Kimberly Barrett: Psychic Medium, Intuitive Healing & Coaching

Kimberly Barrett’s journey as a psychic medium and starseed began with a strong connection to energy. Despite suppressing her true self, she underwent a profound spiritual awakening, exploring Tarot, Reiki, and metaphysical teachings. Guided by mentors, she integrated these practices, deepening her intuitive trust. Her path led to activations like Blue Star Celestial Energy, which she now teaches.

Through “Sharing Love and Light Show”, Kimberly spreads her mission of awakening starseeds and supporting Earth’s consciousness shift. She inspires others to live authentically and grow spiritually. Discover more about Kimberly Barrett in her interview on

Table of Contents

Early Life and Awakening

How did your experiences as a child and adolescent shape your journey as a psychic medium and starseed?

I believe I have been a psychic medium and starseed my whole life. I did not have the same veil of forgetting everyone else around me had. My story is one of suppressing and hiding my True Self for a long time.

As a child, I was wide awake. I remember early on being extremely empathic and in tune to the energies around me. I was a 1970’s child, which meant there was quite a lot of darkness around me and at the same time, my brother and I ran free in nature most of the time.

During my childhood and adolescence, I learned how to people-please, approval seek, and pacify intense emotional situations. I never felt understood by the adults around me and even many of the children. Most of the time, I did not understand them either.

Exploration and Spiritual Awakening

How did your path to spiritual awakening and authenticity evolve over the years?

My whole life, I was drawn to the metaphysical world. I was reading Tarot Cards at 20 years old, and I was into Runes and Crystals. I kept this hidden from many people in my life because I knew from childhood experiences it was not safe to fully be myself. I found myself numbing everything out with food and alcohol.

Around 1996, I was introduced to Shakti Gwain’s books *Creative Visualization* and *Inside the Light*. I did everything she suggested in those books. By 1997, I hit a hard bottom physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. In November of 1997, I found myself sober and on a path of Spiritual Awakening.

There was a huge lesson I needed to learn. I was what I call being “under the influence of other people’s opinions”. I was not living true to myself and would bend myself into a pretzel to fit in with the people around me. At one point, I even threw away all my Tarot Cards and Runes because someone important to me told me to. She thought she was being helpful. She was not into any of it and was even somewhat afraid of it. So, I gave my power away to someone else’s opinion and lived empty for years.

Things turned around in 2009. I moved to Baltimore, Maryland. I met a woman who became my mentor. She shared a similar spirituality. She helped me to trust spirit, begin to trust myself, and to become more Authentic. The people-pleasing and approval-seeking had to go. She taught me about St. Germain and the Violet Flame beings and how to do the Zip-Up Technique to take care of my energy. She reminded me often, “what you think today, you are creating into your reality tomorrow”.

Sometime in 2010, my whole life changed. I had a strong intuition to go to the Psychic shop up the street. I met Mary, she was a natural Psychic Medium and Energy Healer and she was well trained at an early age by her grandmother. I knew in my KNOWING I could trust her and I invested in and received a healing and activation so incredible; it created what I today know as a Quantum Shift. I was on a completely different timeline or dimension than the one I came in on.

From that point on, everything changed. I became wide awake to Intuition, Psychic Mediumship, Channeling, and living Intuitively.

Professional and Personal Development

How has your journey through various spiritual teachings, mentorships, and experiences shaped your understanding of yourself and your role in the metaphysical community?

I found myself working as a medical social worker on an inpatient hospice unit. All the medical doctors were trained in Reiki, along with many of the nurses and other staff members. I even became Reiki One certified in Komyo Reiki Kai. I was introduced to Hay House at the time.

John Holland taught me about Mediumship, Sonja Choquette taught me about 6th sensory living, Collette Baron Reed taught about how Spirit speaks through everything, Gabbie Bernstein taught me the Universe Has My Back and Wayne Dyer taught me to let go of other people’s good opinions, and trust yourself. I made a decision to trust and follow my intuition no matter what and have lived that way ever since.

Around 2023, I was in Knoxville, TN. I started my Spiritual Business. I had many mentors during my three years in Knoxville TN. All of them taught me how to trust my intuition, trust spirit, and trust energy.

I would provide readings one-on-one and I would attend the Crystalline Light Expo and provide readings to people all day. People were paying me for my services. Psychic Medium, Victoria Leigh taught me “you are in charge on this side of the veil” and “there is no one right way to do anything”.

David Arms, That Energy Guy, taught me Empowerment and the power of Intention. Shanti of Shanti Yoga Studio, taught me Qi Gong, the importance of clearing your energy and finding peace from within.

I moved to Arizona around 2016. I was under the mentorship of Psychic Medium Tina Escoto of Mystic Horse Journeys in Cave Creek, Arizona. She taught me how to deepen my psychic and intuitive abilities, how to be more skilled in Mediumship and how to Channel in messages.

In 2018, I was activated into Blue Star Celestial Energy by Reiki Master Dr. Rod Lyman. Once introduced to Blue Star, my Starseed origins woke up. Since then, I have discovered I am fully connected with the Galactic Fleet of Light and the Council of Light.

The main energies I brought in with me are from the Andromeda Galaxy, however I have memories of Pleiades, Sirius, Orion, Lyrus, Vega, and the Big Dipper. Now I help other people wake up and activate into their starseed energies.

I went back to Knoxville, TN in 2018. I “came out on social media” declaring “I am all things metaphysical” and vowed to stay true to who I am. I started a Psychic and Mediumship Practice group that met every week for 6 years (until I moved again).

In 2020, I created a Wednesday night Zoom group for psychics and mediums to practice which continues to meet every week. I started teaching a mediumship series and have trained hundreds of Mediums over the years. I teach workshops on many topics including yet not exclusive to Channeling, Unlocking Your Intuition, Animal Communication, and ET/Celestial Beings for Beginners.

I continue to offer Blue Star Quantum Energy Healing Sessions, Intuitive Guidance Sessions, and Mediumship Sessions. I provide Spiritual Mentoring and Coaching. I have become more Authentically Me in everything I do.

I started activating lightworkers, lightleaders, reiki masters and starseeds into Blue Star Celestial Energy. Blue Star Celestial Energy is a specific Blue Star energy system from the Pleiadean System gifted to us on Earth to help accelerate the ascension process. It has become an online, go at your own pace program, which includes one-on-one Activations.

We have an online community of Master Blue Stars that meet once a month for a Master Blue Star Support Group. Meetings will be more frequent as the need arises. A Discovery Call is required prior to bringing anyone into Blue Star because it is so powerful.

Sharing Love and Light Show

How has your journey in creating “Sharing Love and Light” across multiple platforms transformed your personal growth and mission to inspire others?

Since then, I have developed a business called Kimberly, Sharing Love and Light which currently can be accessed through

I discovered my purpose here on Earth, which is to Activate Starseeds and be a part of supporting the Earth in this Massive Shift in Consciousness and Vibration.

In 2021, I stepped way out of my comfort zone and created a Podcast on Transformation Talk Radio called Sharing Love and Light Show: Vibration and Consciousness on the Planet. It aired every other week, and those episodes are available on many of the podcast channels.

Recently, through synchronicity and following intuition, I was offered the opportunity to bring Sharing Love and Light Show to television. Sharing Love and Light Show can be found on which is getting ready to go live on Roku and Apple TV. Ethereal TV is all things Metaphysical, Healthy Living and Positive Uplifting Messages. I am so excited to share my messages and the messages of the many amazing spirits I have met on my Journey with the World!

The most important part of my story is I have come to embrace all of me, love all of me and I no longer hide who I really am from anyone. I have discovered the freedom and joy of Authentic Living.

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