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Crystal Lynn Townsend shares her journey from an early awareness of spirits to embracing her role as a psychic medium. Influenced by her family’s teachings and guided by her own encounters with spirits, Crystal’s path evolved from private interactions to offering readings and spiritual services to the public. Through her intuition group and daily practices, she fosters spiritual growth and connection, advocating for a future where everyone embraces their gifts for the betterment of all. Read all about her in this interview.

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From Spirit to Psychic Medium: An Evolving Journey

When did you first know that you had a gift to see and communicate with Spirit?

I cannot really put a time or age when Spirit started coming to me. They have been in my life since before I knew what “Spirits” were. It wasn’t until I started communicating with them in a way that other people could validate and confirm the information and images I was seeing, and recognize the “people” that I was receiving the messages from, that I truly understood what was happening.

It caused me to think back on all of the “People” that I had had interactions with in my childhood. The one that stood out the most was a young girl around my own age, (5 at the time) whom I used to play with outside and push on our tire swing. I only ever played with her outside, and like most young kids it never crossed my mind to ask about where she came from, or what her name was. I just knew she was my friend.

I have been aware since about the age of 10 that some people had gifts for seeing things that other couldn’t, and that there were ghosts and they were real. All of this awareness was brought to me initially from my Grandmother on my Dads side. She would tell me about the dreams she would have and that in these dreams she would see things that hadn’t happened yet but were going to happen. She kept a journal and wrote down these dreams, and as they would come to pass she would put newspaper clippings and letters into the journal along with the corresponding dream.

She told me of other things that would happen and when she spoke of them it was very matter of fact. None of this was out of the ordinary for her and so I didn’t believe that it should be for me either. Like knocking in the hall closet moments before the door bell would ring, or relatives that had passed on showing up in resent family photos.

How has it changed or grown since you started?

When I first started interacting with Spirit it was always private and personal. More like a secret group of friends. I could see them and talk with them in my everyday life, but it wasn’t something that I talked to other people about or shared openly.

Currently I am able to not only see and speak to Spirit, but I am also able to help them cross over if that is what they want or need, and I provide readings to the public. I share my gifts openly and let people know that I am a Psychic Medium with no fear of being judged.

Family Influence and Spirit Encounters

How have your family members, influenced your spiritual journey and the development of your psychic abilities?

Like I said earlier the person who introduced me to the ideas of Psychic gifts and Spirit was my Grandmother, but the greatest teachers I have had are my Parents. My Mother used to have clients into our home for reading when I was in my teens. I would sit in a side room and listen in on the readings and how her clients connected and reacted to the messages that were coming through.

My Mother was always there to go to about things that I was seeing, feeling or experiencing. My families ongoing personal healing journey was a catalyst for my own, and with my healing also came a stronger connection to spirit and an increase in my gifts.

My father introduced me to the Native teachings of Spirit, the white buffalo calf woman and the teachings of the Rainbow Warriors. I participated in sweat lodges and Vision quests. I found a greater connection to the land and all the living things on it and flying through its skies.

My sister was exploring wiccan beliefs at early on and so I watched her connections to the traditions and rituals around it, as well as her connection to the Goddess. I also went through phases of attending churches of varying beliefs as my Brother was doing, and took it all in.

I remember going to my mother at about the age of 18 and asking her how I would find the “Right” thing to believe in with so many different beliefs in the world. That’s when she told me something that I practice in EVERY part of my life to this day. She said “take what you connect with, what feels good…and let the rest go with love.” From that moment on I knew that I could explore anything and not have to find the right label to put on my connection to the Universe. My Family still is one of my greatest teachers, Gurus, supporters and confidants.

Last but not least my Spirit guides. Walking with me through every new awareness and life lesson, showing me that I am able to walk this path as my own creator.

How did your encounters with spirits shape your journey as a psychic medium?

My First interaction with Spirit that left no room for any doubt happened when I was 11 or 12. I was walking up the driveway with my sister and brother, we had just gotten off the bus from school and where heading into the side porch to drop off our shoes and bags. My sister entered the porch first, dropped her bag, kicked off her shoes and went into the house leaving the door open behind her.

I was second into the porch and was about to toss off my bag when my mother’s cat came running out of the house and made for the open porch door behind me.

He ran between my legs, I quickly closed my legs around him and grabbed his tail in my hands. He pulled and pulled to get through my legs, and dug his claws into the carpet of the porch. I was unable to keep my hold on him and he pulled free and ran out the open door towards my brother.

I yelled for my brother to catch Moms cat!

My brother walked into the porch and said he didn’t see the cat. I yelled again frantically that Moms cat had just gotten out!

My father appeared in the doorway of the house and asked what I was yelling about. I told him that Moms cat had just gotten out and was now outside. He looked at me and said “No he didn’t!” I was getting angry because no one seemed to care that Moms’ cat had just gotten outside (it should be mentioned that the cat had never attempted to leave the house before).

My Father continued to insist that the cat had not gotten out, and I continued to get more and more upset knowing he had, because I had just had my hands and legs around him trying to stop him from doing so. My father lost his patience with me and ended up yelling at me that the cat had not gotten out and to stop arguing with him! Being beyond frustrated I gave up and yelled that He, (Dad) could explain to Mom why her cat was gone, and I went inside to get an after school snack and calm down.

I was in the kitchen making a peanut butter sandwich when Dad popped his head in and said he was calling a Family meeting and I was to head to the living room. I sat down beside my Mom on the couch and waited to see what was going on. That’s when my Dad explained to all of us that when he had gotten home from work that morning at 9:30am he had found Moms cat passed away on the floor in the living room. He had by this time (4:30pm) already buried the cat in the back field. He just wanted to let us kids know. My head was spinning my mind couldn’t understand what he was saying.

I had just had that cat in my hand not 10 minutes ago, how is that possible when the cat had been dead for hours???? I look at my Mom and began to cry confused and scared, about what I had just experienced. My Mother hugged me and explained to me that I had seen his spirit leaving the house, and that it was really a gift to have seen him.

That simple answer seem to help, but left me with so many more questions too.

At one point in my early 20s I lived in a historic hotel. I had a friend that was staying with me for a few days, he didn’t know that I could see Spirit, but he did notice things happening around me.

A good example of this was when I would return to the hotel in the evening, one of the resident Spirits (Jack) would always greet me at the entrance and open the door for me. I could see him quite clearly and hear him say hello. I would say hello back quietly and thank him for opening the door for me. My friend watched the door open before I reached the top of the steps and laughed saying that he thought the building was too old and run down to have had automatic doors. I just said “They don’t” and left it at that.

The day I moved out of that hotel Jack was quite upset. So upset in fact that while I sat on the steps waiting for my ride to come, the door opened and slammed shut repeatedly, finally stopping when I was driving away. I often wonder what has become of Jack as the building is no longer in use and sits empty and boarded up. (This was long before I knew that I could help Spirit to cross over into the light.)

My Most profound experience though, and the one that opened me up to offering sessions between Spirit and other people, happened when I was 26.

I was involved with a band in another town and so I would travel to the lead singers home which was a large farmhouse in the country. During a band practice one evening I witnessed an older gentleman descended the staircase and asks me to get the Singers attention for him. (I will refer to the Singer as Steve from here out.) I turned to let Steve know that this guy needed him, something in my brain clicked and I stopped myself from saying anything.

That’s when I realized that not only had none of the other 4 people in the room noticed this Older guy, but that I could hear him talking but his mouth wasn’t moving. I became nervous and laughed. This got everyone’s attention as I had a microphone in front of me.

I turned then to Steve and asked him if he had ever had anything “WEIRD” happen in his house. He looked at me oddly and said “What do you mean weird?”

I said “You know, like bump in the night paranormal weird?”

Steve became nervous and looking around at our band mates, who were all paying attention at this point, simple said nope and moved on to the next set. 

At the end of the practice while packing up and getting ready to leave, Steve asked myself and my than husband, to stick around and have a beer. So we did.

After a little bit of small talk Steve turned to me and asked what I had seen. As soon as he asked the Older Gentleman was sitting in the room with us. For the next 2 hours Steve asked me questions about this gentleman (Who introduced himself as Steve’s deceased Uncle and the previous home owner). Visions and words flooded into my minds.

Memories from this gentleman’s life played in my mind like mini movies. I described what the home had looked like when his uncle lived there, where the furniture was, where a garden used to be that grew over many years prior. I was able to receive answers about his uncle’s personal life, marriages, children and personal relationships to other family members.

I was even able to convey apologies for things that had happened when Steve was about 5 years old. (At the time Steve was in his early 50s) So a lot of the information I was receiving was about things that had taken place before I was even born.

Every answered question caused what I can only call a “Holy Shit” moment in both myself and Steve. I had never done this before. I had never held a three way conversation between the Living and Spirits. If it wasn’t for the fact that my than husband had been there to witness everything, I would have thought it all a dream.

A few days after this happened, I had a Spirit guide step forward who told me that he would be working with me to not only facilitate sessions with the public but to assist in the crossing over of Stuck Spirits. I have been doing it ever since.

Spiritual Services and Collective Exploration

What kind of services do you offer?

Currently I offer private/Group readings for people wanting to connect with their loved ones or Spirit guides, as well as energy cleansing of persons or properties. I do house cleansings for people experiencing events or energies in their homes, and help to cross over and Spirits remaining here in this plain of existence.

How do you facilitate communication between your clients and Spirit during sessions?

I don’t really have any tools per say, as I myself am the tool used to communicate between clients and Spirit. I do use a note book during sessions to write down what is coming through, this may include small pictures as well. This page is then sent home with the client at the end of the session.

What inspired you to create and host the intuition group, and what activities and discussions typically occur during the sessions?

On Monday nights at my shop, I host an intuition group. This group is available for people at every stage of their spiritual or self journey. The purpose of this group is to create a safe and open community of like minded people interested in exploring different forms of divination, energy work, tools (ie. Pendulums, tarot/oracle cards, crystals etc…), and phenomenon associated with spirit, and self.

The group is set up in a “round table format” we all come as teachers and students. Everyone is free to explore what they are interested in and make suggestions for future groups. In this way we are not limited to the agenda of one teacher. So far we have explored, tealeaf reading, pendulums, tarot/oracle cards, crystal energies, energy healing, psychic readings, paranormal investigation, and Spirit crossing. We are currently looking forward to a night of medicinal plants and herbs.

Spiritual Growth: Daily Practices and Guidance

What daily practices do you recommend for enhancing spiritual growth and connection?

These are going to sound cliche but here is goes. Meditate, even if it is only for a moment. Ask yourself “Am I aware?” this will keep you in the present moment and while you are in the present moment you will be able to hear your Spirit more clearly.

Write down what you are grateful for everyday. An attitude of Gratitude will bring immense Joy into your life regardless of your outside circumstances.

How do you advise others to navigate their spiritual journey, and what role does intuition play in finding answers?

Take what you connect with…let the rest go with love.

Also pay attention to the little voice in you, if you listen closely you will hear all the answers before you even know that question.

What do you envision for humanity’s understanding of spirituality, and how does this align with your personal journey?

I hope that in the future everyone knows their gifts. That we will use them to make this plain of existence better for all. As far as myself I will just continue to listen to my guidance and follow my own path. 

Crystal Lynn Townsend

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