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Introducing Jayne Pearl, a shamanic healer and spiritual guide whose journey began with childhood encounters with angels and spirits. Through her online soul coaching and healing services, guided by her deep connection with spirit guides, Jayne offers wonderful experiences for clients seeking healing and spiritual growth. With love and compassion, she continues to inspire others on their spiritual journey, embodying the essence of divine guidance. Continue reading about Jayne’s remarkable story at this interview.

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Early Spiritual Awakening

Can you share your journey into spiritual work and how it has evolved over time?

As a child I was very psychic and would often see spirits around me particularly my Angel guides, Fairies, Dragons and many other Earth Spirits, such as trees and animals. I learned very quickly to not talk about the things that I was shown or things I was being told, because nobody else could see them or hear them. They thought that I was making it all up and I became known as the mad child, the bad child.

So, I learned very quickly to close all of this down and just pretend that it wasn’t there, so that I could fit into ‘normal life’. This didn’t work and as I got into my teen’s things started to kick off. I started to have out of body experiences when I was in bed and when these started happening, I was really terrified. I didn’t tell anyone about it because again I didn’t want to be told that I was imagining everything and that I was going mad.

So after months of really not wanting to go to bed and dreading the night time, this had a very negative effect on my health, I was hardly sleeping and became very depressed and anxious. Then one night I called out for my Angel guides to please help me, at that point everything changed.  Because my Angels had my permission, they were able to step in and protect me and that changed everything, the out of body experiences stopped happening and I felt a sense of security and peace within me.

This reunion with my guides was intense, as I naturally also reconnected with my Shamanic guides, who include Faeries, Dragons, Nature Spirits and Animal Spirits. I felt so loved and nurtured and profoundly reassured, that I was never alone. I knew that I had a job to do, but still had no idea what that was. I muddled through the next 20 years where I had many encounters with all sorts of guides when giving tarot and oracle card readings to clients. Although I loved doing the readings, I knew there was something else calling.

Encounter with Spiritual Healing

How did your encounter with spiritual healing at the Mind Body Spirit Fair impact your understanding of energy and your own spiritual journey?

One day I decided to visit a Mind Body Spirit Fair. I had never gone to one of these before and it was in a big exhibition hall, very busy and noisy! As I walked around the stalls, a man stepped out in front of me and asked me if I would like to try some Spiritual Healing? I didn’t know what that was, but I thought yes why not?

I sat on a chair with my back to the hall, the Healer placed his hands on my shoulders, all the noise dropped away and I had the most incredible feeling of love and bliss. I could feel my body and the energy surrounding me pulsating with this exquisite light, which was a gorgeous violet colour. I then felt my spirit leave my body, but this was so beautiful and peaceful, I did not want to come back.

Then I was aware of the Healer holding my feet to ground me and I came back into my body. He asked me if I was ok and I just nodded, I did not have and still do not have words to describe what happened.

I thanked him and continued to walk around the hall, suddenly I had a lot of visual disturbance, with dancing colours and zigzag patterns. I was feeling  a bit scared of this, so I went outside for some air and sat on the grass for a while, it stopped after about 10 minutes. 

I thought I had better go back to the healer and tell him what had happened, I was looking for reassurance.  However, he had gone to lunch and another female Healer was sitting there. I told her what had happened, she took both of my hands in hers, looked into my eyes and said “You are an amazing Healer and your gift will make a huge difference to the World” She told me that I had received a major awakening and I knew that there was no going back from here.

Professional Development as a Spiritual Healer

How has your professional journey as a spiritual healer and course creator shaped your approach to healing and teaching others?

I decided to train as a Spiritual Healer and did a two-year development course with NFSH now known as The Healing Trust.  After I Qualified, I decided to create my own Accredited Spiritual Healing Development Course.  This took two years to write and most of the material was channelled from my guides. It was such a joy for me to bring through.                                                        

My course was accredited in 2009 with UK Healers and I have been running Healer Training courses every year since then.

I have also recently finished creating my Shamanic Healer Practitioner Course and that is also accredited with UK Healers. I am currently running my courses in person, but after receiving many enquiries for online courses, I plan to offer a Medicine Wheel Practitioner Course online in September this year.

How has your long journey with Shamanism shaped your healing practice and connection with nature, and how do you share this wisdom with others?

I have been walking the Shamanic path for the last 27 years. It is my passion to share this profoundly beautiful way of being with others, who wish to embrace the sacred teachings of the Medicine Wheel and feel the deep love and connection to Mother Earth and all her beings. Feeling that sense of community, the place of peace and home.

As a Shamanic Healer Practitioner, I am honoured to hold space for my wonderful clients, to help them to come home to who they truly are. It is the most joyful, heart opening practice!

It is a delight for me to see such a huge interest in Shamanism.  The beautiful Medicine Wheel is a sacred circle of power and protection and holds so much wisdom for all who are longing to reconnect with Mother Earth. To heal her and all her beings our Earth Family.

Influential teachers or mentors: discuss the individuals or teachings that have had a significant impact on your spiritual journey.

I have trained with many wonderful Shamanic teachers, who have helped me to deepen my practice and my connection with my beautiful guides. I am especially grateful to Donna Nunn, Medicine Woman. (Sacred Peace Pipe Holder through Wallace Black Elk.) for teaching me the deepest levels of wisdom within the Medicine Wheel.

Also, Gratitude to Jonathon Horwitz. Founder of The Scandinavian Centre for Shamanic Studies. For teaching me about the Spirit of The Rattle as a voice, to call to my guides for the power of protection and healing when journeying into the Shamanic Worlds. 

Soul Coaching and Healing Services

What distinguishes your online Soul coaching and healing approach from others?

All my Soul coaching and healing offerings are online.  My approach to my Soul aligned work is to fully trust in my guides to bring through whatever it is that my client needs. We work on the ray of pure love and for the highest good of all. I never know who is going to come through or where we will be journeying to until we begin. But I always trust that whatever happens, it is always perfect for my client at that time.

How do your services support and enrich clients on their journey?

I offer my services one – one and in group programs. My Soul aligned work includes: Spiritual and Shamanic Healing, Soul Coaching, Soul Retrieval, Ancestral and Past life healing. Angel and Faery Tarot readings.

My work is ever growing and deepening it is expansive and brings in incredible gifts and healing for my clients. It enables them to release and clear the old stories that are holding them back. So that they can live the life they truly love.

It fills my heart with absolute joy to see the life-changing breakthroughs that my clients have. I have so many beautiful testimonials, it is difficult to choose which ones to share. The few that I am sharing now will give you a flavour of my Soul aligned work:

“I am Eternally, Internally and externally grateful” QL.

“I really can’t recommend Jayne Pearl enough. She is an amazing healer and beautiful, gentle soul. You don’t need to have any previous experience of meditation or spiritual work. Jayne will guide and support you all the way!  So, if you want to reconnect with your true self and realise your brilliant potential, please make contact with her. It could literally change your life!” Jane D.

“I had the privilege of working with Jayne Pearl and couldn’t recommend her work more. Her genuine empathy and support, coupled with her developed ability to tap into higher guidance, meant that I was able let go of many things that no longer served and move forward in life with a clearer perspective. Jayne’s integrity, love and passion for what she does leave you feeling truly nurtured, and I am ever so grateful for her work. I would certainly recommend Jayne.” Seb A.

“I have recently been lucky enough to experience a shamanic healing session and a personalised card reading with Jayne. My shamanic journey was nothing short of life changing, as it allowed me to connect with my soul family and purpose on a whole new level. My reading further supported my path by offering tangible and powerful guidance about an upcoming move, which has me feeling so excited and sure of the direction I am moving in. Thank you, Jayne, for your beautiful gifts.”  

“I can absolutely recommend Jaynes 3 card Angel Tarot reading. I received this last week and was as always totally amazed. Jayne has such a wonderful gift in reading and interpreting the cards in such a loving and supportive way, always so appropriate, accurate and relatable. Thank you for confirmation and affirmation.” Carol C.

“I have been overjoyed by my magical manifesting abilities since completing the 4 week course with Jayne Pearl. She shares her immense knowledge so ardently in her gentle, sincere and empathic way. I just wanted to assure anyone thinking about joining a course with Jayne, that you will be safe, you will be heard, you will be included and supported. The individuals in our group were diverse in assorted ways but every one of us felt enriched and richer for the taking part. Thank you, Jayne, from the bottom of my heart.” Wendy A.

How are you engaged with your spiritual community?  

I am very much involved in online spiritual community. I have three Facebook groups, where I share downloads from my guides and beautiful guided healing journeys. I also do weekly channelled live card readings on my profile.

I frequently run short courses on Zoom, these cover topics such as Shamanic Journeying, Manifesting with Faery, Angel, and Animal Spirit Guides. Communicating with Tree and plant Spirit Guides. How to read Tarot and Oracle Cards.

Spiritual Guidance and Practices

What advice do you have for those on a spiritual journey or experiencing awakening?

I feel the most important advice for anyone who is going through a spiritual awakening, or walking their path, is if something doesn’t feel right don’t do it!  Any higher guidance that comes in for you in any way, will always be positive and loving. So be aware of anyone who is not of this uplifting energy. Go gently with yourself and make your self-care a priority,

Always be yourself. Don’t compare your gifts to others, you are enough and have everything you need to create a beautiful life. The one that your Soul chose for this lifetime.

What daily rituals or practices do you recommend for enhancing spiritual growth and connection?

Clearing and protecting your aura is such a vital part of your own Spiritual journey.  I am sharing here a ritual, that I teach my students and clients to use at the start and end of each day.

1. Sit and allow yourself to become still. Take a deep Breath in and on the out breath Say “I give back to the Universe, all energy that is not mine. In peace, health balance and prosperity” Feel yourself becoming clear, repeat 3 times.

2. Visualise a line of light coming through your Crown Centre, going down your spine and out through your legs and feet, rooting into the Earth. Say “I welcome back from the Universe, all energy that is mine that has been blessed with the purest light. In peace, health, balance and prosperity.” Take in a slow deep breath and sense this beautiful new energy filling your entire body and expanding your heart space.  Repeat 3 times.

3. Give thanks to the Great Spirit/Source.  Visualise a beautiful rainbow cloak of light which acts as a psychic shield, all around your body and extending out into the subtle bodies of your Aura. Gently close your energy centres to a comfortable level and ground yourself through your feet as you give thanks to Mother Earth.

If you find your energy is dipping at any time, you can use this ritual to restore balance. This is always a good thing do if you have been with negative people or situations that are difficult to manage. With daily practice, you will be able to do this anywhere, and it will be become very fast and easy for you.

How do you enhance spiritual connections with clients during sessions?

I always work within the Medicine Wheel with my guides. If my client’s energy is heavy, I use my sacred objects such as my rattle, drum, crystals and feathers to clear any energies around my client before we begin the healing journey.

I record all of my sessions with my clients, which I send to them to keep along with any guided recordings for daily connection with their higher self and guides, This applies to both readings and healing sessions. I connect deeply with my client on a Soul level and I trust my guides to always bring through what my client needs right now!

Spiritual Journeys: Past Stories, Future Visions

What interesting experiences have you encountered throughout your journey as a psychic or spiritual worker?

I have so many stories to tell from my Soul aligned work with my clients. I am in the process of writing a book about these.

One that stands out for me, was shortly after I had started teaching my healing courses.

One evening, during my teaching session, I was talking about Angelic intervention and how our Angels can only help us when we ask them to, as we have free will, they need to have our permission to intervene, I explained that an exception to this rule would be if our lives are in danger and it is not our time to pass.

After the class had finished, I was walking home with a Healer friend. The pavement we were on was very narrow, so my friend was walking in the road next to me. Suddenly a car came hurtling around the corner at speed, driving towards my friend. Everything went into slow motion and I put my arm around her and lifted her onto the pavement. The car narrowly missed her! The driver just sounded their horn and sped away from us.

After the shock of the near miss had passed, we were able to take stock of what had just happened. There is no way that I would have had the strength to lift my friend out of the road with just one arm, or even both of arms! I am highly attuned to Angelic energy, and I felt the presence of an Angel move through me and use my arm to lift my friend away from danger.

My Healer friend also felt the powerful, loving presence of the Angel and felt very calm and safe. We were both amazed and deeply grateful to the Angel for their intervention and incredible confirmation!

How do you see spirituality and psychic work evolving, and what role do you anticipate playing in this transformation?

I am so excited to be here at this time of tremendous spiritual awakening. So many Souls are speaking their truth and sharing their light. This beautiful energy is here to connect us all at a heart level of unconditional love.

Love is the energy of the Universe; it connects us to who we are on a Soul level. This golden Aquarian age is expanding our awareness and understanding, of the limitless potential of our true essence.

We are here now to evolve into the highest level of light. My contribution is to be a light for others, to guide them home to their true selves.  My awareness is ever growing and the breathtaking beauty of it all is beyond our human language. Love is the frequency of light and the language of Soul.

With Love & Blessings on your path.


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