Psychic Interview: Samantha Duly DSNU, Medium & Mentor

Samantha Duly DSNU psychic

Meet Samantha Duly DSNU, a dedicated Medium, Mentor, and Certified Teacher of the Spiritualists National Union (SNU). Originally from East Sussex, UK, Samantha has spent 17 years in Australia. Her journey with spirit began in childhood, and influenced deeply by her psychic grandmother, Samantha intensified her mediumship journey after her grandmother’s passing. She earned her Diploma DSNU in Evidential Mediumship in 2020 and continues her studies towards becoming an Officiant of the SNU and an Australian Celebrant. Samantha mentors aspiring Mediums globally through Zoom classes and workshops, demonstrating the life-changing nature of Mediumship. Discover Samantha’s teachings and journey at

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Samantha Duly DSNU Medium

My Journey as a Medium

Can you share your journey and experiences as a Medium, from your early awareness of spirit to your current work and achievements?

I am a full time Medium offering 1:1 readings and I demonstrate my Mediumship at public events including the Spiritualist Churches. I am also a Certified Teacher/Mentor. I have lived in Australia for 17 years now and I am originally from East Sussex, UK. I was aware of spirit as a child, having many tea parties with my Tinkerbell tea set with my spirit friends in my bedroom.

My maternal grandma was a Psychic and a Medium who regularly took part in seances with her close friends, she was an accurate Psychic and had premonitions. Sadly, she died unexpectedly, 10 days before our birthday, I was going to be 14. I felt special sharing a birthday with her, and my grandad said I was very like her in many ways.

After she passed it felt like my abilities were highlighted and came to the fore. I have always been and still am, an ultimate bookworm so I read many spiritual books, but it wasn’t until I was 32 that I sat in a development circle, strengthening my abilities and my connection to spirit.

There was nothing stopping me after that, I did every course and workshop that I could, as well as sitting in 3 home circles. After sitting for development for 5 years, I went on platform for the first time in 2003 at the SNU Church, Edward St in Brighton, a day I have never forgotten.

In the UK, I was also the Medium for a local paranormal group, we had so many amazing experiences especially in the local theatres. In one theatre, we all stood on the stage, and we all started to sway unnervingly. I felt very sick and commented that I felt I was on a boat and had sea sickness.

I had to be helped outside as felt the presence of a man being on a large ship and was physically sick. Well, low and behold when the facilitator did further research and spoke to the theatre manager, he told her that John Wesley Woodward who was the Cellist who died whilst playing as the Titanic sunk, frequently played at this theatre, and it’s reported, it was his favourite theatre to perform at.

He said that many staff had the same feelings too. I feel the many experiences I had on these evenings, strengthened my Mediumship and helped me to attune more into the energies present.

I achieved my Diploma DSNU in Evidential Mediumship in 2020, this took me 8 years of study and many trips to the UK undertaking assessments. I am now studying for my OSNU – to become an Officiant of the SNU and I am also studying to be an Australian Celebrant so doing my Cert 4.

I feel blessed to have had some great mentors on my journey and the wonderful Mavis Pittilla was one of them which I am eternally grateful for. It was my dream to be mentored by Mavis and after my mum passed, she left us all some money and I used mine for my mentorship, which I know my mum approved of! I do tell people though, that my best teachers are the spirit world and will continue to be so.

I hope to finish writing my book this year, so stay tuned!

All my events, including Evenings of Mediumship and Spiritualist Church dates are on my website.

Mediumship Mentoring and Teaching

What motivated you to start mentoring aspiring mediums?

I have been teaching now for 18 years, you could say how can you teach someone to be a Medium? So, it is really guiding students, sharing what you have learnt and by giving them exercises to enhance their abilities and assist them to be the best vessel that they can be for the spirit world. Through dedication and commitment, all Mediums can be the voice for spirit.

I currently teach weekly on zoom, but also run workshops locally and nationally. I also mentor students privately, face to face and over zoom as I have students all over the world.

I am a Certified Teacher (CSNU t) of the SNU, and I am very passionate about helping and guiding students whether they are wanting to learn for their own self development or wish to do professional 1:1 reading’s and/or undertake platform (audience) Mediumship.

Since 2012, I have hosted colleagues who teach at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College here in Perth, WA. This gives students a chance to attend workshops by some of the best Tutors in the world and saves them an airfare to the UK too. All details for future Tutors will be on my social media.

What to Expect in a Mediumship Reading

What is the main purpose and process of a mediumship reading?

The main reason that people visit a Medium is to hear from their loved one/s in spirit. A Medium’s main purpose in readings is to prove life continues after death. The Medium should provide evidential information that proves without a shadow of doubt that the person’s loved one is in the room.

By allowing the spirit world to draw close, the Medium should be able to truly become the spirit they are communicating by exhibiting the essence and presence of them. As we relay shared memories and pass on information that spirit has been around their loved one recently this again is proof that love conquers death.

Our spirit family and friends continue to love us and will do anything to get a message across that they are okay, that they have arrived safely in their new home. Each spirit has a different story, and we as Mediums, must be their voice and walk in their shoes for that time in a reading. Each reading is a healing for both worlds. We have been chosen to do this work, we aren’t gifted, the gift is to bring both worlds together again.

A reading will still be the same if the reading is on zoom, or facetime etc. as long as you see the person’s face and hear their voice, the spirit world can come through, I think it is great as you have to trust in the spirit world. Modern technology is great and helps me do readings all over the world.


How do the Spiritualists National Union (SNU) and Spiritualists National Union International (SNUi) support and train spiritual mediums, speakers, and healers, and what opportunities do they offer for international students?

The Spiritualists National Union (SNU) and the Spiritualists National Union International (SNUi) – The SNU is a religious charity not that only supports UK Spiritualist churches but also supports the training of Spiritual Mediums, Healing Mediums, Public Speakers and Teachers.

A branch of the SNU is the famous Arthur Findlay College in Stansted, UK & is a place that every student should visit at least once in their development. It offers many courses available for all interests, whether its Mediumship, Trance & Trance healing, Art, Philosophy, the list goes on. Rich with history and a wonderful energy, the walls full of Mediums and Pioneers gone by, a definite for your to do list.

The SNUi is the international learning site so to speak, and the website has a calendar full of classes that a student can attend, although the times are written in the UK time zone, you can convert to Australian time zone. There are classes specifically for the Australian time zone too. If you join the SNUi you get given the password each month to access the classes. I will be re-starting my class on there shortly.

I highly recommend joining and for the year, it is £25.

I am a trainer for the SNU and SNUi and assist and guide students with their studies until their Final Board for their PAS exam and CSNU exam. I also mark final essays for other courses. There is so much effort and time that the student puts in, and it is commendable, as we need a lot more dedicated and proficient Medium’s and Speakers.

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