Interview: Lynn Marcia – Psychic Medium and Empath

Psychic Lynn Marcia

Meet Lynn Marcia, a Psychic Medium and Empath, as she explores spiritual awakening and healing. Lynn shares her journey of self-discovery and connection to the spirit world, offering intuitive readings and expanding her services to include ‘Guardian angel’ readings and energy healing. Through grounding techniques and heightened senses, she helps individuals to connect to their spiritual essence.

Join Lynn in this interview for insightful discussions and fascinating encounters, from communicating with fairies to aiding spirits in crossing over. Learn about spiritual journeys through practices like meditation and yoga, and explore energy healing methods. Lynn reflects on the deeper purpose of spirituality, highlighting the pursuit of joy and soulful expression. Read more about her on this exclusive interview for!

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Exploring Spiritual Awakening and Healing

Why do you feel people are leaning towards spirituality? What makes people go deep or explore spiritual knowledge?

Most people feel a calling in their hearts or soul to get closer to the creator and the truth, knowing that there is more to life than meets the eye. Every pain, confusion, setbacks in life makes you dig deeper within to find solace, to find the meaning in life – it’s how we find ourselves and connect with our soul- it’s through our spirit and anything and everything else that connects you to the spirit world. This includes being interested in the mystical world, of your soul’s working, your guides, angels, archangels and creator of all that is or God.

One might be interested in energy healing, of which there are many kinds. I used to be interested in energy healing through flowers and did a channelling from the flowers weekly for a year a few years back. I stopped for a couple of years and delved more deeper into all sorts of energy healing methods, studied through books and courses and learned much more about the energy healing world and of our guides and angels.

Spiritual Services: Enhancing Senses and Offerings

What services do you offer and how has your senses evolved as a medium and intuitive?

Currently my services involve intuitive readings from spiritual guides and mediumship reading. I will be adding ‘ Guardian angel’ reading soon and connecting the client to their guardian angel. They can feel and make a connection physically with their guardian angel’s energy. It helps you make a physical connection to your own guardian angel and I’m excited about this. I’ll also be doing services that involve energy healing.

As I keep progressing in my spiritual journey, my senses evolve too. I notice I smell the emotions of others and I feel the smell of things. If that makes sense. Our senses have a lot more power than you have been taught. We are powerful beings of energy and there is no just one way to use our psychic senses!

How do others connect with you and the services you offer?

I have a Facebook page and an Instagram page where I share tips and insight from the guides, the archangels, your higher self and lots more in attuning you to a higher vibration and how to advance your spirituality to a higher level. It’s basically empowering individuals to light up their spiritual being and reminding them of their spiritual allies that are always there for them.

My services at the moment stands on another platform which you can access through my website. I started my website last year including my social media page. I’m exploring and trying new things looking at what works and what doesn’t. My services will be included in the website soon.

Spiritual Awakening and Mystical Encounters

How did you started on your spiritual journey?

My services are the product of myself being an empath, who is sensitive to energy and trying to find my place in the world or my life. For a long time I was trying to find ways to get closer to the divine and in awakening and opening my senses to get into a place within my being to find balance and to make sense of it all.

What I did not realize was my vibration was so high and I was basically living in my spiritual energy and getting lost in the human ways of thinking and their ‘beingness’- I was absorbing it all like a sponge!

It took a while but I finally discovered grounding. Grounding my energy has helped me so much to be balanced in all parts of my being and I can feel the power, the energy within and around me connecting physically to my body and it has helped me be more intuned and aware to my connection to the physical plane.

My first experience with energy and the Spirit world (angels, archangels and the guides) was when I took a ‘one to one’ live class with an angel medium. The course was called ‘Discover your life purpose with the angels’, this was about 15 years ago and it’s where my eyes and senses opened up to another world that I’ve never experienced before, I got to know my abilities and what I can do as a human to communicate with angelic beings and guides.

That first encounter in discovering my spiritual abilities and communicating with the unseen helpers, woke me up as a spirit and I wanted to experience it more and go in depth and study it. It really opened up a new world for me, or so it seems – for I later felt that it has been waiting for me all along.

Can you please share with us any interesting stories from your career as a psychic or spiritual worker?

Recently I was in Canada, I connected to a fairy! I was sitting in the balcony enjoying the sun and weather and I thought to myself maybe I should ask if there is a fairy here. A few seconds later a fairy appeared, I saw it through my inner eye. It was really tiny and I can see it looked like a human with wings. It was a girl fairy and she had a bluish energy around her and she brought a friend too! It was also a girl fairy with dark hair.

We exchanged a few words. She was commenting on what I was doing. Back in Dubai I tried to connect to a fairy again because I wasn’t sure if there was one as the middle east is hot and it hardly rains here with no trees (or very few) or forest around.

Well, I was caught by surprise! A little fairy came, a boy fairy appeared in my mind’s eye and he was shaking his body and dust was flying off of him! He had a brownish fuzzy light just like the sand colour enveloping him. I was very happy and glad to have seen them.

I have written stories in my blog about how my psychic senses have helped a spirit crossover (I talked to her physically) and how a fly that was flying around my kitchen answered my question.

Spiritual Growth and Healing Practices

How can individuals enhance their spiritual journey, and what resources do you suggest for guidance?

Use your passion to fuel you to know and feel where your next step is, which websites or books, teacher you’re interested in. We are naturally intuitive already. Whatever your interests are, that’s your spirit guiding you. Always remember to ask help from your guides and angels, talk to them like talking to a friend.

When I started this path in my spiritual journey, there was never a day that I was without a book, reading blogs, searching for meanings on the internet and taking courses. I’m taking a course right now in deepening my experience of how the energy centers work to help increase my consciousness and awareness. It’s learning to work with the Tree of life, our energy centers. It’s based on an ancient form of mysticism.

How do various practices like grounding, meditation, and yoga contribute to enhancing psychic abilities and spiritual connection?

Grounding is so important. I have a practice that was shared to me by Archangel Sandalphon.’ It’s imagining you are a tree, and you send roots through the sole of your feet right to the center of the earth. Your body is the trunk and you are growing as a tree with your leaves reaching towards the Sun. Breath in the Sun, breath in that light energy throughout your whole body ‘. I have shared this meditation on my facebook page.

Breathing or meditation is the core practice by most to connect to the spirit world and to know your own spirit, but there is also others you can incorporate in your daily live such listening or using singing bowls (The sound and vibration of the bowls seeps into our energy field and gently but powerfully heals our energy and our chakras), using salt bath to cleanse your energy body and there are hundreds of chakra clearing meditations in Youtube or books that you can easily get a hold of.

Practising Yin yoga or Restorative yoga has helped me to achieve a relaxed and calm state. In achieving calmness and peace of mind you are opening up your psychic abilities and it’s easier for your guides and angels to communicate with you.

Is there any energy healing method out there that you can share with us?

There is an energy healing method using audio that uses morphic fields to create healing on your body, mind and emotions. It’s a channel called Sapien Medicine that you can find on Youtube. I’ve listened to lots of its audio for healing across all areas of my life and it has created changes and upgraded my life in ways that I truly needed – thousands of people have listened to it with testimonials.

Some may be sceptic to this type of energy healing as anything new will always take time to reach and change the belief systems that’s old – or some may be open to this type of healing.

Spirituality and Soulful Living

Can you share with us the deeper meaning of spiritual practices or spirituality and what is the purpose of life?

The whole point about spiritual practices is, it reminds you that you are a spirit and through your spiritual practices such as breathing, grounding, yoga or any other spiritual exercise out there, including contemplation of our state of being – help us to be aware- aware of ourselves as a spirit being.

When we become aware of our own spirit-our own divinity, we become less superficial and more authentic to our own needs as a spirit and awaken our own creative abilities to create, find our place in this world. When you are one with spirit, your own spirit – you become more empathic to the needs of others, you will respond to others or situations with an open mind and bring kindness, love and gentleness to yourself and to others.

The purpose of life is about finding joy and creative expression of your soul. To discover and experience life with your physical senses, to create and to love. You heard the saying, you can’t bring your wealth with you in the end. What you can bring is the joy, fun, love, compassion, understanding, forgiveness you have experienced and that you have given to others and have received from others. It’s our soul growth that matters in the end.

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