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Paul Quinton Psychic

Paul Quinton, a seasoned psychic and spiritual guide, draws on his upbringing in a psychic family and profound spiritual experiences to facilitate healing and personal growth. Through his Alignment Modality© workshops and channeling sessions with spirit groups like the Algolrians and Sirians, Paul helps individuals awaken their innate potential and navigate their spiritual journey. His approach focuses on overcoming societal conditioning, using intention to support healing and spiritual alignment. Explore Paul’s teachings and insights on this exclusive interview for

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Channeling the Golden Age of Consciousness

How has your background in a spiritual/psychic family influenced your work and the development of your healing modalities?

I grew up in a spiritual/psychic family and have been involved in the esoteric all my life, allowing me to fulfil my soul’s contract as a healer, teacher, channel, and writer. I have a patented new modality insured in 35 countries. I am releasing my channelled books through spirits’ voices to assist humanity in shifting into the new Earth’s golden age as the renaissance of consciousness establishes itself. I assist souls in assisting themselves, transforming human conditioning.

Being trained in numerous healing modalities has assisted me in bringing forth the Alignment Modality©. However, my greatest teacher has been spirit. They have provided me with priceless information, knowledge, and awareness of our world. One of my greatest gifts is channelling and speaking with spirit via my soul. I have learnt much of what I teach through this ‘downloading’ process.

My goal is to assist human beings in realising their universal potential by accessing multidimensional aspects of their consciousness. I provide tools to heal themselves and regain sovereignty of their minds and bodies in a world full of misinformation.

Experiences with Spirit and Psychic Abilities

What were some of your most significant psychic experiences, including encounters with spirits, astral entities, and extraterrestrials?

My first experience with spirit was my weekly sessions, or sittings, as we call them. My family members and I would call forth astral plane entities and lost souls to assist them in passing over or moving on, or to bring acknowledgement to their grief. In later years, I used to work with just my mum and father. My mum would channel an American Indian spirit named Running Feather. He would step into my mother’s body, and she would speak with a male voice. I would ask questions on various topics, including extraterrestrial life, other planets, and parts of my life.

I’ve had many psychic experiences. I’ve seen and, through psychic sight, been in different dimensions. I’ve astral travelled and encountered shadow beings with quite dark intentions. I’ve seen several extraterrestrials. Over the past eight years, I have been channelling messages from universal beings of many different densities and dimensions.

Interacting with Higher-Density Beings and Spirit Groups

What types of spirit groups do you work with in your practice?

Due to my upbringing, I was often afraid, especially at night, as I was aware of spirits in the house. However, these early experiences allowed me to understand fear as a form of consciousness given to us in this gift of separation. I work directly with tenth-density beings who do not exhibit androgyny. They are organised by a Council of 10, who are directly involved in many aspects of this universal consciousness, including helping to develop planets. They told me that my soul had merged with their frequency long ago, and thus their planet is my non-physical home. They primarily channel masculine frequency, and I also work with a feminine frequency group called the Algolrians, who reside on the star Algol, located within our galaxy. They represent repressed feminine energy and assist women on Earth in releasing their rage.

The third group I work with is the Sirians. They were one of the original races seeded on Earth and came in as the ancient Egyptians. They have gifted me with my Alignment Modality, a four-part healing and transformative journey to awaken the new Earth consciousness within humans by clearing out many aspects of denied trauma from various lifetimes. They come live on the workshops to provide healing, deliver messages, et cetera. I teach online around the world.

Clearing Misconceptions, Teaching, and Healing Practices

How does your approach differ from traditional New Age modalities, and what principles guide your healing methodology?

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation in the New Age movement. Spirit stripped back many of the modalities I was trained in and gave me a simple approach to transforming the human condition. This modality is directly from Spirit, offering a profound healing model to awaken human beings. As the new Earth consciousness births itself, other authentic teachers will bring forward accurate and uncorrupted information. Many channels are influenced by the astral plane, leading to significant dysfunction in human consciousness, especially in the New Age movement.

I work directly with spirit in my one-to-one healing with clients and as a teacher on my platform. In one-to-one sessions, I work directly with their soul. This gives me a greater understanding of what is happening in parallel lifetimes in the present moment and what is occurring and may be blocked subconsciously. In truth, no healer can take away your pain. It would be best to feel it because you are the architect of everything in your life. Authentic spiritual teachers can psychically see and bring awareness to what has been denied or suppressed. By universal law, acknowledgement creates oscillation within unilateral holds that keep a person in denial of their true self. I have moved away from the new-age spiritual hype because many of the words are now redundant, and holding onto the old Earth model and functionality can hinder a person’s evolution. We are currently entering the Aquarian age, where the feminine is rebirthing.

Once the male and female alignment comes into union, we shall awaken the new unconsciousness in all human beings. But to do that, we must clear the emotional body by engaging in self-inquiry. Self-enquiry is the true purpose in this life. We are not creating anything new; we are just resolving old patterns and letting go of karmic connections. We have been hindering our progress for many lifetimes. Everyone can help the planet by engaging in self-enquiry because it changes the cellular vibration in the human body. When you walk past someone in the street, and they intend to awaken as well, your cells will communicate with their cells, triggering synchronistic events in their life to awaken them to their soul. This is how we pass the light on the planet through the cellular network. But we must be grounded. I work a lot with sacred geometry and vibrational medicine in my teaching to bring the hexagon, the foundation of the human body, into alignment with the Earth’s vibration. Humans can start transforming their conditioning safely and effectively when that is in place.

All teachers must be honest in their approach. It would help if you worked on yourself to guide your clients to the depths of transformation they need. Healers and spiritual coaches who have yet to work on their shadow will only be able to take the client halfway. I’ve been working on my shadow self for many years, including understanding the illusion we live in, and that is all it is—an illusion: we are already powerful. We are already ascended as multi-dimensional beings. Spirit says we are running from being human. The spiritual movement is trying to move away from the Earth, from being physical, and here lies the problem: we are searching and striving for something we already are. Searching outwardly for answers is why human consciousness is in so much dysfunction. Spirit said we are now going backwards in many ways.

How has your personal journey with your shadow self influenced your ability to guide others through transformation?

What we haven’t done is master the human experience and bring alignment to our physical experience here on Earth. We must let go of fear, the illusion of duality, and, more importantly, the illusion that we are just physical beings. We are awakening our souls consciously as we walk in this body; that is the purpose of our current timeline. It took four months to break the polarity of my shadow self finally.

I barely ate. I lost 10 kg, and I was so consumed in basal energy that it was tough for me to even interact with people and have a normal conversation. It was a profound experience, but I gained a greater respect for fluctuation and polarity. This experience also enabled me to emit a new frequency that has helped my clients and me. I’ve had numerous profound experiences that are too many to detail here and now. But I will say we’re alright. We are not our story. We are not our society’s programming, religion, or belief systems. We are human beings who have forgotten our power and enlightenment; you don’t need to learn it, earn it, or grow into it; we need to remember it. We are in a golden opportunity for the next 18 months until the end of 2025 to awaken the suppressed aspects of our consciousness across all timelines. Now is the time to focus on yourself. It will be much easier, and you’ll emerge safely on the other side. Quite a few people will leave Earth because they refuse to awaken and let go of the old Earth narrative. Spirit has clarified that this is all okay and aligned with their soul. However, they will conclude their third-dimensional experience on another reincarnated planet. Earth will no longer serve as a playground for physical and non-physical shadow forces. We are witnessing an increase in ancestral energy flowing through humanity. It’s crucial to clear our ancestral lines as part of this process. We must break the cyclical nature of our experiences. I directly connect with spirit when I need healing or communication and often channel through writing or spoken word. This helps me navigate my week and my emotions and brings forth information that I need to teach and work with. Often, I walk barefoot on the grass to ground my body and release emotional tension to the Earth. I also connect with my soul through meditation practice. I’m happy to share that with anyone.

Spiritual Wisdom and Psychic Readings

How are time, karma, and soul contracts intertwined with psychic readings and spiritual guidance in your practice?

In reality, there is only the present moment. The past and future are happening right now on Earth’s timeline. You incarnate on that timeline in the present moment, so we don’t refer to our lives as past lives; we call them parallel lifetimes. When conducting a reading, a psychic or clairvoyant will read your soul contract. That is how they can predict future outcomes because it’s the soul’s intention. Therefore, to be aligned with living physically in this life, everything occurs in the present moment. During a reading, you might receive information that alters your path towards your soul, but no one can predict the future; only the intention laid out before incarnation: micro-micro. The galaxy and the universe have their intention and narrative to follow. Depending on your evolution, you will transition to another dimension when passing between lives. If you consistently generate karma with another human being, you will be magnetically drawn back to Earth to resolve it. In reality, karma doesn’t exist as the new age movement describes it. It’s not “I did this, so this will happen to me;” karma is a magnetic frequency. Your soul triggers events that you might label as karma to awaken you to something denied or repressed. So when your ego, your mind’s voice, says, “Oh, that keeps happening to me,” right there, you need to raise your hand and ask, “Why does it keep happening?” Inquisitiveness creates oscillation; through oscillation, you can begin to perceive the truth. And if you earnestly intend to know the truth, your soul will create synchronistic events for you to learn and awaken what has been unseen or denied.

How does the concept of intention shape your approach to healing and teaching, and how do you envision awakening others through your seminars and channeling work?

I want to return to the temple days when you could just turn up, and the healing would happen instantly. There wouldn’t be a spoken word. Because the intention was laid out before you arrived, and the intention is the foundation of all manifestation. We were more conscious, vibrating at different frequencies; we could easily create things in the moment through our thoughts that were aligned with our souls. Unfortunately, our minds are often parochial with societal programming and conditioning, so we always struggle. My intention is to speak in seminars with thousands of people, channel directly, at the moment, and awaken many people at once. When you hold the vibration of light and that frequency is moving through you, people only need to stand near you, and amazing things can happen. It may seem egotistical; however, it’s one of the most natural transformations that occurs when we are living in light cycles. We are just leaving the shadow cycle. An old non-physical teacher of mine said human beings have created a death gene, which is why we fear death and why we mourn the dead. It also holds people on the planet and astral plane in fear. In the old days, he said, people would walk out of their bodies when we were awakened. That is how I want to pass in this life. I will have a passing-over party. Enjoy time with my loved ones, and say I’m leaving now. Sit down and exit. It sounds crazy, but don’t forget we are very powerful, and through intention, we can manifest anything. I run many courses throughout the year. Check out my website if you’re interested. I also have e-learning courses. They’ve been adapted from the alignment modality online workshop. They will have a profound effect on your healing journey as well.

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