How Long Do Psychic Readings Last?

So you have decided to go to a psychic reader or contact them on the phone or over the internet, and you would like to know how long do psychic readings last? Although it depends on many factors, the average time duration is 37 minutes. Among these elements are the types of reading, techniques used, and where it takes place. But remember: it is not how long the duration of the session is that matters, but whether you are getting an accurate and insightful reading which can really guide you.

Here is a quick table with rough estimate of how long do psychic reading last, according to the type of the session. Please note that this refers to standard sessions, if you will have short or long sessions the time will vary appropriately:

Type of ReadingMinutes
General reading20-50
Tarot cards30-45
Energy healing50-80
Spirit animal20-50
Chakra Balancing30-70
Psychic medium35-65
Past life50-90
Rune casting 20-45
Angel cards25-50
Akashic records40-70
Tea leaf15-35
I Ching20-45
Shamanic healing60-100
Sound healing50-80
Dream Interpretation20-45
Pet reading20-50
Feng Shui30-90
Psychic detectiveVaries a lot
Remote viewing20-50
Automatic writing20-45

Sum average: 37 minutes

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Factors that Determine How Long a Psychic Reading Lasts

Your needs and questions: every person that comes to a psychic reader has a personal reason to do so because everyone has different needs. So, basically, it hinges on the specific situation you are dealing with. If you have too many questions or need extensive guidance, then the session will tend to last longer and will also be more expensive. However, if you have a few small questions that are bothering you and you just need a quick and simple answer, it will last for only a few minutes. There is no one size fits all.

Also, don’t be biased about the duration because I have seen people who think that a 15-minute psychic reading is not useful, and they claimed that only sessions that are more than an hour are a good value for their money. Everyone has a personal view on the topic, so you should manage your duration expectations before the reading starts.

Psychic’s style: every diviner worker has its own approach to guidance and future predictions. For example, some will try to go by premade sets of rules like pulling tarot cards in a specific order, others will combine the session with rituals or ceremonies like lighting candles and spellcasting, and others will use their intuition.

So the longer it takes them to perform their work, the longer the duration will be. Please note that it is perfectly fine if a certain diviner needs 10 minutes to prepare energetically, while another practitioner can feel the aura surrounding you in just a few seconds.

Type of reading: every psychic reader has its own divination techniques and fortune-telling methods, which also determine the length of the reading. For example, tarot cards don’t take a lot of time to interpret. However, if the diviner has decided to pull 11 cards instead of 3, or to use more decks like oracle cards, then the session will be longer to provide enough time to view all the insights.

By the same token, mediumship, which requires contacting spirits from the afterlife, might take more time than just a tarot reading, and it also pivots on how many spirits are being called and if they are available as well.

Setting of the reading: another factor to take into consideration is where the psychic reading is being conducted. In-person consulting is based on in-person interaction and might be longer, as often it requires some background information about you. And on the other hand, reading by phone, email, or online chat is much faster. So every setting has its own duration because different things are being done.

As I have experienced in the first years when the internet has become widespread, more and more people are becoming very busy in their life, and they do prefer to have an online reading, rather than in-person. It is faster, more convenient, and you get straight answers.

Typical Duration of Psychic Readings

All psychic readings’ duration can be divided into three distinctive categories: short readings, standard sessions, and extended readings.

Short readings

If you are looking for fast answers, have specific topics you need to address, or brief spiritual guidance; short readings might be suitable for you. It is a very powerful solution when you have just a small obstacle in your way, and you want to remove it and go on with your daily life. These types of short readings that don’t require too much time, lasting approximately 10 – 15 minutes, sometimes even just 5 minutes.

Standard sessions

Most psychics and clients select the option of standard sessions because it gives them more time to explore deeply topics, opportunities, and adventures that have significant influence on the present and near future. It typically lasts around one hour but can also be 30 – 45 minutes, according to your case. In these sessions, you should also get practical advice and a plan of action. This makes the reading less general and more unique to your circumstances, and hence more accurate.

Extended readings

If your issue is complicated, you might need an extended reading which can take more than an hour, and typically around 1.5 hours, sometimes even 2. It is very common in mediumship, recognizing karmic patterns, or contacting spirit guides. Sometimes it also involves lots of rituals, ceremonies, and some kind of treatment like Reiki or another sort of spiritual healing. Hypnosis and past life regression are long sessions because tapping into these energies is a long procedure and should only be done by a professional spiritualist.

Maximizing the Value of Your Time

When people ask a question like “How long do psychic readings last?” they miss one point – to maximize the value of their time. So no matter if your reading duration is short, standard, or extended, here are some tips to get more value out of every session:

Prepare for the reading: this is the most crucial aspect, before the reading you should make it clear to yourself what are your goals, the questions and the topics you are struggling with, and how do you imagine your perfect life to be?

By focusing on the right subject, you will not waste your time on things that are not relevant or interesting to you. In addition, if you have many topics you are interested in, it is better to prioritize the most important subjects.

Be receptive: don’t block the energy and don’t expect to get the answers you want to hear. Resisting receiving new points of view will only distract you and make you further confused. Remember that the psychic is here to help you, so let go of any doubt or fear and try to immerse yourself in the session and take what resonates with you.

Take notes: write the important information, so you will not forget it. Some psychics allow recording the reading with voice or even video. Technology makes it very easy to maximize your spiritual time. In addition, it is recommended to go back to the information, learn it, reflect upon it, and ultimately take the correct actions.