Psychic Interview: Lynda Flagler – Physical Medium

Psychic Lynda Flagler

Lynda Flagler, a physical psychic medium, shares her journey and insights into the spirit world. With a background in social work, she’s developed a unique ability to interact with spirits physically. Her books, like “Trust In Yourself – The Psychic Keys” and “Freedom Comes From Within,” offer guidance on psychic development and personal growth. Learn more in this interview.

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Becoming a Physical Medium: My Background and Journey

What unique abilities do you have as a physical psychic medium, and how have these abilities manifested in your experiences?

My name is Lynda Flagler.  My background is in social work as a counsellor in a women’s shelter, working with abused women and children and later as a personal support worker, working with the elderly.  I have a Bachelor Of Arts degree from Trent university and I am a physical psychic medium. 

Being a physical medium is a very rare gift and there are only a handful of physical mediums in the world today.  I will explain what that means for me.  I can physically feel spirits touching me when they choose.  I have been poked, grabbed, nudged and shaken and have been on occasion able to produce physical manifestations of spirit presences.

This may sound a little scary, but for me it is simply a part of my every day life that has developed over the years.  I have experienced this many times.  My most recent experience was with a dog.  I was laying in bed meditating to country music and all at once I felt a dogs nose nudge me.  Even though I had my eyes closed at the time, I knew it was a dog’s nose as I use to have a large dog who would nudge me like that when he wanted my attention.

I looked to my left, on the side where I felt the nudge and there sat the spirit of a dog sitting beside my bed.  I have found that animals when they pass are just as good communicators as people, so I said to the dog, “who are you?”  The dog said, “I am Nancy’s dog.  Nancy is my mom.”  I simply said, oh.   The dog said,  “Can you call her she is really upset and she is really sad.”  I said to the dog, ok I will call her tomorrow and the dog said, “no call her now, call her now.” 

I had done a reading for this woman a couple of weeks ago to connect with her mom and she was very happy with what I said.  I did not know that she had to have her dog put to sleep the day before the dog came to see me.  I found this out a few minutes later.

I texted her sister Connie as I had misplaced Nancy’s number and told her Nancy’s dog had came to see me and was worried about her.  Connie sent me a text back that said, “Wow that is right on” and she told me about her sister having the dog put down the day before.  I also did not know that Connie was with Nancy at that moment with her husband and brother celebrating Nancy’s birthday which was the next day. 

They were in a restaurant and just getting ready to leave at the moment Connie received my text.  Connie showed Nancy the text I had sent and all Nancy could say through tears was, “my dog.”  I also found out later that Connie had spent the day with her sister who was very distraught over having the dog put down.  This was the first time I had ever had an animal come to me on its own over concern for its owner.

I could write for hours about the physical experiences I have had with spirits.  I will share another of these physical experiences for you.  When I first started to doing medium readings for people I was very nervous. I had taken Reiki classes and learned to be sensitive to energy and I realized that I could feel the presence of a spirit when they were around. 

In one of my first sessions a man came to see me to connect with his wife who had committed suicide.  His current girlfriend called me and asked if I would see him if she could get him to come.  As I was talking to the woman on the phone I felt the man’s deceased wife around me and I heard her say, “mention the song by Garth Brooks, The Dance,” so I did.  The woman said, “that was their favorite song.”  I said tell him that and he will want to come.

A couple of days later he came to see me and I knew this was very important to him.  I felt nervous really wanting to make a good connection for him.  I could not feel his wife around so I raised my hand to try and feel around for her energy and all at once I felt her energy and I heard her say, “I am here and I am going to give you one hundred percent proof that I am here.” 

I thought, “oh no, well you better make it good and how are you going to do that?”  I raised my hand again and all at once the man said very excitedly, “there is a light on your hand, there is a light on your hand.”  I said, “what?”  He said again, “there is a light on your hand and it is very bright.”  I couldn’t imagine what he was talking about and I couldn’t believe it myself, so I put my hand down on my lap and when I did he said, “now its on the wall. 

Look, look its on the wall behind you.”  Then he said, “turn around and look.”  I did and there it was, a light shining on the wall.  It was straight on all sides and had the brightness of a light bulb.  I was dumbfounded.  He said, “did you rig that?”  I said, “rig it, I am afraid of the electricity in my own toaster.  No I didn’t rig that.”  I turned around and sat back down. 

I raised my hand in the air and felt her energy move across the room and disappear through the wall.  In that moment he said, “the light is gone.”  We were both in shock and I had nothing more to say as she was gone.  I got a phone call from his girlfriend a few days later saying she had run into him at church.  He had not been to church since his wife had died.  That was my introduction to my physical mediumship abilities. 

As part of being a physical medium I am able to channel spirits who speak multiple languages.  At this point I am now able to channel eighty four different languages, including twelve African languages.  I am working with Stephan Schwartz, American paranormal researcher and scientist now on special projects having to do with my abilities. 

He is most interested in the Hebrew I speak because when I speak Hebrew I have a vast knowledge of Israel, dating back centuries and Jewish religion dating back to the Torah.  Also when I speak Hebrew I have a knowledge of other subjects unknown to me, such as physics, advanced mathematics, advanced computer programming and human genealogy and more.  

I have never studied Hebrew or any other language and I have never been to Israel.  Hebrew was the first channeled language I spoke and it came through one day when I was trying to say a prayer.  I had a recording of myself speaking and it taken to a professor at the University of Toronto and it was validated as being a very old form of Hebrew.  After that more and more languages came through and I have found I have been able to speak any language I choose by asking to speak to a spirit who speaks that language.

I am working on a second project with Stephan Schwartz having to do with the fact that I can sit by myself and talk to the spirits and my guide and get information about them and the person I am reading for, without the person I am reading for being present.  I can also do palm readings for people by simply imagining that I am holding their hand and when I do this I can physically feel the persons hand when I focus on them.  This is quite unusual.

Psychic Rituals and practices

How can individuals develop their own psychic abilities according to your teachings?

As far as rituals and practices I suggest for people the idea that you are already psychic because it is an actual brain function, connected to the intuitive side of the brain.  This is a scientific fact.  I teach that it is about acknowledging what we have always been receiving. 

I work with people to help them realize that you must heal yourself to become as psychic as you seek to be.  It is about clearing your channel.  It is connected to things like your self-esteem and self love.  It is ridding yourself of negative self-talk and healing limiting beliefs, keeping a psychic journal to write down times when you listened to your intuition and when you did not and what the results were for you, without judgement. 

Lastly, you need to engage in the process of daily meditation so that you can learn to shut out the external world and tune into the psychic world within.

How did you develop your ability to be a psychic medium?

I never took courses or read any books on how to become a psychic medium.  I didn’t even know at the time if there really was someone who could actually communicate with the dead.  Becoming psychic was the last thing on my mind.  My focus was in gaining self esteem and learning to love myself. 

I was working in a shelter for abused women and children called, “YWCA Crossroads and I wanted to be the best counselor I could be and at the suggestion of a psychic I took up meditation.  He also told me to read the book, “You Can Heal Your Life, By Louise Hay.”  I read many more personal development books after that and continued daily mediation and low and behold I become who I was truly meant to be, a physical psychic medium.

Books on Psychic Development and Personal Growth

Could you tell us about the books you’ve written?

I could write much more and I have many more stories I can share.  Currently I have an e-book available on Amazon called, “Trust In Yourself – The Psychic Keys.”  It is a short book, but one that is truly useful.  I will have another short e-book on Amazon shortly called, “Listening To Yourself, A Psychic Ability.” 

I have also written a book of inspirational quotes called, “Freedom Comes From Within.”  This will be a physical book, as well it will be available as an e-book.  I am also in the process of writing a longer book about myself and my psychic journey.  This book is called, “To Learn, To Love, To Listen.”  It will take several months for me to finish.  It is going to be very interesting.

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