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Anita’s journey of experiencing spirit began as a baby that was full of fearful experiences that made her close that conscious part of herself. She is known as The Lemurian Intuitive. An Evidential Medium, who has dedicated her young life to serving and being a “voice” for spirit, based in sunny Brisbane, Australia.

With four years of experience, she is constantly learning and growing on the path of self-discovery while remaining in union with spirit. Her goal is to provide playful, healing, and soulful connection to those she meets and believing the magic of spirit. She says with much enthusiasm that she is living the dream and who knew that talking to dead people would bring so much joy. Read all about her in this interview.

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Anita Harris medium

Anita’s Journey into Mediumship

How did your journey into mediumship unfold, and what has it taught you about yourself and your path?

She believes the path of spirit and helping people was always meant to be on the cards and a call that she has answered. She certainly didn’t know mediumship was a viable path before the age of 27. When presented with the truth, she knew this was the path she needed to take. It has been a journey of unveiling many layers that has stripped her to the core and returned back to basics.

Now, four years later, Anita has gained deeper self-awareness and spiritual growth through transformation, fear, trauma, and life on a spiritual path. She is constantly grateful that she has somehow ended up here, connecting with people both locally and internationally, helping them, and sharing love and laughter along the way. Now, being asked to do her first interview is a special achievement.

The Lemurian Intuitive

Ancestral Roots, Family Connection, and Spiritual Vision

How has your relationship with your aunt Kat influenced your journey and personal growth in mediumship?

She has been fortunate to connect with people who have shared knowledge, support, and wisdom that has greatly benefited Anita on her journey. She has a special mentor and aunt, Kat, who is from Auckland, New Zealand. Her aunt met Anita as a baby and they reconnected when she became an adult.

Anita then reached out for answers, though it was quite unexpected, as Kat is a medium and a healer who no longer works professionally. Her aunt Kat shines as a guiding light, nurturer, and a fearless spirit. She has not only expanded her awareness and understanding of spirit, but also helped Anita in reconnecting with her family, culture, and identity.

Having a strong support system is essential for providing unwavering assistance during challenging times and celebrating your achievements, ultimately leading to improved overall health and well-being.

How does your connection to your ancestors and their traditions influence your vision for the future and your spiritual journey?

She envisions a future where humanity embraces self-awareness through faith, self-development, social and environmental justice, and community. The intention of love aligns with a higher purpose to assist in human evolution, where people can express their innate soul gifts that are a language of the spirit.

She is determined to move forward with love, patience, and kindness towards herself and to embrace the full spectrum of experiences with every step along this path. Aligning with one’s higher self is a significant step towards conscious growth.

Heed the Ancestors call

Her roots provide nourishment, grounding her in her spirit. It’s a story of strength, family, culture, and faith. Connecting to her ancestors and reigniting sacred ancient practices and traditions flows through her DNA; Anita’s journey begins across generations.

The women in her family have experienced hardship, trauma, and learned valuable lessons, and this has become deeply embedded in her journey of self-discovery. Each woman passes down strength and wisdom to the next generation, which will heal the lineage and help Anita spiritually evolve to end a toxic cycle.

The fuel to a fire which burns bright, an innate compass that gently navigates the open and endless sea that is the path of spirit. Hear the call that drifts across oceans, is a call to home.

A Memorable Psychic Experience

What’s one memorable experience you’ve had during your time as a psychic?

Anita has had many memorable experiences, but one that truly stands out is her incredible journey to Arthur Findlay College in England last summer. It was a dream come true!

Three years ago, spirit revealed a series of prophecies to her, foretelling that she would attend the college, even though she had no prior knowledge of it or when she would go. She was overjoyed to receive a surprise gift, the opportunity to visit the United Kingdom for one month. After years of hoping and believing that spirits’ messages would manifest, leaving her in complete shock and disbelief.

Raising Vibrational Frequency

What are some simple practices you recommend for raising one’s vibrational frequency and connecting with Spirit?

Moving with the intention of LOVE. The heart chakra is where true magic lies. The acknowledgment and acceptance towards self and spirit will ultimately raise your frequency so you can connect with the magic of spirit. Practices include:

Self-improvement and self-development growth – It is a lifelong journey of commitment to your personal growth and a pursuit to evolve into your higher self. Seeking professional counseling services, journaling, education, connecting with people you trust to be a guiding light in your life, and interests will help.

Meditation – Regular meditation helps with quieting the ego, reducing stress, and increasing awareness. Techniques like mindfulness meditation, guided visualizations, and guided meditation are effective.

Breath Work – Practices like simple deep-breathing exercises and pranayama (yogic breathing) can help calm the nervous system and raise your vibrational frequency.

Yoga and Tai Chi – These physical practices combine breath, movement, and mindfulness, assisting in a healthy overall well-being.

Mother Nature – I believe that spending time out in nature is a natural relaxant for the senses which is grounding and calming. Activities like hiking, gardening, or simply walking barefoot on the grass can enhance your connection to the earth and spirit.

Healthy Lifestyle – Maintaining a balanced diet, exercise, sleep, and avoiding or limiting foods and substances that lower your energy (like alcohol and processed foods) supports your overall well-being.

Energy Healing – Practices like Reiki, Spiritual Healing, Acupuncture, Massage, Qigong, or Tai Chi can help balance and elevate your energy.

Sound Healing – Using sound through music, sound bowls, gongs, or chanting can help harmonize to elevate your frequency.

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