Psychic Interview: Karina Webb – An Australian Trance Medium

Karina Webb psychic

Karina Webb shares her journey from discovering spirits to becoming a dedicated trance medium offering a range of services including psychic readings, live spirit events, and mentoring. She discusses the importance of consistent spiritual practice and connection with spirit guides for personal growth and effective spiritual communication.

Karina also explores the impact of technology on spiritual learning, highlighting both its benefits and the ongoing need for traditional spiritual gatherings. She addresses challenges in readings with patience and spiritual guidance, ensuring clients receive clarity and support.

Karina‚Äôs insights into the soul’s journey after death and the distinctions between psychics and mediums underscore her commitment to spiritual clarity and guidance. Read all about her in this interview.

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Karina Webb trance medium

From Spirit Animals to Psychic Readings: My Spiritual Path

How did you discover your spiritual abilities and develop them over the years?

When I was young, I started noticing spirits and spirit animals appearing on the walls. This sparked my interest in the spiritual realm. In my late twenties and thirties, I actively participated in numerous spiritual circles to enhance my spiritual abilities. Consistent participation was crucial. I believe this practice is essential for individuals looking to nurture their spiritual talents and serve as a liaison to the spirit world. Prioritizing time with their spirit guides is of utmost importance.

What services do you offer to support and empower your clients?

Psychic readings, Live spirit events, Qigong sessions, Spiritual Reverendship mentoring, Animal communication sessions, Weight management, Workshops.

How does a psychic reading provide clarity and direction?

A psychic reading aims to provide clients with essential information to assist them in navigating life with clarity and direction, as well as addressing any inquiries they may have. For example, a client once sought advice on which lady to pursue and received the necessary guidance.

The Impact of Technology on Spiritual Learning

How has the prominence of technology impacted the practice and learning of spirituality?

Spirituality has undoubtedly become more prominent with the easy access of technology. This advancement allows spiritual individuals to enhance their skills in the comfort of their own homes. While online courses can be beneficial for aspiring psychics or mediums, ethical guidance and physical learning spaces are also crucial.

Traditional spiritual gatherings still play a significant role in providing a supportive environment for students. It is imperative for students to gain experience and insight through platform demonstrations over time. This process is essential for their growth and for effectively interacting with the public.

Rushing through courses may lead some students to overestimate their expertise in the field. Platforms provide a space for making mistakes, learning, and improving, as online and in-person readings offer distinct experiences. I continue to grow spiritually through advanced spiritual education.

How do you handle challenging or uncooperative clients during readings?

Every psychic and medium encounters these challenges. Personally, I employ a specific technique to navigate situations where clients are uncooperative or resistant. When faced with such circumstances, I exercise patience. If the situation does not improve, I seek guidance from spirit and respectfully conclude the reading. In response, clients may either open up and apologize, or we part ways, wishing them success in their search for guidance.

Life After Death: Psychic vs. Medium Perspectives

What happens to the soul after physical death?

The soul will fully transition into the spirit realm with pure love, regardless of how they lived their life on earth. Love awaits them, and they will eventually have the chance to review their past life and reflect on it completely.

What are the key differences between psychics and mediums, and why is it important to distinguish between the two?

Many individuals mix up psychics and mediums. A psychic offers insights into the recipient’s past, present, and future to provide guidance. I choose not to focus on the past during readings, striving instead to offer inspiration and positivity.

On the other hand, a medium communicates with spirits or guides, also possessing psychic abilities. It’s common to observe psychics mistakenly delivering mediumship messages, indicating a lack of spiritual strength and consistency in power. If the psychic is reading psychically, they must remain in that psychic power as well as a medium to do the same without switching back and forth. Developing and preserving inner power is essential for both psychics and mediums to effectively convey messages.

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