, I prefer to say that it is a skill set that I am constantly trying to improve upon and learn and grow as I do so.

This is a business where there is no completion in training and as a spiritual development teacher I do not award certificates due to the fact that a certificate implies completion of a course. Mediums never know it all therefore dedicated spiritual workers are always open to learning more, through experience and growth that comes from hard work and dedication.

In this line of work it is a topic that can spark fierce debate and emotions, but nevertheless is something that every person considers at some stage of their life. Each of us has lost someone to spirit at some point in our life and that in turn brings a curiosity as to what exactly happens to us when we pass away from this earth.

That is where mediums come in. Whilst we do not have all the answers and do not always get every single thing correct we do in fact get a peak into the afterlife and a small idea of what happens to us. One fact that mediums are united in their beliefs, is that we do go on in some form and that the soul is a tangible thing that carries our memories and our unique signature to the next life.

Any one of us can open the door to spirit at any given time of their life. I am sixty one years old and did not embark on my spiritual journey until I was forty four years old.

Spirit’s Journey: Achievements Beyond Measure

What inspired your journey in psychic mediumship, and what do you consider your most significant achievements along the way?

When the time is right it is never too late. I am living proof that as a late starter anything can be achieved and possible if you want it badly enough, work hard and if you do the right thing by spirit and people always. This year will be my seventeenth year working with and for spirit and in that time I am very proud of my many accomplishments and achievements.

Some of them are as follows. I have self published six books – was awarded the 2014 peoples choice award by the international psychics association – featured in a documentary the only one of its kind in Australia called “Psychics in the Suburbs” aired on TV several times and selected by popular documentaries – 2022 became the first Australian psychic medium to perform at the Sydney Opera House doing a platform show and in its fifty year history becoming the second psychic medium to ever do so, Doris Stokes the English medium being the first to perform there – taught psychic and mediumship development classes and workshops for over fourteen years continuously and had the pleasure of helping many psychic mediums get started on their path – readings have amounted to over twenty five thousand including  many forums such as live TV for many years, radio, spiritual churches and stage shows and the opportunity to read for a few celebrities. Sept 2024 I am thrilled to be one of a select group of mediums to perform on stage at the afterlife convention in Sydney where spirit meets science.

Bound by Love: A Medium’s Message of Hope

How do you perceive the role of love and hope in your work as a psychic medium, and what message do you aim to convey to those seeking connection with their loved ones in the afterlife?

So you see anything may be possible if you work with integrity, commitment and passion. Love survives even when our physical body ceases to exist and that is what every medium sets out to prove to the loved ones that are left behind by bringing through strong evidence and validation from the loved ones in spirit, including our animals that have passed over and babies that never got to be born.

There are no barriers with language, religion or culture because our evidence comes through about the love bonds we share, and the continuation of the human spirit. In my readings I always endeavour to uplift and empower my clients and above all to give hope that we all reunite with our loved ones one day.

Also to show that no matter the manner of passing that we all make it to heaven and leave all our traumas behind and that we do not carry suffering or torment or illness to the other side.

Beliefs and Influences

How has your faith influenced your journey as a medium, and how do you handle the emotional aspects of your work?

Personally I have always believed in God I am catholic and losing people made me aware of how short life can be and after I started training to be a medium I have never looked back.

As mediums we suffer just the same as everyone else with grief and loss but it is a small comfort to understand that we are not lost forever when we pass away and we do meet up with our loved ones again after loss. Many people have told me that through my books and my readings they find me relatable and I often get emotional when delivering messages.

Approach to Readings and Encounters

How do compassion, humor, and skill play a role in your work as a psychic medium, and what drives your dedication to offering free services and bringing comfort to others?

I tend to make people laugh and cry often at the same time! My compassion and humour often puts people at ease and my love for my job is often evident in my readings or performances. In every reading I will try and touch on both psychic, (past present future) and mediumship and I offer free readings Monday nights on my Facebook live shows for those that cannot afford readings.

For many years I have offered my services for free platforms fundraisers and spiritual churches. The people I look up to are John Edward and My friend Harry T and I believe watching all spiritual workers is a good training ground for learning to improve my skills.

Once in a reading I had a catholic priest ring me when I was working on TV and at the end of the call he told me to keep up my good work and I cannot express how much his words meant to me.

On another special occasion a steward recognised me on a flight and I ended up reading him sky high truly close to the heavens and then he went and got a co worker who I then read up in the air as well! It certainly distracted me from my fear of flying! It is always a delight to have the odd celebrity drop in from spirit when relevant to the person I am reading and always fun to pick up a pregnancy often spilling the beans sometimes when the recipient is often not even aware yet that they are pregnant.

It is music to my ears when a client tells me they recognise their loved one coming through with messages and quirks of their personality or when they provide fine details proving they are who they say they are.

My advice to those who may be considering exploring their own intuitive side I can tell you it will be the best door you will ever open and the best decision you can make. It will help you to better appreciate and understand yourself it will help with self healing and you will make a difference for many who cross your path.

These last couple of years have been tough universally and I think now more than ever everyone seems to be searching for something. Whether it is inner worth or contentment or fulfilment. My main message to everyone is that you are never alone when you feel pain or have suffering in your life. Everyone goes through hardships and tough times too. 

Balancing Personal and Professional Life

How do prayer and helping others guide your approach to psychic readings?

I don’t meditate in my preparation when doing readings but I do an opening prayer and finish with a closing prayer. I believe in the power of prayer in our moments of need and in general. I also believe in being kind to yourself and to others as best you can. When working for spirit I stay true to myself, my beliefs and integrity in my readings is always foremost on my mind.

Helping people is a priority and empowering and helping people find their strengths and the answers deep with themselves to life’s questions. When delivering sensitive information I try and be always aware as to how I would like to hear that message especially in public forums so as not to embarrass or hurt anyone.

How do you balance your personal life with your work as a psychic, and what aspects of your job do you enjoy the most?

Psychics are rarely off duty, I tend to always watch the world with spiritual eyes but when I am not working I make sure I have fun and spend lots of time with family. I live life to the full and pursue my personal interests such as swimming reading watching movies and doing things that give me pleasure so that my batteries are always fully charged. If we are personally fulfilled and happy it is easier to give help to others through our line of work.

My favourite part of my job is stage and TV and teaching what I do and I love educating widespread audiences through media, my books and Facebook etc. My personal belief is that world wide there will be more curiosity about what we do on all levels as people seek comfort and understanding about the spirit world and that is something I hope I can continue to be of assistance with and involved in.

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