Interview with Psychic Medium Nicola Christina

Nicola Christina psychic medium

I had the joy of interviewing Psychic Medium Nicola Christina for Her spiritual path began during a significant Christmas season, where she had a profound realization about her natural psychic gifts. Presently, Nicola provides services such as facilitating connections with clients’ spirit teams and offering insightful tarot readings, all designed to assist individuals in navigating their spiritual paths with understanding and empowerment. Explore further into her inspiring story by reading the full interview on!

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A Christmas Revelation: Awakening to Psychic Gifts

How did you first got into psychic and spiritual work?

My journey started at the end of 2020. It was Christmas time and I spent the third day of Christmas celebration (26th of December in Germany) at my aunts house with my family.

My grandpa wanted to leave early and asked me to drive him home. I remember bringing him to the door and saying goodbye when I consciously received my first insight: “This is the last time I will see my grandpa alive.” He died on the 9th of January 2021.

After pushing away this experience for four months I got sick and found myself isolated in my apartment for around six weeks. My dear grandpa saw this as the perfect opportunity to reintroduce me to my abilities and gifts which are claircognizance, clairsentience, clairvoyance and clairaudience. I’m sure he enjoyed playing pranks on me by misplacing items, making random noises or moving stuff around when I was watching.

Since then he has been leading me to mentors, people and energies which helped me along my way to improve my connection to the spirit world.

After two and a half years I decided to pause my career as a physical therapist and started my journey as a full-time medium and spiritual life coach. Now I am happy to help people on their unique journey and provide them with advice and insights from the spirit world.

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Spiritual Alchemy: How My Life Transformed

How did spirituality affect your life?

To me spirituality is a way of living. It invites you to explore your inner world and discover new aspects of yourself. It helps you bringing clarity into your life about what truly makes you happy and how to co-create your life to your preferences.

Spirituality can be anything that helps you shift your mindset in a positive way to a vibration of harmlessness and unconditional love to yourself, others and the earth.

Since I started to incorporate spiritual and self-loving practices into my daily life I find myself in a place of being able to follow the path of heartfelt joy in all areas of my life. I started to attract healthy connections, I am able to work with my abilities and passions and my health has improved in all aspects.

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Inside a Spiritual Consultation: What to Expect

What does a session look like?

We sit down together, over video chat or in person, and I connect to your spirit team, a group of beings who act as your own personal advisors in the spirit world. Usually they are already eagerly waiting for an opportunity to communicate important information and guidance or to give a little peptalk. We then leave the space open for specific questions for them or for other energies that we would like to consult or speak to. In some occasions, when I feel called to, I incorporate Tarot in a session.

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Artistic Collaboration with Higher Dimensions

Can you describe your artwork and its impact on people’s well-being?

I also create artwork in cooperation with the ascended masters and the angelic realm upon request. These paintings carry valuable and high-vibrational energy that can help propel you on your journey and find healing on a deep level. The energy that is being channeled into the piece is adjusted to what energy you need most in this moment of time. By looking and exploring the painting, as well as by tuning into the energy consciously, you are able to find energetic support and comfort in your current life situation.

Raising Vibration: Tips for New Spiritual Seekers

What’s your advice for newly awakened people?

It would be to learn how to properly cleanse and protect your energy. Every human being has their own energy field, through which we are in constant energy exchange with our environment. Nowadays we are being confronted with a lot of low vibrational and fear based energy from the outside. To prevent these energies from entering or influencing your field, it is crucial to regularly cleanse your energy and reinforce your protection.

Here’s an example:

• Close your eyes and take a deep breath.

• Feel your feet and the earth underneath them.

• Now visualize a colorful bright light forming a sphere around you. Concentrate on the colors that are intuitively coming to you.

• Let this light flow through all cells of your body with the intention to be purified from all low-vibrational and unwanted energy. Feel how your body and your energy is being cleansed.

• Now notice how the sphere around you starts transforming into a crystal with the intention of protecting you from all low-vibrational and unwanted energy.

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