Psychic Interview: Jasmine – Intuitive and Channel

Jasmine psychic - Intuitive and Channel

Conducting an interview with Jasmine was a truly enlightening experience. Read all about how her spiritual journey that began when she was only 5 years old, when her first steps to the unknown realm have been influenced by nature, Indigenous, Celtic, and Norse teachings. Today, she offers services like energy healing, tarot readings, and psychic paintings that help people to connect with their spiritual guides, heal from past traumas, and gain insights into their personal and spiritual journeys. Join us as we discover her interesting stories and unique abilities in this exclusive interview on

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Psychic Jasmine Art

About Jasmine

Can you share the journey of how your intuitive abilities first manifested in your early childhood, and how your upbringing in Indigenous teachings combined with Celtic and Norse practices has shaped your approach to offering guidance, healing, and psychic services? 

My journey with the intuitive abilities started to become predominant when I was five years of age.  My mother taught me how to sense life forces through other living things and how to connect with animals. One memory in particular was being taught how to change the flight pattern of a group of birds. She (my mother) also taught me how to meditate and to sense energies around me.

When I was six I had my first physical clairvoyance experience.  I saw a black shadow figure at the top of the giant hill, which I thought was a neighbour and when I got to the top there was no one there.  I wasn’t too sure what it was at that age. 

Due to being raised in the country I was able to connect more with nature and energies of Earth.  My mother taught me indigenous rituals such as leaving tobacco behind when you take something from the Earth (whether it be alive or dead).  She also used to take me to Pow Wow’s and dance circles as well, which grew my bond and appreciation for the indigenous beliefs and culture. 

Now the indigenous side of my beliefs I utilize the shamanic aspects of self to do healing and cleansing spaces; whereas, the Celtic and Norse side of me assists with my other psychic services.  I connect with my guides through the Celtic and Norse side to protect me and guide me in what I need to do or to facilitate guidance.

Psychic Jasmine paintings

Psychic Reading

Can you explain the process of facilitated energy healing and how it helps clients release negative emotions, stresses, and worries from their bodies? 

Facilitated energy healing works on the same principle as Reiki.  The only difference is that Reiki you are taught certain methods, where as facilitated healing is being guided by my psychic senses and team.  I basically take the energy or blocks in the auric field and pull them out and dispose of them in what I call an “energy waste bin”.  After removing said energy, I match my energy to the clients and replace the energy that was taken away, with positive and healing energies.  I’ve actually had clients fall asleep while working on them.

How do you choose which tarot deck to use for a particular reading, and do you have any personal favorites or decks that you find particularly resonant for specific types of inquiries? 

When it comes to my tarot readings and picking decks, I get shown by my guides which deck to utilize and I find that which ever deck is being picked matches the energy of the client as well as their situation.  My favourite deck I have had for over 20 plus years and I find it to resonate on more of spiritual matters or inquiries. 

Psychic Paintings

What inspired you to offer this unique service of Spirit Guide Painting, and how do you discern the symbols and messages that are meant to be included in the painting? 

I started doing sketches and paintings of my own spirit guides and past lives when I was a teen. My mother also offered this service when she was living and I wanted to be able to carry that legacy onwards. When I first initially started doing this I was nervous, but people gravitated towards what I offered with warmth and curiosity. The symbols within the paintings are shown to me by this glow around certain aspects of the painting or the Spirit Guide is showing me what to paint.

How do you tap into the specific past life that is most relevant to your client’s current journey, and how do clients benefit from your past life portrait painting service? 

When I go to tap into a past life, I ask for a selfie because as the old saying goes “the eyes are the windows to the soul”. Usually whatever past life comes through is one that is relevant to what the client is learning in their situation currently or their most recent past life. The benefit of experiencing their past lives is to help ease curiosities and for the most part gives them a sense of closure. Now a client can also have past life carry overs, which is something that occurred in that lifetime and is present in their current life.  This can range from physical ailments, to fears, to even relationships.

Writing About Spirituality

Can you share your experiences and insights into working with the fairies, including how you initially connected with them and the role they play in your spiritual journey? 

I have been connected with the fairies since I was a small child, always being able to see them and to communicate with them.  Through meditations I would often travel to their realms and learn from them when it came to different elemental tribes.  I learned about the different levels within their community and about different special events that they partake in.  I learnt about different likes/dislikes to the different elemental fairies.  They can be mischievous and yes there is has been many a time where they steal my keys, but they return them!

They have been protective of me during my journey and they because of their elemental teachings they taught me how to use those elements in my own work. 

What are recommended methods for clearing a home of impressions, ghosts, and poltergeists, and what materials or rituals are commonly used? Also why are Seances and Ouija boards discouraged as methods of communicating with spirits, and what potential risks do they pose? 

When it comes down clearing a home it’s really up to the person whom is doing it.  There has to be absolutely no fear when it comes to clearing a home.  Now sage is not recommended unless you were taught by an elder how to use it properly and know the teachings around it.  Sage should also be blessed by an elder of an indigenous tribe. 

A person can easily use cedar, frankincense, myrrh, dragon’s blood, cinnamon (as long as you give cinnamon the direction and intent to clear).  You can also use moon water and spritz it around the house. 

However, when it comes down to it, the above are just tools.  What most forget to remember that even with these tools, your still utilizing energy. You can ask your spirit team, or connect to source/divine energy and push that energy out from you to each room of the house with the intent to clear.   

Ouija boards can be utilized if the people using it know how to.  I don’t recommend this as the main reasons is that people often forget to set boundaries first about what can communicate and often forget to ask for protection.  The other thing is people often forget to ask for spirit to leave and close the portal or game down. 

With Ouija boards and Seances alike people often forget they are opening a portal, a connection to the “other side” and that its not just people who have passed, but you are calling upon anything and everything to come through. People often forget the above mentioned, setting boundaries, asking for protection and closing the session. 

With a Séance, the person who is leading it is often that doorway.  That person can compromise themselves by allowing whatever is in the room to “take over”.  This is why it’s so important I feel that if someone were to do a Séance that they should have someone who is well versed in what they are doing, so they don’t jeopardize themselves and the others involved.

How does belief play a role in developing psychic abilities, and what steps can one take to strengthen their belief in these abilities? 

There is a lot more than just belief that is at play in developing abilities – yes one should believe that these exist, but also know that with all good; there can be bad.  So not walk blindly into what they want to pursue.  The other aspect is assessing any fears that the person has when it comes to psychic abilities and asking themselves why and doing research to help get all the facts. 

When it comes to working on abilities there are usually exercises – for example if one wants to work on harnessing their intuitive and clairvoyant skills there is one exercise with a normal deck of playing cards.  By resting your hand on the top of the deck, you try to see and listen inside what colour is.  One pile is for correct answers and the other for incorrect.  The person can practice this as much as they want to strengthen those abilities.

Interesting Stories

Can you please share with us any interesting stories from your career as a psychic reader? 

The one thing I really enjoy is doing my past life readings.  One painting I did, I had a client beyond speechless as they had physical ailments matching up with what had happened in their past life that I had never been informed about.  Other times I’ve painted past lives for others and I always found the research part match up with the experiences I went through while delving into them.

I always enjoy getting feedback from clients around my readings and services and it’s always a pleasure connecting them to loved ones who have passed or even their spirit team. The best thing too is being able to do my services long distance and all over the world. It has been such a pleasure meeting so many different folks from all parts!

Open Discussion

The one thing I will share is that when you become doubtful on your path – just know its okay to explore different areas of faiths and spirituality.  We all come to a point where we doubt our paths and that is the test.  Realize that God / Creator, spirit team and ancestors are there through your journey and they will be there to cheer you on.  When you become doubtful, fearful or are struggling ask for their assistance, guidance and their love to make you stronger to handle these situations.

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