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Aneeta Kaitinis Psychic

Discover the journey of Psychic Medium Aneeta Kaitinis through her work and personal experiences. Aneeta describes her role as privileged, providing insights through readings that span face-to-face, phone, video, and email interactions, always fostering a relaxed, friendly atmosphere where clients feel at ease. Her approach emphasizes honesty and personal growth, offering choices rather than directives, believing in the power of learning from mistakes.

Engaging deeply in paranormal investigations and missing persons cases, Aneeta finds immense satisfaction in helping solve mysteries and bringing closure to families. Her reflections underscore a deep passion for her work, driven by the joy of sharing extraordinary experiences. Read all about her in this exclusive interview on

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My Work as a Psychic Medium

How would you describe your work as a psychic medium?

Privileged. That is exactly how I would describe my work as a psychic/medium. Whether it is completing readings face to face, via phone or video or email, for me it is a something special that someone has asked me to share in the facets of their lives.

My way of working is that I like to have a casual atmosphere, so it seems as though it is just two friends sharing coffee and conversation. I find I work better that way and I also find that clients relax more, therefore it make the time a bit more enjoyable on both sides.

Because my guides have a habit of telling people what they need to know not necessarily what they want to know, it enables clients to interact and I encourage them to ask questions whenever they feel the need to. I don’t view the sessions as a one way street, for me it is definitely two ways!

Philosophy on Choices and Decisions as a Psychic

How do you approach honesty and guidance in your practice as a psychic, emphasizing personal choice and growth?

I had to laugh one day when a client came to see me, who had recommended me and she told me that her friend had told her this. If you don’t want her to be honest, she is not the one for you as she won’t tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear. This is completely true. And if necessary, I use my experience not only as a gifted person but my experience in counselling, forensic healing and life in general in the best way I can.

I am a big believer in that we all have our own path to follow and that it should be through our own choices and decisions. Therefore, I never tell a person what they should do, I give them options to enable them to make the choice of what is right for them at that time.

I don’t feel that anyone should be pushing a person to follow the path that they think they should follow, it should be based on our choices, even if some of them are wrong. Wrong decisions, I believe, are not or should be a negative experience as they should be looked at as life lessons. If we don’t make mistakes and learn from them, then how do we grow and mature?

Paranormal Investigations and Missing Persons

What drives you to engage in missing persons and cold cases investigations as a psychic, and how do these experiences impact you personally?

Another facet of my work is time I have spent with people on a professional level looking into missing persons and cold cases. These can be so challenging but also so rewarding when information that is passed to me turns out to be relevant to a case that assists them being solved. Some of my greatest satisfaction comes from these areas of investigations.

One in particular I remember was someone who went missing and their loved ones were frightened that they would harm themselves. There had been a big search party out there looking for them when the guides gave me a picture of what they needed to look for.

Sure enough that one picture led to them being found and when they found them, they were on the verge of taking their own life. I will never forget that call phone and the sense of relief that I felt when I was told by the family.

What’s your most memorable paranormal investigation experience?

One facet of my work that I enjoyed was joining paranormal groups as a medium on their investigations. Have I ever been scared on an investigation? Without a doubt there have been a couple of times when I stood in the middle of an old jail and thought to myself, what the hell am I doing here! One jail in particular, I have sworn I will never go back to as I saw things there that didn’t belong in any world but the ultimate dark one.

I have always wondered if I had gone there after having a few years under my belt would it have affected me in the same way. I would say that I would still not go back but I don’t think it would have shaken me to the core as it did at that time. But, I have to keep telling myself that it was the first investigation I had ever been on. The universe sure gave me a rocking introduction!

Heartwrenching and Beautiful Psychic Moments

Can you share a powerful moment from your paranormal investigations?

There have also been quite a few moments that have been heart wrenching and beautiful. Some have been unexpected like the gentleman who joined us on an investigation. He was a sceptic, big and burly, one you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley on a dark night.

This one jail one of the investigators had an ancestor buried there but claimed didn’t know quite where, just against a wall. She asked me to try and use the divining rods to see if we could find him. Anyway off we went (had never used them for this purpose before) and as we walked along one wall they suddenly crossed. She then made an admission that she knew where he was but wanted to see if the rods worked which they did.

What she didn’t expect was for him to come forward and so he and I began a conversation that lasted about 10 minutes. He was so gentle and he asked me to pass a message to her saying that he didn’t murder her. He had been convicted and hanged there. After his energy ran low and he left I turned around to see people crying.

This one man, was sobbing and when I asked him if he was all right, he just said that that had been the most beautiful moment he had ever experienced. I just smiled and thought who would have thought this tough man would break down so much? I will never forget it.

Reflections and Closing Thoughts

What motivates you to continue your work in the paranormal field despite its challenges?

There are many stories I could tell but unfortunately space doesn’t allow. I was asked recently to do a talk for a group of people and when I spoke about my experiences in the paranormal world, you could just see the fascination on their faces.

But, as I said at the beginning, it is a privilege to be able to do this work. Something I never take for granted and it never fails to surprise me. The day it does or the day it feels as if it is work not a joy, is the day I think I will give it away.

Blessed Be.

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