Psychic Interview: Oephebia – Tarot reader – Tarot teacher and mentor

Oephebia Tarot Reader

Meet Oephebia, a seasoned Tarot reader and mentor whose journey into Tarot began with a chance encounter with a Tarot de Marseille deck. Now a respected figure in the field, Oephebia’s approach emphasizes authenticity and ethical practice. She aims to inspire future Tarot enthusiasts through her teaching and mentoring efforts, ensuring the tradition continues with integrity. Learn more about her on this interview.

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My Journey into Tarot Reading

How did you first get into Tarot reading?

I was around 15 years old when by “chance” I came across a tarot deck called Tarot de Marseille. The major arcana of this deck was given free with a magazine. I bought the magazine as I was intrigued by the weird and wonderful pictures, and it felt like the pictures were telling a story.

At this point, as nobody was a clairvoyant or a psychic in my family, I felt isolated with my desire to understand the tarot but also the occult and the paranormal.

You see, Paris in the 80’s had no internet, no esoteric teachers and very little books on the many subjects that fascinated me.

A few years later, I found a complete Tarot de Marseille and an accompanying book (I still have both) in an “occult” library in my native Paris (France). Little did I know, that my lifetime love story with the tarot had just begun.

I started to “read” the cards, using the accompanying book, trying to understand these mysterious and odd pictures, but I grew frustrated in the process. As I was feeling things, seeing events and knowing truth that the book did not explain, I felt that something was wrong with me. Every time I was doing a reading for a friend or a friend of a friend etc, nothing in the book matched my understanding of the cards.

Until I visited a clairvoyant, because I wanted to know about my love life. She answered my questions on that matter but, I will always remember what she said about my abilities to read the cards in a very intuitive and unique way. She said that one day, I will have my own business, conducting readings for people and that I had a “gift” with the tarot. Furthermore, she asked me to be aware of my energies, protecting them and avoiding negative people, as I was like a sponge, absorbing everything (good or bad).

This reading made no sense to me, how could I become a professional tarot reader? I had no intention to do it. Also, what she told me about my love life (that I will marry an English guy) sounded totally crazy! I knew nobody in England, and I had no intention to leave my beloved France. Ah the arrogance of youth!

Forward a few years, and I was still practicing my tarot readings (albeit less frustrated as I decided to let go of the book and to go with the flow), as a hobby, reading for people with no exchange of money, simply to have a bit of fun. I was working in the corporate world as a PA and loving my job. Tarot readings were a bit of a frisson, something that I loved doing but nothing more than a pastime.

Until I met an English guy, fell in love with him, married him (and we are still married 30 years on). I moved to London in the early 90’s. My first public event as a professional tarot reader was in Camden Town Hall, it was so scary, doing readings in English! It went well (and I still have clients from that first event).

Did you encounter teachers or authors who had an impact on you regarding the world of Tarot?

I came across the Rider Waite Smith tarot when I visited an esoteric shop in London, and everything fell into place. The imagery, the colours, the energies of the deck, as by magic.

My readings started to be more precise, more intense and as time passed, my abilities to read the tarot grew tenfold. My worn out Tarot de Marseille was retired early, and the Rider Waite Smith is still a deck I am using to this day (amongst others).

I researched the symbolism of the deck, and whilst researching, I found a book called 78 degrees of Wisdom by the late Rachel Pollack. The book is still one I recommend to my students or anyone wanting to understand the tarot, instead of relying on little white booklets found with many tarot decks.

The book was a revelation, so much so that I started to write my Tarot course, a private tuition course, to understand the cards on a deep level.

Years later, I met Rachel Pollack at a Tarot conference as we were both speakers, and we had the pleasure to have dinner together. Rachel loved Paris, so we talked about my hometown but of course, the conversation as per magic, turn into the tarot. I felt privileged to have had such a wonderful time, asking questions to the Goddess of the Tarot herself. Something to cherish.

Guiding Lives Through Tarot Readings

What services do you provide for your clients? How do you help them with your readings?

I provide tarot readings as a way to help people to understand the energies at play in their lives. I often compare a tarot reading as a sat nav. The client is driving their car, and me as the translator of the cards, I am the sat nav, seeing the road ahead, telling the client if the path is clear, if there are obstacles, if another road is better etc… But the client is in charge of the driving and can bypass the sat nav, the client needs to use their free will.

I always make sure that clients understand that fortune telling is not really part of the readings I provide. Free will is something that we all have and helps us to make decisions. There are many futures on offer according to our free will (and the free will of others, and the collective free will).

This is why readings empower my clients, because they have a choice, we can analyse any given situation and see which path would be better suited for the desired outcome.

I help my clients by being authentic and honest with them during readings. Sometimes we are our own worst enemies, and we have created some of the situations we find ourselves in. There is no judgment during a reading so, a client can see where things are a bit wobbly, and we can explore the possible solutions to remedy a problem.

Sometimes you hit a nerve with the cards, and a client starts to cry (which is healing in itself). It is their time to be themselves, to express themselves, and a reading can be the little kick in the “derriere” to move on and take life to a fuller, more enriching level. It is a healing session, because energies are often at play. I always have the best interests of my clients at heart.

What advice do you give to your clients apart from the reading itself, if any?

I always look at each client as an individual, so if I give some advice, it is immediately tailored to their needs and their needs only.

For some clients, it might be that they need to open their heart and mind to their own spirituality, by means that would be personal to them.

Other clients, it would be to let go of their shackles from the past and to let healing take place. Whilst for others it will be to do the painting course they always wanted to do, or traveling to their dream destination.

In other words, I gently remind people that their dreams are important, and they can achieve them with time and focus. Life is a dance, and we need to follow the music.

How your approach to tarot reading sets you apart from others in the world of tarot reading?

Honesty, simply as that.

If I cannot connect with a client within the first 10 minutes of a reading, I offer a full refund of the fees, as it would be unethical for me to pursue.

I have conducted many thousands of readings, and it would be easy to tell people what they want to hear.

But it is not what a client wants to hear, it is what they need to hear for their highest good. People put their lives in your hands (literally here) and it is my duty as a tarot reader to be authentic and honest. I follow my own code of ethics on this matter.

Also, in order to keep perspective, only one tarot reading per year per person is provided, because time is truly the essence of a reading. Nothing happens with a magic wand (although the Magician card would beg to differ).

Exploring Tarot: Advice for Beginners

If someone wants to learn the Tarot, to enhance their spirituality, what advice would you give them?

I will encourage people to do a bit of research online regarding the many ways they can learn about the Tarot.

Nowadays, there are blogs about the tarot, YouTube videos about techniques and spreads, workshops to learn the cards, meet up for people to practice readings, tarot courses, tarot schools, tarot mentoring, tarot books, Instagram, Facebook groups and the list goes on. There is something for everyone and for every budget. The student is spoilt for choice!

Of course, like any profession, some courses and materials/books are excellent, and others not so.

The first thing is to use one’s intuition, looking at the website of the tarot school/teacher/mentor, how does it make you feel? Does it make sense? It is all well explained? Can you reach out to them to ask questions? Are fees for the course clearly shown? Do they have reviews online?

I will say that finding a bona fide teacher, with experience and proven track records of their teaching/readings is essential. Google reviews are a good place to start!

Personally, when someone has found me and is interested in learning the tarot, I conduct an informal interview on a webcam, because it is easier for the person to have a feel of their teacher/mentor, they can ask as many questions as they want, and for me as a tarot teacher/mentor, I can feel the energies of the person and see if the course is suitable for them or not.

Sometimes, the course won’t be suitable because it is an in-depth course and requires time and dedication, and the person wanting to do it has not got the time for it. So, it is a great way to make sure both parties are on board and understand what will be required during the 6 months we will travel with the Tarot.

The Future of Tarot Reading: Perspectives and Personal Journey

How do you see the future of tarot reading? Do you see yourself contributing to this field in the years to come?

I think the future of tarot reading is promising, as Tarot is more mainstream nowadays, with the advent of Instagram and other social media platforms.

However, my concern is that the hard work of learning the cards and practicing for years is something the younger generations are not prepared to do, for them (it seems) everything needs to be instant.

Personally, after over forty years in the industry, I am hoping that my offering of reliable tarot training and tarot mentoring will be taken by people who want to be their best authentic selves when undertaking their tarot career.

Tarot reading is far more involved that just putting a few cards on a tablecloth, it is a minefield and one has to be prepared for a long ride.

I see myself as an “old hand” training the next generation of authentic readers, until retirement looms.

How do you take care of yourself when you are not working as a tarot reader, tarot teacher and mentor?

I am an amateur photographer, so I like to immerse myself in nature and try to capture the incredible world of insects with macro photography, but also nature with wild life photography.

Herbalism, Bach Flowers remedies, Aromatherapy, Apothecary are my big passion, and I love foraging for plants and create potions, tinctures etc.

Nature is healing and it grounds me after difficult readings.

Whenever I have time, I am an amateur sewist and I am creating tarot bags, tarot cloths and accessories, just for fun. Learning a new skill is always good for the soul!

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