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Meet Nancy Beaulieu, a compassionate psychic medium whose journey into spiritual work began unexpectedly with a numerology reading that revealed her soul’s potential. Inspired by this revelation, she explored metaphysics, learning tarot and developing mediumship skills.

Tragically, the loss of her sister intensified Nancy’s commitment to mediumship, guiding her to help others find healing and closure. Nancy’s holistic approach, influenced by her family’s neurodivergence, prioritizes mental health and well-being through spiritual guidance rather than medication.

Offering tarot, oracle, and mediumship readings, she extends her influence as a social media influencer, promoting wellness. Follow Nancy’s inspiring journey on this interview at

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From Numerology to Mediumship: A Personal Psychic Journey

How did your journey into psychic reading and spiritual work begin, and what significant events have influenced your path?

I had a numerology reading that revealed much about my soul and what potential I had. I shared the reading with a friend, and she encouraged me to buy my own tarot cards. I fell in love with divination and started taking intuitive classes at a local Wellness Centre.

I then became obsessed with all things metaphysical and continued studying as much as possible. I gained experience doing tarot readings and began to develop mediumship skills. After much more studying and practicing mediumship, my sister took her life.

I experienced the most intense level of grief I had ever been through and I had a Medium Reading that gave me so many answers to my questions. The reading was very helpful and healing to me and I knew in that moment I needed to do that type of work for others. Losing my sister before her 39th birthday motivated me to continue on the path I had started.

How has your experience with neurodivergence shaped your approach to mental health in your psychic practice?

My sister was neurodivergent and undiagnosed for most of her life. She self-medicated often and I saw her mental health deteriorate. She became homeless and then eventually got a place to live. When things appeared to be getting better I realized that that wasn’t the case. I also learned that my mother is neurodivergent, my husband is, and both of my children are.

My studies have gone into mental health and wellness. I’ve become more educated about ADHD, sensory processing disorder, OCD, and addictions. I have a very holistic approach to wellness so I have started diving into behavioural therapy studies and I read anything psychology related.

I aim to learn as much as possible about counselling without actually becoming one. I don’t ever want to be someone who hands out a prescription. I am not in favour of drugs. I like to give my clients guidance that comes from spirit guides, angels, spirit world and from my own personal wisdom.

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Tarot, Mediumship, and Social Impact: A Holistic Approach

What services do you offer and how do you support your clients’ overall well-being?

I offer Tarot readings, Oracle readings, and Mediumship readings. I’m also a social media influencer promoting health and wellness, clean beauty, lifestyle, fashion and tourism.

If my client has a business of their own I can go beyond offering divine guidance and offer the opportunity to collaborate and spread awareness about their brand. I’m experienced with social media marketing which is a huge asset to any business. I’ve also lost 80+ pounds and healed my fatty liver disease so I can guide people into wellness of the mind, body, and soul.

How do you engage with and contribute to your local and online spiritual communities?

In my city I love to attend local spiritual events and connect with other high vibrational beings. I have met many other healers and I’ve experienced a few different types of healing modalities. I love to direct people to amazing practitioners or services that will benefit them so I stay connected with all the Lightworkers I meet!

I’ve done readings at a women’s empowerment event before and I aim to get out to more events. I’ve written a piece in an online magazine as well as a book. There’s even more projects on the go so keep posted with what I’m up to on Instagram @nancyjbeaulieu.

A Powerful Mediumship Experience: Bringing Closure and Healing

Can you share a memorable experience from your career as a psychic medium?

My very first Medium Reading in a non-practicing situation was for my sister’s girlfriend. They were still a couple when my sister committed suicide. I had not seen my sister’s girlfriend at her celebration of life and I sensed my sister was not crossing over fully into the other dimension. She was stuck with unfinished business in the earthly realm. I wanted my sister to be free and I knew I had to help her.

I visited her partner and did a reading for her. My sister came through loud and clear with a strong intention to connect to her girlfriend. I believe the reading was healing and it provided closure for her. I received a message immediately after I finished it. A message from spirit world can come in many different forms.

I was in my car and I said out loud to my sister “I hope that helped you.” I turned on the radio as I drove away and the first lyrics I heard were “You finally fixed me.” About an hour later I got a text from my sister’s caseworker saying she saw something incredible in the sky and felt that it was Audrey crossing over. She did not know what I had just done and once we talked about it, it made perfect sense. We both felt a relief and peace that my sister was able to move on.

Spiritual Awakening: Practical Advice and Techniques

What advice do you have for individuals on their spiritual journey?

Journal everything. When you write down dreams, psychic hits, numbers you see, animals that show up, lyrics in songs, signs that make sense, anything that seems to speak to you, you validate that you are paying attention to the divine and that will strengthen your connection. Also, journal gratitude every single day.

Gratitude raises your vibration. Journal what you eat, how much water you drink, your exercise, your self-care, what you do for your mind, and your soul. Create some great affirmations for yourself and speak them daily! Set goals on the new moon and reflect on what’s no longer serving you on the full moon.

What daily routines do you suggest for fostering spiritual growth?

Daily meditation is ideal but if meditation isn’t for you, then try colouring in a colouring book while asking for guidance. If you have no background noise on or you have instrumental music your mind may go into a meditative state so you can receive messages for your highest and best. Exercise, or mindful walks can help connect you as well. Driving can be a meditative state too. Any type of art may help you get where you need to be.

What techniques and tools do you utilize to connect deeply with your clients during readings or sessions?

I use cards, paper and pen, crystals, and psychometry. I’m not into ouija boards. Meditation connects me to spirit world. I love to offer my in-person clients a tea, aromatherapy, tissues if needed, and sometimes a hug. I email every client a copy of their reading with pictures of any cards that come up. I’m full of empathy, understanding and love for everyone. I’m mainly clairsentient, claircognizant, and clairaudient.

Who have been your most influential spiritual mentors or leaders?

I have learned a lot from many different Mediums but some of my favorite spiritual leaders are: Tyler Henry, Eckhart Tolle, and Sonia Choquette. I highly recommend binging their YouTube channels and reading their books!

What insights do you have about current spiritual or energetic shifts?

Consciousness is expanding. The frequency on earth is becoming elevated. What appears as negative is only there to help launch everyone forward into personal growth. Reflect and learn. Protect your energy by being around those that lift you up.

How do you see the future of spirituality evolving, and how do you hope to contribute to that evolution?

I feel like many people will awaken spiritually and seek Psychic Mediums for guidance and direction in evolving spiritually. I aim to be a very well-educated healer who can guide people into great success in all areas of life. I’ve achieved success in many areas of my own personal life but I still have one area I’m working on.

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