Interview with Psychic Medium Mark Whatley

Psychic Medium Mark Whatley

I had the pleasure of interviewing Mark Whatley for His spiritual journey started in childhood and has since evolved into a unique psychic practice, combining Egyptian Hieroglyphs with tarot cards based on visionary insights.

Mark also connects with spiritual guides like a Native Indian warrior to deepen his readings. His distinctive online sessions use palm photos to interpret clients’ auras without bias, integrating tarot cards, rune stones, and pendulums to provide clear, comprehensive guidance. Discover more about his intriguing methods in the full interview on

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About Mark Whatley

Hello, I am Mark and I have been involved with the spiritual world since a young age. My psychic abilities grew stronger over a period of time, its all about trusting what you are seeing, hearing and feeling. And that trust comes over time, saying what is being said to you, even if it doesn’t make sense; just say it.

Egyptian Hieroglyphs and Tarot Cards

The creation of your unique tarot cards using Egyptian hieroglyphs is fascinating. What inspired you to blend hieroglyphs with tarot cards? 

I was given visions of Egyptian hieroglyphs but I did not know what they meant. So I bought a book and started to learn basis hieroglyphs. And I kept being told by spirit to draw what I see and to make the tarot cards.

Could you please describe one of the early hieroglyphic messages you received from the spirits in 2002 and its interpretation?

I had many pictures come through and were detailed to each card. One of the cards was “Guard” (which I have attached). At the time I was going through a bad patch in life and these pictures/symbols kept appearing.

Native Indian Rune Stones

Can you share more about the experience of connecting with your Native Indian guide and the process of being shown various symbols?

This was very similar to the Egyptian cards; how the symbols came through. But on this occasion an American Indian warrior was appearing and I was being told by spirit that he was there to watch over me and to protect me.

How do you interpret and incorporate the meanings of these symbols into the messages you receive from the stones?

Their symbols and their meaning were shown to me. The stones only show one word or meaning.

Other Spiritual Guides

Can you share another unique spiritual guide (or more) who works with you and how they influence your psychic practice?

I have many guides around me and they come through when they need to say something to me. You don’t have to accept the message but just listen to it. Spirit is not there to tell you how to live your life; they are there only to guide you.

Online Psychic Reading

How do you integrate all your psychic methods and techniques, including your unique tarot cards, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, rune stones, crystal, pendulum, and spiritual cards, during an online psychic reading? 

A reading can be done from a photo because the photo shows the energy around the person. And I use a palm photo because if you see a face or the body in the photo, you could misjudge what you’re seeing. By only using a palm photo, you are taking away the identity of that person. The palm photo shows me the aura around the person, there past, present and future in picture form and then I am told its meaning and I write it under or on the picture.

Once I have been given the information which has been written on the palm; I then use the tarot cards, rune stones and pendulum to clarify any other messages or to pin point certain pictures. When use to see the client in person, I would end up writing and drawing on their actual palm, so I decided to use a palm template (left or right, whichever is the dominant hand).

Additionally, could you explain the process and significance of writing, drawing, and coloring on a palm template based on the messages you receive?

As I said above; the pictures are shown to me over the palm and fingers and sometimes going up the wrist. It’s about trusting what you see, hear and feel. The colors are being shown around and on the palm and assist in aligning the chakras and finding a balance in life.

Interesting Stories

Can you discuss any significant or memorable experiences you’ve had while providing readings to clients?

A client’s information is protected under the data protection act; but I keep the original reading and send a copy via email to the client. Once a reading is finished, I forget what’s been said.

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