Interview: Anita Denise – Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator

Anita Denise – Psychic Medium

I had the privilege of interviewing Anita Denise for magazine. Her spiritual journey commenced at the age of four, when she first received messages from the spirit. Presently, she provides services such as animal communication and energy healing, aiding individuals in aligning with nature’s cycles and deepening their spiritual connections. Explore her remarkable journey and distinctive approach to psychic and spiritual work in the comprehensive interview on

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Journey into Spiritual and Psychic Professions

How did you first get into psychic reading or spiritual work?

Even as young as 4 years old, I would get messages from Spirit. One day sitting in my Mum’s kitchen, I saw a small girl dressed in Victorian clothing. I always had a strong intuition and an inner knowing that things would happen, and this developed overtime.

As an Animal Communicator, I have a very strong connection and empathy with animals. When I was a child, I dreamt of working with them and had a fascination with being able to talk to animals.  Dogs have always been an important part of my life; I share my life with 9 dogs, and I am trained and qualified in canine behaviour. It was during this time working with humans and their canine companions that I realised that animals can and do communicate with us. 

There is so much more to animal communication, I work with wild animals, animals in spirit, animal spirit guides, humans and the words of wisdom that they bring.  I offer animal communication sessions and have channelled my own deck of ‘Animal Communication Oracle Cards’.

21 years ago, I was diagnosed with breast cancer, and I went for a healing session at a local healing group, the overwhelming feeling of love made me want to return.  I spoke to the organiser and said I wanted to become a healer, she asked me why and I said if I can help just one person like this group had helped me that would be enough.

I trained to be a SNU (Spiritual National Union) approved healer, whilst I was doing this my mediumship and intuitive ability got stronger, so I took the path to develop this.  I am now a certified Psychic Medium, Spiritual Advisor, Animal Communicator and Healer.  I gained my PAS (Platform Accreditation in Speaking) through platform speaking and demonstrating mediumship.

Can you share any insights or predictions about upcoming spiritual or energetic shifts that you feel are important for your clients to be aware of?  

The Schumann earth resonance, known as the heartbeat of Mother Earth, should vibrate at 7.83 hertz – this is currently fluctuating massively. Spiritual shifts take place when the Schumann earth resonance changes, many people are unaware of this. Looking after our planet is very important not only from an environmental point of view but also a Spiritual point of view.

The more you become connected to your own frequency and uniquely ground yourself, the more you can help Mother Earth – a case of ‘human help thyself.’  This is not selfish; it is about putting yourself first so that you can help others from a place of sympathetic resonance to vibrate at the same frequency as Mother Earth.

The more you can become in tune with Mother Earth the more you can align to your Soul self. Your theta and delta brain activity are on a par with the Schumann earth resonance, this is why you feel better when you go outside into nature. Animals are more in tune with the natural world than humans are! 

Young people visit me when they are unwell or struggling with fatigue, in some cases the underlying cause of their dis-ease has gone undiagnosed. This is because electromagnetic fields and modern living is making us sick, think ‘sick building syndrome.’  As a race we need to manage how we use our resources so that they do not manage us! When you are out of sync with Mother Earth, dis-ease can occur.

Holistically this works on 4 levels – 1. The physical body, 2.  The mental body, 3. The emotional body and the 4. Spiritual body – these 4 levels need to be in alignment so that you can live in harmony with your own frequency. Honouring the 4 levels of Mother Earth as well as working within the cycles of nature helps you to align to your true self. For me, this is about being the healer within, how in tune you are with Mother Earth sustaining and supporting you through all your earthly needs. 

Tools and Techniques for Spiritual Connection

What tools or techniques do you use to connect with clients on a deeper spiritual level during readings or sessions?  

I sat in development circle for many years, my mentor Lynn encouraged us to work spiritually and psychically without the use of tools. We were taught to work energetically by using the energy of the aura so that we could work with a person through energetic exchange.

When working with the Spirit world through mediumship, I raise my own vibration to connect upwards. When working person to person, I extend my vibration to reach towards the person I am connecting with. Lynn did teach us to work with tools but as a treat (as you do not actually need them!)  

I tend to use tools like the pendulum when checking chakras during a healing session and I also use cards, Oracle and the Tarot.  Basically, as a Psychic and Spiritual worker you can read from anything, from a scrunched-up piece of paper to a diamond ring!

Divination tools have been around since the beginning of time. If I were to choose a go-to tool, I would choose the tarot, to me the tarot tells a story. Lots of people fear the tarot and will ask me ‘Do you do tarot?’  The tarot is nothing to fear it is a fantastic tool, showing us the journey of someone’s life through 78 cards, described as the ‘Fool’s journey’, as The Fool, the first card in the Major Arcana starts the journey up to The World, the final card of the Major Arcana. The 56 cards of the Minor Arcana show us day-to-day life occurrences. 

For me everything always comes back to healing, giving others the tools to heal emotionally and physically, through providing a healing message, assisting in the healing of relationships and trauma and even helping your furry friends to heal.  I like to think of sharing specific healing modalities as proving a personal spiritual prescription.

Here’s to your own healing journey. 

Anita x

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