Interview with Psychic Medium Oracle Laura

Psychic Medium Oracle Laura

Meet Oracle Laura, a Psychic Medium whose journey started in childhood. With her natural psychic abilities, she’s renowned for her unique readings and diverse services, including counseling and detective work, all aimed at empowering clients. Engaging with spiritual communities both locally and online, she shares insights and emphasizes spiritual growth. Oracle Laura’s vision for the future of spirituality and psychic work is insightful, highlighting the need for continued engagement amidst technological advancements. Gain further insights into her work through this interview on

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Psychic Interview: Oracle Laura

About Oracle Laura and Her Approach to Psychic Work

What led you to initially pursue psychic reading and spiritual work, and how has your journey evolved over time?

OL: I was born with psychic ability and I am also a Medium so I grew up developing it further but I didn’t start giving psychic readings until 2008. My psychic ability has since greatly increased, including how many various abilities I have. Psychics continue to tell me that I have more abilities than them and more than any other psychic and my clients insist I’m “the best” in my field.

How does your method for conducting psychic readings or spiritual counseling distinguish itself from others?

OL: I never like to be fed information so before I start a psychic reading I always warn my client to not say anything about themselves. I then tell them all I sense about them. About half way thru the reading I then allow my client to ask their questions. I find this technique works best for both me and the client. Also, clients say they love that I’m easy to talk to, down to earth, compassionate and sincerely care.

Services Offered and Community Engagement

What range of services do you provide, and how do they contribute to empowering and supporting your clients throughout their journey?

OL: I offer psychic readings by email, DM, phone, video and in person. I also offer healing, seances, life coaching and I’m a psychic detective who has worked with the police and missing persons since 1984. I like to include advice with readings so my client leaves not just with answered questions but also with helpful tools and support.

How do you actively engage with your local or online spiritual community, including speaking engagements with various organizations and appearances on radio shows and podcasts?

OL: I’ve been a guest speaker and hired by Travel Channel, Sportsnet, CKNW, UBC radio, BCIT radio, Yelp, Oracle Software, colleges, schools and more. I’ve also been on numerous radio shows and podcasts (including a police detectives podcast).

Influential Teachings and Career Experiences

Reflecting on your journey, who or what teachings have played an important role in shaping your spiritual path?

OL: I’ll never forget when the first psychic I visited (in 2005 or so) told me, “Your abilities are so great and numerous that no psychic nor book can teach you. Only your Spirit Guides will be able to.” But that didn’t stop me from hoping. I continued to seek the guidance of many more psychics (and tarot card readers, astrologers, numerologists and palm readers). But she was right. They too repeated her message that I’ll be a “famous teacher on stage”.

Could you recount some memorable experiences from your career as a psychic medium, particularly those where you’ve made a significant impact on others’ lives?

OL: My most cherished memories are of the many lives I’ve saved. It’s a blessing to be gifted with being able to read minds. I’ve saved people from committing suicide, life threatening illnesses, helped parents of murdered and missing children find closure and I’ve helped police solve 100’s of homicide cases. Plus as a time traveler I regularly predict headline news.

Guidance and Insights for Spiritual Growth

Considering your journey, what guidance would you offer to those who are on their own spiritual awakening or path?

OL: Get to know your Spirit Guides and develop your abilities until you are 100% accurate! Don’t let your gifts go to waste! You were given them for a reason!

Can you share any insights or predictions about upcoming spiritual or energetic shifts that you feel are important for us to be aware of?

OL: Yes! Please find my social media pages (listed below) to see my most shocking predictions (all of which come true AFTER I posted them!).

What daily rituals or habits do you suggest for individuals seeking to strengthen their spiritual growth and connection?

OL: Write down (and post) all of your dreams, predictions and messages from Spirit Guides. Review them often. For tips on how to develop your gift read my book Oracle Exposed (on Amazon). Also, you can’t help others if you yourself are unhealthy. So eat well, exercise, take nature walks, get more rest, avoid toxic relationships and spend quality time on yourself!

What tools or techniques do you use to connect with clients on a deeper spiritual level during readings or sessions?

OL: I use no tools. I used to use tarot cards (since clients like visual proof) but clients witnessed the cards only repeated what I had already just said to them. I tune in to my clients Spirit Guides and mine for messages. Also I prefer when clients record the reading.

Future Vision for Spirituality and Psychic Work

How do you envision the future of spirituality and psychic work, and how do you see yourself evolving and contributing to this field in the years to come?

OL: I see Man using spiritual work less and less. Man will instead put his faith in technology and machines, rather than seeking help from within (and above) and changing himself. So let’s not stop spreading our important messages and using our gift to help others. Those who are willing to listen, learn and change will hear us.

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How can people find you?

OL: Google, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MeWe, Gab, Gettr, Reddit, Stage32 & more. Google me!