Interview: Psychic Medium & Animal Communicator Annie Sever-Dimitri

psychic Annie Sever Dimitri

Looking for insights into the world beyond? Meet Annie Sever-Dimitri, a psychic medium and animal communicator, whose journey from childhood curiosity to professional expertise is nothing short of fascinating. Drawing from her background in psychology and social work, Annie offers valuable guidance for maximizing your psychic sessions. Discover the transformative insights she provides and uncover the mysteries of the spirit realm. For the full interview, read everything in this feature on

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How My Path Began

Can you share the story of how your fascination with psychic phenomena as a child eventually led to the development of your own psychic abilities?

As a kid growing up in a tiny Indiana town, I was obsessed with psychic phenomena. It fascinated me endlessly to read and reread the few books my school library had on the topic. This was the mid 70’s, so my resources to learn about this were indeed few and far between.

Some folks are born with highly developed psychic abilities and are talking with angels as soon as they learn to speak. Not me. I wasn’t one of those kids who always knew who was calling when the phone rang, saw dead Uncle Fred rummaging in the pantry, or anything at all. I just thought psychic stuff was cool!

That is, until I turned 13. Lo and behold, that was when the door to my own psychic abilities began to slowly, but surely, creak open. One summer night, I had the oddest dream about how a local teenager died. I had no idea why the dream was so vivid, or why it played in my brain like a movie I was watching. I saw and felt how he died (he was run over by a car), I suddenly knew who was driving the car, then the dream morphed into his funeral.

I was baffled upon awakening, but my books, bike, and friends beckoned. I forgot all of it until I read about it in the local paper a few weeks later. Every detail I dreamed was spot on. Holy cannoli, I about swallowed my teeth! I was terrified and wondered what on earth was wrong with me. I never said a peep about this and did my best to forget it, praying like all heck it never happened again.

Long story short, my abilities began developing further in college. By the time I was in my mid 20’s, various occurrences made it glaringly obvious my brain was functioning differently than my friends’. I started reading the now copious plethora of books about all things psychic, and I was consumed with curiosity and an overwhelming knowing that this was a part of me that I wanted to develop and use. Even after seeing The 6th Sense, a gory movie portrayal of a child’s abilities to view the deceased, didn’t deter me – after I stopped wigging out about the movie. I scare easily-LOL!

During a small break in classes during graduate school, I visited another psychic. I inquired how to do readings because I felt I could naturally do them. She answered my questions, recommended a book to propel me down my own yellow brick road of sorts, and then I sat right down and did a reading for a friend. Once again, I was wigged out. I hadn’t figured it would be so easy!

More practice, classes, and many moons later, I have now been offering readings professionally since 2008. I taught myself animal communication in 2007, and my mediumship abilities just kicked in on their own during a client session in 2008 also.

My Services

How do Laughing Soul’s services support the healing and growth of both animals and humans?

My business, Laughing Soul, serves both animals and humans with psychic readings, animal communication, reiki, psychic and animal communication parties, conversations with the deceased (both animals and humans), and intuitive life coaching. I also teach clients how to develop their own skills.

My goal is to help both animal and human clients with whatever is on their plate that is causing pain and confusion. I strive to provide simple, practical information, using my own intuition and by connecting with their spirit guides and deceased loved ones, that can help them heal and grow.

How I Differ From Others in My Profession

First, I have a B.S. in psychology and a M.A. in social work. I was a licensed social worker who evaluated and counseled people seeking services in a psychiatric hospital. I learned first-hand how crucial it is to phrase conversations in positive and empowering words. Difficult conversations with clients are so much easier for me because I was trained how to communicate effectively and positively. Once I left the profession (fled it is more like it because it was SO depressing, and insurance companies are a flaming nightmare), I trained for 6 months with a certified life coach to transition my counseling skills into coaching ones. 

Can you outline how your background in psychology and social work informs your approach to sessions with clients, setting you apart from traditional psychic practices?

My educational background and life experience equipped me with a practical framework to create sessions that are similar to a coaching / counseling session. I do this by meeting the client where they are emotionally, allowing their situation and needs to set the tone.

Sometimes people talk more than I do, sometimes they converse with both their deceased dog and their spirit guides in the same session, and sometimes they need someone to remind them of their own power and strength. I am extremely versatile in my methods, though I do receive most information primarily via spirit guides and a client’s deceased loved ones. I crank out all the clairs  (clairs are various ways of obtaining information) as I see, hear, physically feel, smell, taste and simply know the information. One of the funniest smells I ever received was stinky feet!

I let potential clients know up front that I don’t focus on predicting the future. If that is all they want, I refer them to others who operate differently than I do.  I mostly feel that spending time and money to have someone only tell your future is about as useless as tits on a bull. Yes, there are possibilities floating around the ethers, but it is completely up to you as to what happens with them.

Being a psychic who sees past, present, and future, however, I can’t avoid having the topic come up at all. When information about the future does arise, I encourage clients to take action toward what sounds appealing, and to take action away from what doesn’t.

I also ALWAYS tell clients that their own intuition is exactly what they should pay the most attention to, not mine or anyone else’s. I thoroughly believe we are all psychic / intuitive, and everyone can benefit from being encouraged to listen to their own inner wisdom. I give clients food for thought, not make their decisions for them.

How do you integrate animal communication into your psychic services, and can you provide an example of how it has provided unique insights for clients?

The last thing that sets me apart from others is animal communication and how I combine it with psychic services. Our furry friends are very wise advisors, and I have some clients who have me connect with their deceased pets to receive advice from them. One dog in the Spirit realm helped her human overcome a physical health issue by exploring the emotional causes behind the disorder the client was experiencing. The dog didn’t dispense medical advice, but instead shared perspectives about the lady’s past and present that were affecting her bodily.

I also use my wacky sense of humor appropriately during sessions. I usually draw clients with hilarious spirit guides and / or animals, and some of the conversations are a riot! I had one client whose cat was so stinking comical that I felt like I should be paying her for the pleasure of talking with her feline!  I would share some of the cat’s comments, but my goodness, she surely did have a potty mouth and cussed like a sailor.

How to Get the Most from Your Session with a Psychic

What advice do you offer to new clients to help them maximize the benefits of their sessions with a psychic?

I email new clients with what they can expect from our time together, and also how to get the most value from their session. I will share some of that advice with you:

* Have an intention of what you are going to receive from your time together. What is the purpose of your visit?

* Create a list of questions so you don’t forget what is most important for you to ask.

* Learn how to record the session before it begins if you are interested in that. Also have pen and paper ready to jot down main points.

* Work only with reputable professionals, not people who put up hand written signs along the road advertising their psychic readings for $25.

* If you are seeing a psychic medium to converse with a specific deceased person, keep in mind that the psychic is unable to force a spirit to participate in a session. Sometimes it is best for the client and spirit to talk another day, sometimes the deceased are busy, and multiple other reasons why they may not communicate. Someone else who you never met may come instead with messages. Be open to whoever shows up and their messages. Sometimes great grandparents come through, and the client is puzzled as to why this person has arrived. Even though a relative never met you, they may still care very much about you and your journey.

Listen to your own intuition and feelings when choosing the right professional for you and your furry loved ones. All psychics and animal communicators do basically the same thing; we just offer services differently, using the skills we have from our varied backgrounds. I welcome folks of all genders, sexual orientations, races, and walks of life. I hope to help you on your path soon!

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