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Introducing Jessie Beyer, whose journey into psychic reading and spirituality has uniquely shaped her approach, prioritizing client empowerment and ethical boundaries. Through grounding and meditation practices, she fosters mental and spiritual well-being, observing transformative changes in her clients’ lives. Explore her intuitive sessions, spiritual coaching, and mentoring, where she assists clients in uncovering their inner wisdom and potential for healing. Learn more about her impactful services and their positive impact on people’s lives in this exclusive interview on

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Serenity Intuitive

Journey into Psychic Reading and Spirituality

How did you start your journey into psychic reading and spirituality, and how has it shaped your career since then?

I first began with card reading using a regular deck of cards and then I learned numerology.  I mostly did that for friends and family and fun.  Prior to the pandemic I taught a beginning numerology class and had a table at local metaphysical fairs where I did mini readings and sold my smudge spray.

My whole life complete strangers would just come up to me and start telling me all their deep dark secrets and problems, which as a kid was very confusing and unsettling.  When I was a young adult I was more focused on making my way in the business world and got a degree in accounting, but even then my clients would come in for their tax appointments and spill their stories and secrets. 

I was doing more intuitive advising than taxes at times!  Once I began exploring my own spiritual awakening, it became clear that my soul work was in the intuitive world. I learned animal communication, got certified as a spiritual life coach and medical intuitive while doing my own soul healing. 

A big part of that was learning how to be in control of my energies.  That allowed for the floodgates of intuition to open which connected me to the spirit realm. Now I do intuitive sessions, spiritual awakening coaching and mentoring.  I also do a monthly radio show called Living In The Light with Jessie B where I cover all things ‘woo woo’ as my husband calls it.  Most recently, I’ve joined a channeling group where we channel beings of light to help humanity.  That may lead to a book someday.

Distinctive Approach to Psychic Work

How do you maintain your distinctive approach to psychic work, prioritizing client empowerment and ethical boundaries?

All psychics have their unique approaches to this work. I work differently than a lot of other psychics in that I hold the sacred space and connect with my clients as spirit, allowing them to bring the things to surface that they want to heal and release.  It is a very empowering experience for the client. I become the conduit for healing and information rather than the gatekeeper. When one can heal themselves, it heals us all because ultimately, we are all one. 

I feel it is so important to have good boundaries and ethics in this work so that we don’t take away anyone’s free will or create reliance on us to heal them.  That is one of the things that is very different about me and my work.  Spirit and I work with the client to allow the client to get their own answers and discern their own truth.

Value of Spiritual Guidance

Why do you believe having guidance on the spiritual journey is valuable, and what motivates you to offer support to others in their awakening process?

Great question! The path isn’t linear, and it isn’t a destination.  Spiritual awakening is as individual as the person going through it.  It is beautiful, frustrating, mind altering and confusing at times.  Having a good mentor, coach, or teacher to talk to who can point you to truths and answers can make the experience easier, deeper, and more meaningful.  It’s something I wished I had found earlier in my own journey and one of the reasons I offer that service for others.  If I could make one person’s awakening a little less difficult then why wouldn’t I?

Each of us is a unique, divine spark and no two journeys are the same but there are common themes and blocks that come up for all of us.  Having someone who is further down the path available to assist and support you when those blocks come up can make all the difference.

Everyday Wellness Rituals

What daily practices do you recommend for maintaining spiritual and mental well-being, and how have you observed these practices positively impact individuals’ lives?

I think everyone should ground each morning shortly after waking. Grounding connects us with our body and the earth.  We are after all humans on earth and not meant to have our consciousness sitting outside our physical vessel, but so many of us walk around day after day disconnected from our bodies. 

I would also encourage everyone to take up a daily meditation practice. Meditation has so many benefits.  There are tons of studies out there showing the multitude of benefits that it provides.  For me and my clients it allows space to connect to spirit, space to explore our blocks and underpinning beliefs. 

It also allows us to show up in the world more centered and neutral which then allows the people around us to interact with the best version of ourselves in that moment.  I tell my clients who are reluctant to begin meditating, it’s not about what happens while they meditate but rather what happens outside of meditation. 

I’ve seen relationships completely shift from negative and dysfunctional to cooperative and sometimes even joyful.  Opportunities manifest and dozens of other ‘miracles’ occur for people and the only change they made was to begin meditating.

Offering Intuitive Sessions

What intuitive services do you provide, and how do you assist clients in uncovering their inner wisdom and potential for healing during these sessions?

I offer intuitive readings/sessions which can focus on specifics that the client wants to know more about or sometimes they are generalized because that client wants to see what comes up. 

Energy tune-ups: where I look at the chakras and their energy flow, clearing out foreign energy and other things that just don’t need to be in there.  After clearing things out I bring in healing cosmic energy to rebalance the system.

Medical Intuitive Sessions: where I look, with the help of my healing spirit guides, at the underlying spiritual or emotional issues contributing to maladies in the body.  Giving information to clients so they can heal the things we uncover and take charge of their health journey.

Spiritual Awakening Coaching & Mentoring: In coaching and mentoring I work with clients to set their goals and then through meditations, exercises, exploration and discussion we develop tools, techniques and practices to reach those goals.  It is a very individualized program completely customized to the client.

Coaching & Mentoring is a process taking place over multiple sessions.  Some of my coaching clients have been working with me for years. All my coaching clients experience amazing shifts in consciousness which is so rewarding to see.  I love that they go out in the world and shine!

Animal Communications sessions:  These sessions are the most fun because animals are so wise and usually bring up things that their humans never imagined they would. I have several sessions where the animal brought up an embarrassing story about their humans.  There is always laughter and joy in these sessions, even when discussing end of life or when connecting with animals that have passed on.

I approach all my offerings from the same place. Creating a sacred space that allows for information of the greatest and highest good to come forward.  I have also learned over time that clients have much more knowledge and healing capabilities then they realize. 

Because of this I view my role as more of a facilitator, connecting them to their own inner knowing and power which allows them to discern and find their own best path.

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